Practical Clothing for the menopausal woman

I have seen blog comments on clothing for menopausal women. I am looking for clothes that I can use for athletic wear and wear to work! Stuf that is odor free, wicked, and professional looking rather than sporty looking. Any advice?

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  1. Sunblossom Sunblossom says

    Unless you work at a fitness center, I think you are going to have to separate into two wardrobes….Kohls has a great athletic section where I live, but pricey as well…some of the name brand athletic wear is getting better looking but I still don’t think appropriate for work…we are allowed to wear jeans to work (office) but I wear dressier jeans, cute tops and shoes, blazers, etc. so it is easy to plan work wardrobe.  I guess the best way to keep it odorfree is to wash it, right?  Is this dual wardrobe because you exercise at lunch or before work and can’t change??  Our office gals all walk etc. at lunch, just change in the ladies room…..

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    • Generic Image Bing says

      yes, that is part of the issue. I want to find clothes I can wear when I walk at work or go and take yoga without changing my clothes… The other is the hot flashes. I find the wicked material is great for sleeping at night and during the day when I have hot flashes…


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  2. Generic Image pennelope says

    My daughter has shown me that a lower waist (allbeit maybe a larger size than we want….) helps to take care of the muffin top… tighter pants help to give a tired bottom half some good shape.  I had a hard time getting used to not wanting pants to my waist – I know – I’m in real trouble, but in the mirror it really makes a difference.  Make yourself try it.  Also, the tops that are sinched in the front or have that buckle or the fabric is tied…do you know the ones I mean?  They usually look like two pieces and are a little longer on the hips, but not tunic length; and usually lower cut.  These are wonderful for us boomer gals with a menopausal waistline…. they always look wonderful.  You can find them pretty easily – they’ve been around for a few years now and it looks like they’re not going away. Kohls, Gordmans…probably many other places, I just don’t get out a lot for shopping!!!  lol

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  3. Goldiealoha Goldiealoha says

    Clothing for menopausal women?  Anything that is unattractive, shapeless, and dowdy.  The stores are full of stuff like that.

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    • Generic Image Bing says

      What is unattractive, dowdy, and shapeless to you? You are right: it is hard to find the right stuff. I prefer timeless and practical clothing…

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  4. b7507503 b7507503 says

    I just went to a store in Seattle called Travel Savvy.  Any higher end travel store would probably work.  OMG!  Columbia makes GREAT lightweight clothes that keep you cool even with long sleeves.  They pack SUPER, almost wrinkle free, you can find dressy, business casual or stuff for vacation.  I think I’m buying ALL my clothes at a store or catalog designed for travelers.

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  5. Barb Hughes Barb Hughes says

    I’d suggest Title 9 Sports.  I love that place.  Lots of clothes that are comfortable, fashionable, and practical for the woman on the go.  I’d also suggest that you share what works for you with other women who are over 40 at  You won’t find any fashion models there, just regular women of all sizes willing to share what works for them.

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