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I just let my hair go gray and can not find styling products that won’t turn my hair yellow. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Mary McDowell Mary McDowell says

    Hi Rose,      Welcome to the “Silver Locks” world !!!!! About a year maybe 1 1/2 years ago I decided to let my hair grow out. (I had been coloing it since I was 19) I absolutly love my silver locks. I get more complements on my hair now then when I use to get it colored. I have people ask me where I get it done and how much did it cost. Sometimes, for laughs I tell them it cost me $100. I am so grateful that society has finally accepted silver hair, it’s just so freeing. When I first let my hair “grow” natural, I was unsure and not really liking grey as a color. I woke up one morning and realized it was all in my attitude. I needed to look at my hair as a blessing and have ever since. Now, to your question. I live in Florida and with the humidity most days it doesn’t matter how much gunk you put in your hair it still will droop. So, I had to find ways to enjoy my hair natural as possible. I only use shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and sometimes a gel. I do not have any yellowing in my hair. Here is a list of the products I use and have been using the same products for years: “Prosante Revitalizing Shampoo”, “Prosante Ligjtweight Conditioner”, “Prosante Hair Spray” and “Dep Sport Endurance Styling Gel 11″    Hope this help! Let me know if you would like to know where to get the stuff I got. Enjoy you new sassy silver locks!!!! ;+>  Mary

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    • Generic Image Rose Valdes says

      Hi Mary,

      I also live in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale/Tamarac)!

      Please let me know where you get the products.  I have curly hair so I really need the gel to keep it from frizzing.



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    • Generic Image Gail Berra says

      I am thinking of letting my hair go gray. I wear it short, but how do you get through the transition phase?

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      • Mary McDowell Mary McDowell says

        I did the foiling thing. I went to a salon and they put foil in my hair and did it in a jagged line so you could not see the root line. I had them use a very light color.

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      • Generic Image Copperrose7 says

        i would like to know that also,i simply am not coloring my hair anymore,but i would like to get rid of the previuosly colored hair,any suggestions anyone.

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      • browser browser says

        I also had short hair – and I just kept it as short as I could.  Getting it trimmed often.  I used a semi-permanent color that would last for about 3 weeks helped. And, of course, when I began this journey, I didn’t have all that much gray.  It would be a different challenge if I were to stop coloring now with as much gray as I have.  It’s worth it though.  I love my gray.

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      • Maggie Rose Maggie Rose says

        Have you begun your “transition” from colored hair to natural yet? When I was 55, I had a huge epiphany in a hair salon and decided to never color my hair again. I went cold turkey and just let it grow. Initially, i covered my silver roots in the most obvious places with hair mascara, which you can get in many colors at Beauty Supply stores. When that began to be cumbersome, I simply decided to notice what came up for me as I went about my life with silver roots for a couple of months. (Talk about challenging imbedded programming about what it means to be attractive. I write about this in more detail in Amazing Grays, which is a little about going gray, and a LOT about aging with gusto, allowing for a fair share of kicking and screaming along the way!)

        When I went to get my hair trimmed and my stylist said my silver roots were long enough for a short cut – I went for it. Short, sassy and very cute! I was surprised on how much I loved it – and how free and beauty-full I felt. Since your hair is already short – that’s one more change you don’t have to deal with.

        Again, I’d love to hear from all of you silver sages and include your photo and story in the Gallery of Silver Sages at I will be back in town mid-April (going on my annual birthday retreat)  I hope to see my mailbox full of your after photos and stories about going gray. Be an inspiration to others looking to make the switch, and celebrate the amazing woman you’ve become.

        Gail, keep me appraised on how you decide to make the transition, would you?

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      • Kristine of Matters That Matter Kristine of Matters That Matter says

        So with you sista’. Stopped coloring naturally curly long hair about 4 years ago…My adult daughter, who is a  highly successful fashion stylist, looked at me the other night and said…”Mom, you just look beautiful, and your hair is so much more interesting than before, way to go.” WOW, I was thrilled. I love the gray

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      • browser browser says

        I was at the optomotrist office yesterday, picking out new lenses (which is as hard as picking out paint colors – that you have to live with for at least 2 years…..)  Anyway, I became the focus of the entire showroom – as all the technicians wanted to try different frames on me.  They all loved my gray hair – and thought I looked amazing for 62 – which was very flattering and amusing to me.  Who knew????  It was fun and I actually found a pair that I love – rimless with a little touch of coppery/purple(sp??) on the frame.  Can’t wait to get them.

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      • Mombo Mombo says

        i used temporary color by loreal and i got the lightest platinum blong they had which helped during the transition. If your hair is dark you could go gradually lighter with the color.


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    • Generic Image Sandra Cox says

      Me too.. so many compliments and now I can’t find it anywhere..not even from Pantene..does anyone have it , anywhere?…Sandi

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  2. Deanie Deanie says

    I use ShiKai Color Reflect Shampoo for platinum.  It helps as my silver gets a little yellow sometimes.  It is supposed to bring out cool tones in blonde, silver and platinum hair.  I get it at the health food store. It is “natural” and certified organic.  So far it’s the best think I’ve found.

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  3. Maggie Rose Maggie Rose says

    I, too, ditched the hair dye in favor of my naturally silver locks. I wear my hair short, so “product” is essential to give it form. As it’s on the wavy side and can get frizzy, I use Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme. (not styling creme) applied when my hair is wet, and then again a little bit after it’s dry.  It makes my hair soft and smooth. I use the Sumotech (B & B) mixed with a little of the grooming creme and apply it to my roots and ends to give my hair both height and definition. Abba Pure Moisture shampoo is also wonderful, and has not yellowed my hair at all.

    If you’d like, visit the “Gallery of Silver Sages” at and submit your “after” photo and a paragraph or two about your exerience of going gray. You will be helping the many women who are on the fence to see how liberated and beautiful  we “Amazing Grays” truly are!

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  4. LissaB LissaB says

    Here’s an interesting article on going – and staying – beautifully grey. 

    Unproduct loyal me, and silver/grey since my mid thirties, I’ve used whatever professional line of purple brass-tone nulifying shampoo my hairdresser of the year suggested.  Far as I can tell, there’s no real difference one to another – though I would suggest you graduate your way into the ‘leave in’ time suggested: couple of years ago, I left in a new shampoo as directed and left the shower with distinctly amethyst-hued hair (only lasted a couple of days, but still). 

    I’m really ‘au naturel’ when it comes to my hair, and don’t use products beyond shampoo & conditioner. The build-up removing shampoo suggested in the article I found, to strip out staining minerals (we have lots of iron in our water), was a great find for me!  I wonder if it’ll do the same after a dunk in the community (over-chlorinated) pool?

    Enjoy being a silver fox!  Like Mary, I love my silver and get way more compliments now than ever before – mostly from women thinking of going au natural themselves.

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  5. Generic Image peony says

    I did the same.  I was using L’oreal’s Vive pro shampoo for color treated hair before I decided to go totally gray.  I continued to use it because it was an almost full bottle.  My hair has stayed a beautiful silver, with no signs of yellowing.  So, I have decided to stick with what works. I use both the shampoo and conditioner.

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  6. Generic Image Lark says

    Pantene makes a shampoo and conditioner called Silver Expressions. They make my hair very shiny. I like them but don’t over use them because then your hair will look blue.


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    • browser browser says

      I also use the Pantene for gray.  I recently bought a new bottle and noticed that it states that continued use will not discolor the hair blue.  They must have changed the formula – I was always cautious of only using it once a week or so – but since I’ve been using it daily – I haven’t seen any signs of ‘blueing’

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      • Generic Image Nita says

        I’ve been using Pantene Silver Expressions every day for 2 years…it’s never turned blue – there’s no bluing in it and never was.  I get compliments from total strangers on how beautiful my gray hair is…


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  7. Generic Image Kathy Sommers says

    I have had lots of problems with yellowing for my very thick, long white/silver hair. My daughter found a great shampoo – Matrix Essentials – Solutionist – “So Silver” at Great Clips, where she is a stylist and I use it about a week… I can get yellow under hot light bulbs! But I love my hair! I don’t need much conditioning, it gets bit frizzy in the rain but not bad… I only colored my hair when very young - I had a lond silver streak in the front from age 16 until it took over and while I do admit to lightening the brown/reddish a bit in the summer to be more reddish (like Bonnie Raitt – I love her hair!), I have let it go all white/silver for many years… I have 5 sisters all (except one) over 50 and still tied to the dye bottle… And I am free!

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  8. onesheila onesheila says


    First of all congratulations for joining the “Silver Couture” ladies.  Second, I find it best that I leave suggestions for hair to professionals.  A professional stylist is trained and will make recommendations based on your hair texture.  I am 58 years old and started graying in my late 20′s.  I have what I call virgin hair.  I have never had color in it.  I wish you the best and my suggestion is based on working with a major hair care company for several years.

    Sheila Agnew

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    • Generic Image cnelson2007 says

      Jhirmack’s silver brightening shampoo works for me. I don’t end up with blue hair and it takes out the yellow. (I sound like a 50s commercial, I know!) Oh, and I order it on-line!

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  9. Generic Image Nita says

    As I replied to someone down below, I’ve used Pantene Silver Expressions shampoo and conditioner every day for 2 years.  It’s never turned my hair blue and I haven’t had a problem with yellowing from gel or hair spray.  I get compliments from total strangers about how beautiful my gray hair is…


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    • Tamara Tamara says

      I love Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo and conditioner. Smells wonderful, leaves my gray hair soft and smooth…and shiny.

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