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I know recently it was asked about shoes for bad feet.  None of the shoes fit my feet.  Does anyone have a shoe, that is stylish(I work where the shoe has to have at least a small heel) and a dress shoe.  I have a large toe problem and morton neurapathy on the bottom of my foot. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Generic Image Malteselover says

    I have bad feet too. I wear Dansko.

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    • Generic Image NettieW says

      Yes, I agree. Dansko has the best fitting shoes. They do have a style that has a slight heel that might work for you. I will admit the shoes are “clunky” BUT comfort at my age is much more important.

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  2. drjoy0510 drjoy0510 says

    Have you tried  They have lots of shoes for problem feet.  I am sold on Finn Comfort shoes, myself.  I don’t have problem feet, but I have strange feet…high instep, almost no arch and wide across the toes with a narrow heel.    I also wear a 9.5 C, which shoe companies seem to forget about.

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  3. The Glam Gals The Glam Gals says

    We know this can be a problem for many women. Try Taryn Rose or Paul Green, both can be found at Nordstroms or 

    Come on over to  for pictures and more ideas!


    JoJami and Deborah

    The Glam Gals

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  4. Generic Image Thinkerbelle says

    I have problems as well and have searched endlessly for special shoes. I don’t know if any of these brands were suggested before, but they worked for me. Soft Walk were the best for me personally. Munro and Sofft are also very comfortable and leave room for bunions, large toes, etc. Soft Walk was the best because of the unique insole that should be great for your neuropathy. Also ,they come with low to medium heels that absorb the shock making it easier to tolerate the impact. You can find all 3 of these brands at Nordstrom.

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    • Generic Image phoof18 says

      Thank you for your reply.  I can not wait to search for new possibilities for comfy stylish shoes.  I am having such discomfort with the shoes I now wear and the nightly leg cramps are starting from the wrong shoe and heel.  So thank all of you for your ideas!  So helpful, I love this site!

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  5. Marilyn - VN Staff Marilyn - VN Staff says

    VN member Pam Palmer recommends several brands in her response to a list of stylish comfortable shoes.

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  6. Generic Image suebv says

    I would find a brand or brands that work for your problem feet, for mine Softspots always work, Dansko sometimes, Bjorn sometimes, etc. Then determine your size and for me, I became thrilled with and their daily deals.  I have gotten shoes that retail for well over $100 for as little as $16.95 plus $6.95 shipping for a whole order.  It has been a great boon to my shoe budget!  They also have a great return policy and are helpful.  Hope this helps you!  Good Luck!

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  7. Generic Image cheryld609 says

    Try Aravon.  They are made by New Balance, and are very comfortable.  Take a look at Mia, an Aravon style I have in brown and black.  They have a small heel, boxy toe, and look very stylish. Also, before you buy, look at them on a website like ShoeBuy, where others who have purchased them tell you if they find them true to size.

    I also have Morton Neuroma, and find that I need a thicker sole on shoes.

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  8. Jo Anne Morris Jo Anne Morris says

    I totally relate to your issue, my feet are not “normal” either………..Have you looked online at:

    They have some pretty nice shoes and they wear well.

    Jo Anne Morris

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  9. wandahamilton50 wandahamilton50 says

    Hi. I needed a theraputic shoe that helped my hips and back , but also looked stylish and awesome with business casual, and formal when needed. I have lucked out with wolky shoes. I have been so impressed with the health aspects and how nice they look on the foot that I bought a second pair within 6 months.

    Put wolky shoes in the google search enjine and you will come up with suppliers and information. I have had to try many kinds of shoes, These top it for me in looks and body comfort, for feet and my hips and back.

    wanda hamilton

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  10. Generic Image armymomusa says

    Hi my name is Vicki from Indianapolis, IN and I, too have feet problems. I stand at my job either for 6 or 8 hours and I wear Reabock tenny shoes and I must have severe problems inside of my feet because they hurt when I walk on them and it feels like little spurs or plantar has set up in them. I do not have medical insurance to get my feet checked out plus I have a bunion on my rt. foot so I guess you could say I am a mess. I would love to find a desent pair of shoes where I don’t hurt so much. 

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  11. MirrorWoman MirrorWoman says

    Two suggestions. I have very comfortable boots by Wolky with a small heel that look terrific. And Naot offers some very cute heels (LOVE their sandals for summer). I just got tired of the clog looks from Dansko and Finn Comfort. But as styles are changing, all the comfortable brands are starting to update what they offer. Good luck! 

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  12. Generic Image LaRue says

    Try dansko shoes. They are carried at “The Walking Company” While most of their shoes are more like clogs; they do have some very nice dress shoes that are beyond comfortable and excellently structured.

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  13. Generic Image Jeannie says

    I also have bad feet. I work on my feet between 8 and 10 hours a day. My feet sweat bad,between the toes. Making them very sore. I have brought many a work shoe. But have to return them,because of my foot and toe problems. Also need something well cushioned.

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  14. Generic Image ArleneA says

    Have you ever tried Drew Shoes?  They are great.  Well-made and comfortable.  I wear a size 10 EE with an orthodic insert after having foot surgery nearly 10 years ago.  I don’t know what I would do without my drews.  They have great sales, but even at full price, the shoes last forever….so well worth the cost.   website is



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  15. BlackburnSwitch BlackburnSwitch says

    I have long, bony feet with some neuropathy.  I strongly recommend Munro American.  They grip my feet and make me much more sure-footed.  The pair I have (I don’t remember the specific style) has a boot-look and look great with pants.  They have a molded 1-inch heel.  I haven’t investigated Munro’s for a dressier look but I’m hoping they do.

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