Two good sites for swapping books

July 20, 2010 at 7:28 pm in Books & Entertainment by Fran Young

Two good sites for swapping books: – Easier to get points and thus to get books.  Very large ‘collection’ of books from around the world.  Harder to find specific  titles, I thought, and quite often the very book I wanted was ‘on hold’.  I really don’t like their search function, and found books listed under completely wrong groupings, so this was a bit frustrating for me, as I like to scan ‘the aisles’ for what I’m in the mood to read rather than go in to find a specific title.  I did get lots of fun cookbooks and craftbooks on this site.  ALso, good collection of journals that travel all over the world and you can start one yourself.  Very fun if you’re artistic, or creative. – WIth this site you only get points (and books) by having people selected and request books you’ve posted.  Large collection of books on cassette, but they require more points.  Much flashier site, and great visuals.

Neither site costs, but signing up for both, if you have the books to share, usually means you can get some great books!

[This was first posted as part of this conversation ~ Eds.]