Daughter-in-law problem

December 3, 2012 at 2:41 pm in Family & Relationships by gwhatley

I have one daughter in law who hates dogs and doesn’t want them anywhere around.  She says that they make my granddaughter sick, since she is allergic to them.  We have never noticed any allergy symptoms when she has been around them.  The dogs in question belong to my other daughter in law and my son.  They live out of town and have to bring the dogs with them when they come.  They have no other options.  Now my first daughter in law says that she is allergic to them, also, and she and my granddaughter will no longer come to my house when the dogs are present.  This has pitted one daughter-in-law against the other one, catching my husband and I in between.  We have tried to keep the dogs outside but they are inside dogs and they try to get back in the house the entire time.  We have tried to leave them in my neighbors fence and they tore the fence up, getting out.  I hate to ask them to board them because of the expense to them.  They are trying to do what they can but the first daughter-in-law has proven that she will not come to family events as long as the dogs are there.  What can we do?