Great gardening book

I've always considered myself as having a "black thumb". Surprisingly, last summer my deck and front porch looked spectacular with flowers and plants.

I got lucky and found a gardening book on clearance. It's called Miracle-Gro, Beautiful Gardens Made Easy by Elvin McDonald.

It was basically an idiot's guide to gardening 101. It was wonderful. It had a several small projects broken down into areas depending on shade. The projects were step by step.

Also, it included plants you actually have heard about. Lots of the gardening books mention plants that are terribly hard to find.

Since I was so successful at the small projects in book, this spring I plan to venture into the larger projects. Wish me luck!

Another tip I've learned, I've asked friends and coworkers what types of plants they have. Then during the cutting season, we exchange. Saves a lot of money. That reminds me, someone owes me Lilly of the Valley (my favorite).


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