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I’ve used Oil of Olay and Olive Oli and honey forever and love it. I ran out of Oil of Olay and found Nicel at Big Lots for .99 a jar and bought 4 jars.  I’ve seen the best results from this than anything I’ve ever used. I went to  to the website expecting it to cost a small fortune and discovered that it was less the 4 bucks.

5 Anti-Wrinkle Face Creams Most Recommended By Women Over 50

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  1. Generic Image KGrandma says

    My daughter made me stop using all Oil of Olay products because she’s a fanatic about animal testing (and I care, too, about the unnecessary hurtful testing cosmetic companies do on animals). I found some stuff at Costco that I like, but it is not cheap, so thanks for the info!

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    • Generic Image MaryLorraine says

      I usually keep up on animal testing, but am appalled to learn about Olay.  Will not buy them again.  I have used Yves Rocher for years, no animal testing and just keep going back to them after “straying” now and then.  They are not cheap, cheap, but always have “discount” sales.  What’s funny is that some of the least expensive products don’t animal test.  At the Dollar STore there are cleaning products, I mean to clean your home (!) that are made in the USA and not tested on animals.  I like Mario Badesco too, not cheap, but very nice.  But, am going to go to the Nicel site.  Thanks!

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  2. Debi Drecksler Debi Drecksler says

    Sounds interesting…Thanks for passing on the information.

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  3. Generic Image brendas8 says

    At big lots huh…

    Well,just may have to try it!

    I have always used Oil of Olay myself,but i am always looking for something not as pricy…

    I love olive oil myself!!!

    I find so many uses for it,from my face clenser,to bath water to dry skin rub before bed!!


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  4. Storytaker Storytaker says

    Throughout the years I’ve tried using Oil of Olay but it makes my face break out something terrible – as does foundation!  I’m not sure what olive oil would do to it but for .99 I will try the Nicel!  Nothing I try seems to work or not break my skin out – thanks for the info!

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  5. Lynnette Lynnette says

    oh God deja vu with olive oil, my grandmother used to put it on my hair… i smelled like a salad, but my hair looked great :)   Now what is so good about this cream nicel?  I am now using L’oreal for menopausal women and it works very nicely keeping my face moist, but i do not see any miracles.

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    • watermusic watermusic says

      I bought it because I ran out of Oil Of Olay and it was only a buck but after 3 weeks I am seeing a difference in my skin. I’ve been putting it on top of my hands, ’cause hey, it’s buck, and that’s where I see the most difference. I put EVOO on my hair, heels, lips, face, and salad. I love the stuff.

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  6. Generic Image Rose2 says

    One VN member on a former thread recommended Pond’s Claratnt B3 cream.  Got a 7 ox jar for less than $10.00 (can’t remember the exact price).  I love it.

    Have used the L’Oreeal. not impressed, and used  the new over priced Avon anti aging creams.  Less impressed.  

    The Ponds, for me, works better.  No magic formula for my former smoker wrinkles, but skin feels so good and does look better.

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    • Generic Image Jude372 says

      I remember my Mother using Ponds Cleansing cream years ago. Well, after spending a small fortune on skin care products I decided to try Ponds, happy to say I am very pleased with it.  I use it to remove my makeup.  My face feels so clean and soft.  One of our members suggested 40 Carrots skin care system.  I tried it.  It’s fantastic.  It is only $12.99 for the cleanser, night and day cream.  TJ Maxx has it for $5.99 each.  I also purchased the eye cream and serum for $5.99 each.  I suggested this product to my girlfriend and now she love it as well.

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      • Connie Bratten Connie Bratten says

        I used Ponds for years. I love the smell and how it felt on my skin but suddenly I started to get breakouts. Imagine, I’m 67 years old and get zits now! I never had them as a teenager. Anyway, I had to give up my beloved Ponds. Now I’m using Paula’s Choice products and so far having pretty good luck with it.

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      • Generic Image Angel says

        I never had zits as a teenager either but ever since menopause…..zits! Go figure. Maybe we’re being paid back for not getting them when we were younger…lol.

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    • Generic Image Bernadette Manhart says

      I have been using the Pond’s Clarant B3 on my age spots on my hands and arms and after only three weeks of daily use, they are starting to fade!  I love it! I am going to try it on a few darks scars I have on my legs. 

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  7. Carol Orsborn Carol Orsborn says

    Great tip!  Went to the website and there are so many choices.  Which one in  particular have you tried?

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  8. Generic Image leesuzanne says

    Can’t wait to try.

    Do they sell in local stores or do I have to order directly from the company?

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  9. Generic Image jacque54 says

    Which Nicel cream did you purchase???  I have used Olay products and love, love them but I amalways interested in something less costly.

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  10. oldgalpal oldgalpal says

    Which Nicel cream do you use?  They have a more expensive anti-oxidant cream at $7.99 on their website which is still very inexpensive as anti-aging creams go.

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  11. Generic Image Di Anderson says

    The one thing that worries me about face creams and all cosmetics, especially the cheaper ones is that there are so many made in china. At first I wasn’t concerned but after a terrible case of hives I began to wonder what they were putting in those cosmetics over there in China. They’re not under the same guidelines as we are, and that concerns me, that’s all I’m saying. 


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    • AgelessJen AgelessJen says

      I couldn’t find an ingredient list for the Nice products..and I like to know, as I’m sensitive to some of the preservatives used in many skincare products.

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    • Generic Image shimmy says

      I feel exactly the same way about things made in China and I try to go natural with the olive oil and coconut oil, honey and oatmeal.  I found and love Alba very emollient body lotion and use it on my face too!  My face is really sensitive and I cannot tolerate chermicals at all.  It is made in the USA(CA) and does not practice on animals.  It has 100% vegetarian ingredients.  Now if these companies would just stop packaging in dangerous leeching plastics.   

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      • Generic Image Anonymous says

        Nicel Daily Repair cream is a nice product.  It is made in the USA (NY) and it contains olive oil as well

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  12. Generic Image Elizabeth says

    Thanks so much for the info re Nicel products.  I went on their site and ordered several products.  I hope they are at least good for my skin.  I am 66 and have always had nice skin.  I’ve taken care of it forever and found by keeping it clean, exfoliated, moisturized and sun screen is it. 

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  13. Generic Image Elizabeth says

    Thanks so much for the info re Nicel products.  I went on their site and ordered several products.  I hope they are at least good for my skin.  I am 66 and have always had nice skin.  I’ve taken care of it forever and found by keeping it clean, exfoliated, moisturized and sun screen is it. 

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  14. Generic Image Angel says

    I’ve been reading all the posts and seeing what different women use. Seems I’ve tried them all with the exception of the Nicel, which I never heard of. After trying one cream after another, I went back to my old faithful, Noxzema. Used it as a teen and had beautiful skin, even the health teacher commented on it.

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  15. Generic Image SIZZELN says

    WM, Just a little update. Call Nicel Co. and found they sell this in Big Lots and other stores on the west coast and in southern states. Or you can go to their web site, and get it for $3.59 a jar, 2oz. Spend $50 and free s&h. They have other products also…TRACK 

    P.S. There is a replacement for Oil of Olay n L’oreal skin tightening products and toning

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    • Generic Image Elizabeth says

      I’ve been using the Nicel day, night and eye cream for a couple weeks and like it.  I also use the 7 serum from Target and their kit with brush, product to exfoliate and pad to stop the action.  So use the 7 serum then the Nicel products and the kit twice a week from Target.  I like to have a regime to follow.

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      • Generic Image SIZZELN says

        Sandra, Good for you! My skin is the best it can be for my age, but if I live long enough “TIME” gets us all!…TRACK

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    • Generic Image Rose2 says

      also is sold on amazon

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  16. Generic Image Lala says

    Hi, thanks for the recommendation. I looked at the website but couldn’t tell which one was being recommended. Was it the Daily Repair maybe? Also, has anyone used it during the warmer months and how did you do?

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  17. Generic Image SeaShelley says

    There are so many Nicel products…all in around the same price range. Which one is it that you use?

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  18. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Use coconut oil. Extra virgin is best. But I buy the organic at Meijer for $4.99. It’s fairly solid, but a little goes a long way. You just put a teeny bit on your fingertips (I use a spoon to take a bit out of the jar). Let it melt on your fingers and put it anywhere you want softer skin. Google coconut oil and read about all of the benefits. It really is some amazing stuff. I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself.

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  19. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Has anyone posted the ingredients to these Nicel products?  I have looked all over the internet and nothing comes up with the list of ingredients.  Are there harmful chemicals in them, ie Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, etc?  Any company that doesn’t disclose their products ingredients isn’t coming in contact with my skin.

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