Eating blueberries with chopsticks

April 12, 2010 at 3:23 pm in Family & Relationships, Home & Garden by CarolMarlene


I have been a member since last fall but mostly I’ve been lurking and reading. I would now like to join, the Vibrant Women who occupy this site, in conversation.

Wondering about my title? It is just something that I have recently liked to do. When the sun is bright and warm on my patio, I carry my dish of frozen blueberries,cheese, strawberries and beer to my little table. And with the chopsticks I eat blueberries one at a time and savor the flavor. I find it quite relaxing and calming. Of course I eat everything slowly, enjoying each mouthful of food. I find that my own company is best for this ritual. And I find that most people eat too fast, gulp their drinks, napkin off their lips and rush forward into the day too eagerly without even a short-lived glance or moment as to what that day holds at that very moment before them.

 l like to garden, walk, write and paint, all in my own company, and I enjoy my own company very much. But lately I have been hankering for other company. Friendship of all things! I am such a loner but there are times I would love to have a couple or three or four good friends to enjoy my patio, food, and yes, rich conversation. Live, laugh and to heck with the world. But finding such friends has always eluded me. So Vibrant Nation has become for me a chance to connect to women my age who always seem to have lots to say and great advice most of the time. My questions to y’all would be:

  • How do you spend your most happy times?
  • And how many loners like me are out there?
  • Last question: How does one go about making friends when everyone around seems to have their own circle and you seem to be the “outsider”?

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