7 free online dating sites for people over 50 and single

September 12, 2015 at 9:30 am in Family & Relationships, Love & Sex by VN Editors

Women over 50 can find lots of potential dates when they’re single, but only if they know where to look. Instead of wasting your time at massive online dating sites that serve millions of singles from all age groups, focus on 7 free online dating sites designed for people who are over 50 and single. When you focus on 50-plus dating, instead of dating in general, you’ll find potential mates much more quickly and efficiently.

7 free online dating websites for women over 50

It’s much easier to put yourself out there in the dating scene if you’re using an online dating website that’s designed for you. Focus on sites that are focused on 50-plus dating, and don’t waste time wading through potential dates that aren’t age-appropriate.

1. OverFifties

It’s all in the name when you join OverFifites. This free online dating site is designed specifically for 50-plus dating, and the majority of users fit into this age range. The site has an easy-to-use member search function that allows you to browse potential mates. You’ll also find an online chat room, a nice feature if you find someone that seems interesting when you’re using the site. Registration is free, and so are the online forums. Here, you can browse topics and find people who have similar interests and opinions.

2. OurTime

OurTime is a very active free online dating site for men and women over 50. There are thousands of members on OurTime, and it’s an extremely active dating site. You can register here as a member at no cost. As a member, only a few of the site’s features will be unavailable to you. Use your free membership to create an eye-catching profile, and start meeting age-appropriate potential dates right away.

3. Silver Singles

It’s free to join Silver Singles, one of the best dating sites for men and women over 50. Whether you’re looking for new friends, casual dates or a potential long-term commitment, this website offers it. There are thousands of members on the site and lots of different services, including online personals. Chat rooms and an instant messaging service make it possible for you to converse with potential dates in real time, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trading messages back and forth if you don’t want to. There are also private mailboxes available and public forums if you’re looking for other conversation opportunities.

4. 12MeetSenior

12MeetSenior is a free online dating site with a two-way matching service that doesn’t cost you money. You can also create a free profile, peruse existing profiles of other members and view the photo gallery to see if you can spot anyone interesting. Have a busy lifestyle? This free online dating site even has its own mobile app, so you can look for potential mates even when you’re on the go.

5. SpiceofLife

Thousands of men and women over 50 meet each other at SpiceofLife. It’s free to create and list your profile, and it won’t cost you anything to start browsing through profiles of others looking for 50-plus dating. After entering your profile, the system will point you toward potentially compatible matches so you don’t have to do the searching yourself.

6. SeniorMatch

If you need a little guidance in the 50-plus dating scene, SeniorMatch could be the perfect match for your free online dating. This site offers live support and live senior counselors to provide you with advice and guidance. You’ll also find dating ideas, greeting cards, online forums, even daily news that’s relevant to men and women over 50. It costs nothing to place a profile on this free online dating website, and there are already hundreds of thousands of members who have profiles that you may peruse.

7. SeniorPeopleMeet

There are millions of people interested in 50-plus dating registered at SeniorPeopleMeet. It’s free to create a profile, so you can start connecting to other over 50 singles at no cost. This free dating website allows you to add audio and even video to your profile to bring that something extra. There are many photos, profiles and personals on the site that help you connect with other like-minded daters.

Finding the best dating sites

The best dating sites for 50-plus dating are the sites that are specifically made for men and women over 50. There’s no reason for you to waste your time on those gigantic sites that are open to daters of all ages. It’s much easier to find age-appropriate and like-minded potential mates when you’re choosing them from a pool of people in your age group, and only your age group. Take some of the work out of online dating with free online dating sites that are specifically made for you.