10 Best Gifts for Writers This Holiday Season
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10 Best Gifts for Writers This Holiday Season

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4 months ago

Writers are a breed all their own - often whimsical, introverted, creative and quirky. You could get them a gift card or some cash and they’d be thrilled (writing isn’t exactly a goldmine), but some of these creative gifts are sure to surprise and delight. Without further ado, here are the best gifts for writers this season!


Practical Gifts for Writers

These gifts for writers are daily use, wear and tear items that will help your beloved writer make it through their deadline or novel with you in mind.

Fingerless Gloves. You’d think fingers that fly across the keys at the speed of light would be warm, but cold fingers are a writer’s plague. Go for something beautiful and lightweight for daily wear, and they’ll get a lot of wear. For extra brownie points, go for these literary gloves covered in quotes from classic literature!


Moleskin Journal. There’s something about hand-writing that connects the brain and heart in ways a keyboard can’t. Give your writer something to jot every idea and plot into, or a journal to process their goals and dreams. This beautiful leather sketchbook is a great example of practicality and beauty in one.


Laptop Desk. If your writer enjoys the couch or outdoors more than a conventional desk, help them out with a laptop desk. There are tons of options, from stylish to practical to comfortable to spacious...and with affordable pricing, too.


Desk Accessories. For the conventional writer who prefers a desk, gift them something to pep up their space, like this adorable holder for their reading glasses. Or, go fully-practical with a versatile desk-organizer.


Easy Gifts for Writers

No time for creativity, or no clue what your writer needs? Grab an easy gift that any writer would use up faster than their next chapter is due.

Snacks. Yep, it’s that easy. Writers often slide work time into the nooks and crannies of life, usually at the expense of basic self-care. A snack set is an excellent gift for writers who are under the gun, casually pecking away at their word count, and anything in between.


Tea. Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good plot and a big mug of tea? Get your writer a variety set of tea to take them through the cold months of reworking character development and polishing dialogue. We love this Yogi variety set, especially.


Books. A good writer is an avid reader, and you’ll never go wrong with the gift of reading. Both Audible and Kindle have gift cards available so they can grab that book they’ve had their eye on.


Creative Gifts for Writers

Go above and beyond with creative gifts that your writer won’t soon forget.

Pillows. Like the literary gloves, there are plenty of throw pillows with fun literary quotes and encouraging sayings. In neutral colors, your writer can toss them anywhere and curl up with them when writer’s block gets mean. Some favorites:


Headphones. Help your writer listen to their book or tune out to some background music with a good set of noise-cancelling headphones. These come well-reviewed.


Personalized Gift Sets. Take some time to make a gift set unique to your writer. A survival kit, of sorts. There are plenty of little consumable things that writers can use, and putting it together yourself adds a layer of thoughtfulness to the gift. Here are some ideas:



Wrap it all up in a book bag or a pencil case to make one of the best, most thoughtful gifts for writers anyone will find.

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