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Looking for a kinder, gentler swimsuit. Any flattering styles or brands for women 50+?

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  1. Seawriter Seawriter says

    Miraclesuit and Gottex get us. Those are the two brands I buy. They’re stylish and forgiving.

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  2. Generic Image Suni says

    I like the suits from Lands End.  I’m tall and they are long enough for me – the fabric they use is good quality so it holds in what I’m unable to!  (hahaha)

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  3. Generic Image sherryprather says

    I have found the ones with a short skirt are flattering and a separate top. I also like a built in bra and bright colors. Distracts from my flaws :)

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  4. Generic Image i am not your mother says

    Miracle Suit! And, if youcanbelieve it…Victoria’s secret. I know, but they have great stuff and not pricey. they don’t go up to over a size 16…but check them out. I love bandeau style suits and Miracle Suit has a great one.

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  5. Terri43 Terri43 says

    I usually buy two piece suits – a skirt and top – because they make it so much easier to go to the bathroom!! Ease of exit is almost as important as looks. I did not consider that 30 years ago.

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  6. Laurie Laurie says

    Try cyberswim.com – I’m generously proportioned and struggle to find bathing suits which are stylish & sexy yet cover an ample bustline. They sell miraclesuits exclusively – wide variety of styles, patterns, colors – underwire, soft cup, larger women’s, one and two piece styles – best selection I’ve ever seen. Sizes run true. Excellent customer service. I won’t purchase anywhere else.

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    • Generic Image firstnonna says

      I just went to the cyberswim site. My goodness those miraclesuits cost a bundle! It’ll be a miracle if I can ever afford one of those! ;)

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    • KatLMat KatLMat says


      @ “ample bustline” are you natural or enhanced?

      I am a natural 38D. It seems my boobs got a post from my body clock & decided to start their desent. (quickly) I contemplated a reduction & lift….but I am a natural kinda girl & about decided NO.

      Do you have any tips on “embracing” (this is my VN goal) my “girls? (my name for my

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  7. Generic Image hilandflwr says

    I shop around for a swimsuit, but always choose a Miraclesuit.  You’d think I’d learn!  My Miraclesuits always last several years.

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    • Generic Image Nunzi says

      Where do you buy that brand?  I looked on-line and came up with nothing.

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      • Laurie Laurie says

        Cyberswim sells miraclesuit exclusively – also norm thompson. may also be able to find them at dillards, macys, neiman marcus, nordstoms or specialty bathing suit companies. a google search should assit – but for my money cyberswim beats them all! cyberswim also puts out a hard copy catalog which you can sign up to receive. good hunting!

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    • Generic Image hilandflwr says

      I order from the cyberswim catalog.  You can sign up for it here: http://www.cyberswim.com/optIn.jsp

      They’re also available at the higher quality stores like Macy’s and Lane Bryant.  Good luck!

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  8. The Glam Gals The Glam Gals says

    Spanks now does bathing suites! Yeah!

    The Glam Gals


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  9. Generic Image Island Girl at heart says

    I just bought a really cute Miraclesuit with matching sarong at Soma.  It was pricey, but it fit well, I felt good in it and I know it will last.  I had one before and it lasted a few years so I think the price is worth it.  I think it will be comfortable to be in for hours and I love the bright colors (shades of turquoise and blue).  So often age-appropriate suits for 50-year olds are solids or patterns on black.  I have also had LaBlanca suits in the past (avaiable at Dillard’s) and have been happy with those although they aren’t as supportive as Miraclesuit.  I have found these higher-end suits at TJ Maxx for really good prices, but the selection is limited.

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  10. ruth anne ruth anne says

    Try It Figures” QVC sells it.  The only thing I have noticed is you do have to size up.  Also, I think Dillards sells “It Figures II” 

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  11. GrandmaV GrandmaV says

    I don’t know of a particular brand but I get resonable priced suits that are basically a tighter or loose fitting shirt that covers the stomach with a pair of swimsuit bottoms that you can choose to have either regular bottoms or shorts like bottoms.  They do wonders for our elderly appeal but yet show our bodies enough saying just because we are older does not mean we necessarily look out of shape.  Good luck.

    Gamma V

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    • ebrena ebrena says

      I bought 2 of the most unique bathing suits at this online store:

      http://www.alwaysforme.com/  I also buy their cover ups which are so cute for Summer dresses.  I don’t beleive because we ar 50 or 50+ we need to buy any gaudy black tankini cover in big ugly flowers.  There is so much more for women our age that are cute (and we can be cute) and stylish and also comfortable.  Check out the website I’m sure you will love it.

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      • GrandmaV GrandmaV says

        What?  There are no women 50 or 50+ that are not pretty are there?  We are all gorgeous inside and out!

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      • Generic Image i am not your mother says

        Garnet Hill, TJ Max sometimes has Miracle suits . they last a long time. i have kept onearound long enough to get tired of it! Firstnonna, check out TJ Max for Miracle suit…they also have Janson,sigh, remember Janson?  If you spend 110 on a suit  and have it for 5 years…..I hear my mother’s voice, but I am NOT your Mother…………..!

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      • ebrena ebrena says

        That’s right.

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  12. Generic Image i am not your mother says

    Still loving the Miracle suit suit…it’s a real suit i can swim in…I live in my suit at the lake in summer and the Heck with it..I am NOT 20 any more…let my son’s girlfriends run around uncovered….they look cute and I can actually swim. 

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    • ebrena ebrena says

      Good for you!  And you probably are cute too even though you are not 20-you have confidence to live in your suit and feel good.  The suit I bought from Always About Me are long like a short summer dress, they also have a great shaper built in to hold the jiggly bits:)

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  13. Generic Image Jeannine says

    NORMA KAMALI BILLY … featured in lots of ads and often copied. I owned one for 2 years of vacation swimming then I felt the neck band too stretchy.  I bought a new one and it is marvelous.  Women of any age who want a one piece always ask me about it.  Take a look at her site and you’ll agree. Expensive and worth every penny!



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