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I have found the best panties ever – seriously.

They are from, and they are called vanishing edge.

They are comfortable, the don’t ride up, they don’t show panty lines at all – even through workout clothes – and they (hand) wash beautifully.

I am a convert!

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  1. Generic Image brendas8 says

    Oh this sounds good!!
    I have been wearing Spanx panties,and like them,but i am going to check these out!

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  2. Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

    So pretty, Sharon. I’m due for a little something new. :)

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  3. SaraLee SaraLee says

    I may get a few pairs, I’ll be travelling this summer and need some that hand wash & dry easily. Thanks!

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  4. Generic Image JenTX says

    I just took a look at them — love all the colors and patterns, but $16 each? Really??

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      he have great sales though like buy 3 and 2 free, try the boy shorts fantastic and soooooo comfortable!

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    • Sharon Greenthal Sharon Greenthal says

      There are always sales and discounts offered, and they are really good quality – they show virtually no sign of wearing out since I first purchased them 6 months ago.

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  5. SassySenior SassySenior says

    You might want to try Jockey’s micro fabric, no panty line – they’re about  $8 each (which I still think of as pricey) and come in every style and size (regular, bikini, high leg, boy). Walmart has a similar micro product in 3 pair packages for about $15. My experience is that the Jockey’s last longer, but it’s hard to find them, especially if you wear a size that is not restocked as frequently. They are both plain, no lace or trim, cotton crotch, super comfy.

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    • Generic Image JenTX says

      Thanks, Sassy, I’ll look for those. I actually love Jockey’s Silks panties, but nowadays I have to order them. I’ve been wearing them for decades! I sure wish they still sold them in stores…

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  6. Life Coach Connie Life Coach Connie says

    The Soma Vanishing edge are my favorites!  I’ve been wearing them for a few years and they are everything Sharon says. They do have sales and the panties last a long time.  Definately worth it!

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    • SaraLee SaraLee says

      I went to a Soma store last weekend got 6 pairs of panties for the price of 4, I think. I like them! Also, I got 2 bras, one was on sale for 14.99. I really hate shopping for bras so I was happy I found a couple I liked. I also bought a really nice sundress that will be great for travel. Thanks for suggesting this store, I really liked it. I’m too old for Victoria’s Secret anyway!

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