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Forget grey hair dye, take a fruit pill instead

L’Oreal has developed a pill that could render grey hair dye useless in the near future. The drug, which must be taken daily for full effectiveness, has been in trials for 10 years. Now, it’s on the brink of being released to the public at large.

Causes of grey hair

Scientists have linked grey hair to stress. There are many other factors at play in the causes of grey hair, including genetics, but stress is capable of discoloring your hair. Meditation and other stress relief techniques can slow down the process, but by and large most heads succumb to grey with time -- no matter what. Or…do they? New scientific breakthroughs in grey hair are occurring all the time, and as science expands its knowledge of grey more cures and treatments are inevitable.

Grey hair pill

The grey hair pill is made for both men and women to consume, to combat grey hair in heads of either sex. According to L’Oreal hair biology head Bruno Bernard, the pill will function “in the same way as a dietary supplement.” He also says “it won’t be expensive.”

The pill is derived from a fruit that mimics the tyrosinaserelated protein 2 enzyme. The enzyme is responsible for protecting pigment production in hair, and over time you begin to lose this natural source of hair color. L'Oreal's pill protects hair from the effects of oxidative stress, which causes hair to lose color and turn grey.

The grey hair pill helps to prevent grey hair color, it doesn’t reverse it. For best effectiveness, users should take the pill every day for the entirety of their lives. It’s best taken before hair starts to turn grey, but even when greys are present it will help to prevent more hair from changing.

Grey hair treatment options

Is taking a pill every day easier than dyeing your hair every few weeks? The answer is entirely subjective, and it’s never a good idea to take pills indiscriminately. Women who already take many supplements and prescription medications may not want L’Oreal’s grey hair cure, and the full side effects of the pill won’t even be realized or revealed for many more years. Always consult with your doctor before taking any medication, even seemingly harmless dietary supplements.

By the same token, grey hair dye isn’t always the best option (or even the safest). Putting harsh chemicals on your hair can dry out your locks, leading to breakage and thinning hair. Protect dyed hair with moisturizing conditioners and treatments that will keep it healthy. Grey hair coloring takes regular maintenance that goes beyond root touch-ups to keep your hair looking great.


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