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From RamblinRedhead

After being a very small-chested woman for most of my life, I all of a sudden “busted out” as I nursed and gained weight after my daughter was born.  Now, 18 years later, after finally losing the extra weight, I was miraculously left with a much larger chest!

I got refitted for bras at one of those high-end bra boutiques (The Full Cup, in my case), and it was a huge improvement for me.  I got some European seamed lace underwire bras, and it changed my whole body!  Unlike others, however, I have since bought bras for less at Nordstrom’s here in Norfolk, and got the same level of service (professional fitting) as I did at the boutique, and the prices were quite a bit lower (albeit still higher than the mainstream but ill-fitting bras I used to wear).

I wouldn’t mess with Victoria’s Secret at all.  I was totally unimpressed with their selection for my size (36D to 40DDD, depending on the maker and the specific bra).  I thought their quality was really cheesy for the price.  Soma also couldn’t fit me with anything that gave me the support of the bras I get at the boutique, or at Nordstrom’s (some of the brands that didn’t work for another poster are perfect for me!).

Bras are a very individual thing – but a good fitting by someone who knew what they were doing seems essential to me.  I have found decent bras for a song at the Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, PA – but never find the sizes I need in department stores, not with the support I need.  Also, the cup shape seems all wrong for me in many “mainstream bras”.

Also, sometimes at home, I just relax and put a sports bra on – great support, freedom to move about.  Heaven.

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Where do YOU find a great, supportive bra that fits?

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  1. Generic Image Cheryl1 says

    I like Vanity Fair, too!!  They also make great panties, and they last a very long time when I gentle wash cold and line dry.  Kohl’s sells them for a good price, and Kohl’s generous coupons allow me to really save.

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  2. nhs nhs says

    Like you, I started out small chested, but now, several decades later, struggle to find comfortable bras that fit my greatly expanded chest. Yes, I’ve had professional fittings, but never cared for demonstrating how fully figured I am. As an athlete, in my younger days, I was introduced to sports bras and now, even though my athletic endeavors don’t require as much support, I still find myself preferring to wear sports bras almost all the time. Give it a try!

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  3. Generic Image grammayumyum says

    Any suggestions for those of us voted President of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Club) by the guys in the dorm during our first week at college?  I haven’t grown ANY over the years, except my ribcage seems to have expanded to 36″, making it hard to find small cups on the longer sized band…  Sports bras are the worst.  If I raise my arms the bra moves clear up onto my nips.  Adhesive patches for my nips are out, because I’m allergic to the adhesive — not fun considering the location.  But, I really need something to wear under t-shirts!

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  4. KLE KLE says

    I’m looking for a sports bra that doesn’t flatten.  Any suggestions?

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