Grown kids vs boyfriend

June 24, 2010 at 8:29 pm in Family & Relationships by VonnieK

I’ve been living with a wonderful guy for nine years (I’m 57, he’s 65) and we get along great as long as I don’t ask him to socialize with my friends or my grown children who live in another state. He’s happy being a reclusive bookworm. He’s met my kids once or twice when we’ve gone to visit but I’ve never pushed the whole family thing that much.

So this year my son, 32 & single, said he wanted to come down for Christmas. He hasn’t had much money in the past but he’s working again. So I told my BF that my son wanted to come and I was excited about having an actual family gathering for Christmas for a change.

Well, he started ranting because he never thought it was right when my son got a permanent lay off from his job and collected unemployment for a year and a half and golfed instead of looking for a job. Ok – I know that’s wrong too – I never said my son was perfect.

As it stands now, BF said if I wanted my son to stay here for Christmas he would go on a trip somewhere because he wouldn’t be able to hold his tongue.

I thought I could actually have a nice sort of family Christmas this year and now this. Am I wrong to be upset?


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