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Foods that prevent grey hair color

Eat almonds every day to keep the grey hair color away. This little rhyme isn’t as common as the old adage about the apple, but it could be the answer many women are looking for. Is it possible that eating the right foods can keep you from having to worry about coloring grey hair in the future?

Grey hair treatment

After all the grey hair dye, all the plucking, all the worry and all the stress -- is it possible that you can avoid getting grey hair color simply by tweaking your diet? Scientists are still working out the exact processes that create grey hair color in the first place, but we do know it happens at a cellular level and it’s caused by loss of pigment, the stuff that gives hair color. Did you know there are foods that can actually prevent pigment loss?

  • Almonds. New scientific evidence suggests that hair follicles keep producing melanin even in aged hair. Melanin, the stuff that creates pigment, simply drains out of those follicles to create grey hair color. But if you eat almonds, maybe you can put a stop to this process. Almonds actually boost your body’s natural ability to produce catalase, an enzyme that helps you keep your natural color. A study of men and women who ate three ounces of almonds daily for four weeks showed that they had almost 10% more catalase in their bodies than those who didn’t make a special effort to eat almonds.
  • Colored fruits. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Make a special effort to eat fruits and vegetables that are brightly-colored to ingest antioxidants that fight free radicals. Free radicals damage the cells in your scalp that produce pigment. Tomatoes, spinach, pumpkins, peppers and berries are all good sources of natural antioxidants that battle these free radicals for you.

You, and your grey hair color

So, does that mean that premature grey hair color can be blamed on a poor diet? Maybe, but maybe not. A lot of lifestyle decisions and issues can contribute to grey hair color. Stress, poor nutrition, excessively dyeing hair and even smoking cigarettes can cause grey hair color to appear sooner than it would have otherwise -- but genetics also play a part, too. In time, your hair follicles stop producing pigment. This happens for any number of reasons, and usually more than one reason, and may occur at any given time. There are ways to prevent grey hair color from appearing, but the causes of grey hair still aren’t wholly understood. If they were, we would know exactly how to stop it from happening -- without messy chemicals.

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