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I have my hair weaved and tinted every THREE weeks. I have seen adds for root touch ups with a little wand type of color. I would like to buy myself at least another week between appointments but have never colored my hair myself. Have any of you tried these products, do they work, and is there one brand that works better than another?

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  1. dynamomma dynamomma says

    I use a root touch up.  It is gentle, blends well.  I guess it would matter what root color you are touching up and if you are weaved to a blond.  So if you natural hair color is brown with blond highlight put in, using the brown root touch up would not look so good.  I don’t know what the blond would do.  But like steel said, try it.  If you don’t like it, have it fixed.

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    • girlygirl girlygirl says

      Hey dynomomma…we seem to go to the same sights on VB! Nice to see you again. What product do you use for your hair?

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      • dynamomma dynamomma says

        It’s nice n easy.  I should do a new pix after I’ve touched up, yes?  (lol)

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  2. Stellaaa Stellaaa says

    I use the Clairol product.  6$ and it works fine.  It costs about $80 or more for me to get it done at a salon.

    Last year I went to Australia and Thailand for a couple of months.  Had my past-waist length hair dyed before I left, but had a date at the Sydney Opera House six weeks later.  So a couple of days before that i colouring my hair in a hotel room in Canberra.  So it’s that easy to use too.  I brought the stuff from Canada.  I have no idea what the Aussies call this product, but the name “Nice and Easy Root Touch-Up” sure did make my friend blush.

    It’s not perfect and it’s not magic.  If you look very closely you can see where you put this colour on.  In fact, look very closely at the picture on the back of the box, for once they give you a pretty realistic representation of the results.  I blend it down into my faded highlights too.

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  3. GailSR GailSR says

    Clairol Nice N Easy Root Tout Up for me as well :-) although here in NYC it is over $7.00 and nearly as much as the total head haircoloring product I use. But it is easy and looks great.

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  4. trishlambert trishlambert says

    I use both the Clairol root touch up and the crayon that someone mentioned (I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply a couple of years ago and it’s still going strong).

    I have long thick hair and I am concerned about the adverse impact of frequent dying, so I want to stretch as long as I can between full coloring sessions. When my roots first start showing (white against brown!) I use the crayon on my part and at my temples and reapply after every shampoo. Then, when the roots have grown out significantly I use the Clairol root touch up, which allows me another cycle with the crayon.

    Doing this lets me go at least two months between full colorings. If it wasn’t for the Clairol product, I wouldn’t be able to get away with this. Just the crayon alone wouldn’t work for more than a couple of weeks, max.

    Bottom line: I recommend the root touch up products!

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    • Denise Johnson Denise Johnson says

      I’ll have to try the crayon. I tried the root touch up and it seemed the only difference was the fancy little brush and the higher price! So I saved the fancy little brush and bowl and by Revlon’s Color Siik (GREAT price and lasts forever) and use it as the root touch up….same principle but way cheaper. My hair grows ridiculously fast so I color every 3 weeks, it works for me.

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  5. weezy8150 weezy8150 says

    I have not tried the Clairol root touch up, but have used many times the Sally Beauty stick touch up.  It looks like a large chunky toddler’s crayola crayon.  You just wet it and go right down your part like a crayon and it covers perfectly…about $5

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    • geralyne geralyne says

      Hi Ladies!

      I’ve been colouring my hair (with a vegetable based dye called Herbatint) since my mid-30s (over 20 years) and I’d like to gradually let it go grey. I’ve been struggling with how to go about that. One coiffeuse suggested something called ’reverse highlights’. The idea is that you colour only a few strands each time. But since I can’t afford to go to a hair salon, I cannot figure out how to do it myself? Any ideas? 

      By the way, I am almost eager to have some of that grey showing. it’s as though I absolutely do not want to hide my age. Anyone else feel the same way? 

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      • Generic Image Barbly1 says

        You can color with a rinse out product, and keep doing this until you can cut it and remove the permanently died hair.  Works great.

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  6. Generic Image roseann says

    A good way to “ease” into letting hair go to gray, you might try Clairol’s Natural Instincts. It is a non permanent color and so easy to apply.  It will last 6 to 12 shampoos. I don’t know why the stretch, possibly depending on what kind of shampoo you use.  The great thing about it is it lightens with each washing and does is so subtly that it’s really, not noticeable. If you decide to go gray, just let it wash itself out. If you “chicken” out about the gray, put the color back in. There is no peroxide and no ammonia. I’ve used it for more years than I want to talk about. I get perms about every 4 months and I have healthy hair. My hair is stark white in front and more too dark gray in the back. I use Beige Blonde #70. I get it at Walmart and it’s around $5.00.

    It also blends easily if you want to touch up roots.

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    • girlygirl girlygirl says

      Great idea when the time comes and I am ready to let it go al natural!!! My mom is 83 and still dyes her hair. She would like to let it go grey but dreads the growing out process. I will suggest this to her. Thanks for the info.

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  7. Picturesandwords Picturesandwords says

    I have been colouring my own hair for years. There is nothing to it. If you can style your own hair, then you can colour it. Just remember that you can’t colour over darker permanent haircolour with a lighter colour.

    Right now I use three different colours on my hair, light brown at the bottom, dark blonde around the middle, and medium blonde on top. It’s a bit fussy to mix so I wouldn’t recommend that you start with this, just pick a colour close to what your colour is now and follow the instructions in the box. Everything you need is there. If you have questions just call the toll-free number on the box. You can also streak your own hair. There are good kits for doing it and also include detailed instructions. It’s a bit harder to do than just a straight colour, but don’t be daunted if you want to try it. The worst that can happen is the colour won’t turn out just right. In that case, you just colour over it.

    Hairdressers naturally want us all to believe that we are helpless without them but if you are at all handy or crafty you can certainly colour your own hair. I even cut my own after too many disappointing trips to hairdressers. I use a couple of mirrors that pull out from the wall at angles so I can see the back view, but you don’t need this to colour your hair.

    Personally, I can think of better ways to spent a couple of hundred dollars than on my hair.

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  8. Generic Image kathydsf says

    I also use Clairol’s root touch up. Since I have short hair, I only use one half of the product and save it for the next touch up. My hair is 75% gray so I do go to a hair salon for overall color and sometimes retouching. I know it is getting to be expensive but I sometimes don’t have the time or patience to do it myself. Plus I have a hard time seeing all the areas I miss.

    I’ve tried different products, the mascara wand from Avon for root touchups, the color comb from a beauty store, the crayon and a product, ColorMark. ColorMark uses a sponge tip wand instead of a brush wand. All of these products wash out but Clairol’s product lasts for about two or three weeks until your next salon visit.

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