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Grey hair causes strange reactions in redheads

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1 year ago

Red hair and grey just don’t mix, as grey hair causes some odd shading and color issues in natural redheads. What’s a flame-haired beauty who wants to stay natural supposed to do, when natural sometimes looks more unnatural than any grey hair dye out there?

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Redheads and grey hair color

There is an actual “ginger gene” that creates the red-haired, freckled look that so many women try to capture with grey hair dye, but natural redheads know that it’s not all fun and pretty hair color. Natural redheads are often sensitive to sunlight, and new studies are emerging that show they may have other unique characteristics as well. When natural red hair starts to be affected by natural grey hair color, worlds of hair shades are colliding -- and honestly, the results aren’t always so pretty.

  • Fading. Redheads frequently experience a fading look when their grey hair color is preparing itself to appear. Natural red hair may turn sandy before it ever becomes grey or white, and that’s just going to make you look like you’ve started dyeing your hair -- or even that you’re ill. The sandy color is often dull, and after the vibrancy of natural red it can be rather shocking. Try adding highlights and lowlights to hair as it begins to fade to keep it looking healthy and alive. If grey hair dye isn’t your thing, rinse your hair regularly in lemon juice to lighten it and help bring out natural highlights.
  • Blonding. Many natural redheads never get grey hair color -- it turns to a white-blonde, or platinum, instead. Some women may love this naturally white shade, but it can make your face look extremely pale and create a very aged look that some women dislike. Add a few steel grey lowlights to your hair, especially around your face, to add depth to the white color. You don’t have to use grey hair dye; use sage tea to naturally darken your tresses if you like.
  • Grey hair dyeing. Maybe you don’t want to lose those natural red locks at all, and that’s perfectly understandable. Once the color starts to fade, keep it alive with grey hair dye or more natural henna. Henna dyes always have a reddish tint to them, so if you use them to cover up fading you’ll maintain your vibrant red tones.

Updated 9-1-15


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