betrayal from ungrateful adullt son

February 24, 2010 at 3:48 pm in Family & Relationships by Orly

I am distressed, humiliated and hurt by my 40 years old only son for whom I sacrificed and devoted my entire life. I have been the best mother I am a widow and been treated very badly by my son. (there was never an argument or anything that will cause any negative actions. on the contrary , I did everything by the book. 

I am extremely deppressed, can’t talk to anyone as I have built a wonderful image of my son. He was my golden child. Unique loving and well mannered.

He lives 3000 miles away, no communication , other than a short minute call from time to time.

I have spent my fortune for him and I put him where he is now with great carreer. He is married to a woman from hell. very dysfunctional and abnormal, who has decided, no doubt, that the moment she grabs her man she will alienate everyone and distroy all his past. From the moment i Met her she barely says Hello , In my entire life I have never encounter a person or imagine someone like her. I am very well loved and liked by everyone, People unknowne on the street will smile when I pass. With all my proper qualities and being a Lady, I even lowered my standard to her level. Nothing worked. I was invited to visit them on the west coast. I stayed in hotel most of all my time waiting to be asked to visit. When I did, it was short, she stayed in her room, No Hello and she made sure their son was out all day so I don’t spend time with. It is an awfull and sick behavior. like I was asked to come to be hurt again by their uncalled bad behavior. Knowing perfectly that I was going to leave and pretend that nothing happened.

He is the bread winner. She has nothing to offer, I am deceived, very in pain, depressed with no energy left .My regret is to have been too good of the mother. too polite and well mannered to say anything. Unfortunately I was never giver the chance to say how I feel. since he avoid any occasion to be alone.

Need somme advice.  Thank you

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