True Tales of Great Makeup and BAD DATES
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True Tales of Great Makeup and BAD DATES

Kim Do

3 months ago

This post has been sponsored by COVERGIRL. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

People in committed relationships are always amused by the calamities of dating; Their ears perk up when they hear about those initial sparks, and when the chase turns sour, they can’t help but gloat, no longer being subject to the shiftiness of the dating world.

But when you’re single, and you want a mate, you gotta date. And although the odds of meeting your soulmate on a random date can seem low, one must be prepared to win the guy over, just in case. And because men are notoriously visual creatures, looking your best is a surefire way to make a positive impression. And let’s not forget that looking good makes you feel good, which can bolster confidence. Can’t say no to that!

If you’ve kissed a deep pond of frogs, you know that sometimes getting ready for a date is the best part about dating. (How many times have you thought to yourself, please let tonight not be a waste of my perfect makeup application?!)

Personally, I’ve said that plenty of times.

Off the top of my head, some first-date doozies include going on a date with a starving artist, complete with a (free) ride on the Staten Island Ferry. After listening to him talk about how he still slept in a twin bed gifted to him by a cousin, I felt so sorry for him that I ended up paying for dinner. Ladies, pity is not a bedrock for a thriving relationship.

On another occasion, after my date sensed my lack of interest, he had the audacity to inquire about my younger sister’s availability. And wait, it gets better: There was the occasion when my date had a monversation (monologue that he thinks is a conversation) at me for an hour and a half about how extraordinary he was and how he was working on a book about his personal theories about life called, The Most Important Book Since The Bible. I wish I were exaggerating.

Recently, after a year-long dating hiatus, I unexpectedly met someone who seemed worthy of getting excited about! Thank goodness I was even capable of feeling some excitement about this area in my life, I was very concerned I had become asexual or a zombie on The Walking Dead.

Our first official date was casual—starting with after work drinks followed by an “unplanned” dinner (as you know, there must be an exit strategy: if he’s lame, then your Auntie Mame invited you over for dinner, right?)

I decided my hair would be tousled in a scientifically disheveled way. I planned to wear a black romper that looked fashionable, while offering the extreme comfort of a muu muu, all teetering on my go-to, height-enhancing heels that are shockingly agreeable with the soles of my feet.

As for makeup, I use it as an accessory and a form of self-expression. Although I love a severely-winged cat eye or a matte magenta lip, I don’t want to distract on a first date. It doesn’t matter how much makeup I wear — the whole point is for me to make it look like I’m not wearing much by displaying natural-looking skin that glows. I don’t ever want my makeup to walk into a room before me, especially on a first date.

On this special night, my first date makeup was basically an enhanced version of my day-to-day makeup routine and it goes like this:

I began my makeup application with COVERGIRL’s Simply Ageless Foundation Primer as a base improving the appearance and smoothing my skin’s texture. The white yet translucent mattifying formula helps makeup last.

On top of the primer, I applied the COVERGIRL’S Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation Creme in Warm Beige #245, the brilliant brainchild of COVERGIRL and Olay. It minimizes fine lines and veils wrinkles while evening out the color of my skin. This foundation is pleasantly creamy, blendable, includes SPF 28, and visibly smoothed out the imperfections on my skin and made me feel cool and collected. I dusted on some bronzer, mascara and a hint of lip gloss to finish off the ‘au naturale’ effect.

I received a very flattering compliment on this particular evening; we were chatting about what I do for a living and he commented that I don’t wear much makeup for a makeup artist. Little did he know that I had secret weapons in my beauty arsenal. Ladies, make sure you feel gorgeous and confident on every date by adding COVERGIRL Simply Ageless products to your primping ritual.

First dates can be hit or miss; nerves are normal, but they should never be caused by your makeup! Fortunately, this time, there will be a second date. Easy, breezy, beautiful…

This post has been sponsored by COVERGIRL. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Originally published on The Makeup Blogger



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