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Soon after her 18th birthday Jena called me announcing she wanted to get a tattoo. “Oh,” I responded, wondering where I had gone wrong, “Really?”

“Yeah” she said, “and I want you to get one with me.”

To understand the absurdity of this request you must understand just how much I HATE NEEDLES! I delivered both of my kids naturally, not as a political statement or as an “all natural earth mother,” but because the idea of a needle in my spine was worse to me than any labor pain I might endure.

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“Mom, are you still there?”

“I’m here.” I eked out.

Jena went on to describe the tattoos she wanted branded into our flesh. When she was young I would tell her, “I love you to the moon and back.” A sweet nothing for just us. We continue to write, text and say it to each other still.

So what does this have to do with our tattoos? Everything.

Jena endearingly presented her idea, “Mom, I want us to get I love you to the moon and back. I will write it on you and you can write it on me. Then we have it forever in each others handwriting.”

She had me by the heart strings. How could I say no? What a very sweet request. So sweet it melted my fear. I agreed.

After we hung up I began my research on safe tattooing practices and the most painless part of the body to get inked. I discovered meaty body parts hurt the least. Inside of arms, ankles, tops of feet, or anywhere directly on bone is agony. So I asked myself, “Where am I the meatiest?” (Since beginning menopause I have many more meaty areas to choose from. This was the only time I have been thankful for that.) I also needed to combine meaty with private-this tattoo was not to be for others enjoyment or amusement. After much research and consideration I decided on my upper butt/hip. Right side.

The day of the appointment we arrived at the carefully chosen parlor. I was so obviously out of place in my summer skirt and top, panic in my eyes. I felt like Pollyanna in a biker bar. As we waited, sitting with heavily tatted repeat customers, the advise began, “Don’t get it too small, it will look shriveled in a few years. Don’t put it where you might stretch because it will distort. Don’t get red or pink ink because it fades (sounds good to me) and it can cause allergic reactions.”

I am headed for the door. “Really? Are they serious? How big is not too small- cuz I was thinking tiny. Where on my body might I not spread or sag in the next 10 years? And, okay, I won’t get red ink-as if that was on my color palette.” Jena calls me back and I sit down.

Our names are finally called. We head down a spiral staircase into what looks, feels and smells like someones damp basement. We are introduced to our artist, an early 20 something year old man/child. He shows us to his part of the basement. I go first.

He “invites” me to the “tattoo chair.” Because of where I want my “art” he directs me to get into the chair face first, resting my torso on the back of the chair, that he lowers, allowing my ass to rise into the air for easy access. Seriously. You get the picture. I threw Jena one of those you are in big trouble mom looks.

There I was, for what felt like forever, my ass in the air with a cute young man’s face dangerously close to my butt. What does one talk about in moments like these? I know how to make small talk with my manicurist, my hair stylist, even my gynecologist, but I was out of my comfort zone. Literally and figuratively. It hurt…a lot. I kept asking him what letter was he on.

So, in the end (no pun intended) Jena and I have our mother-daughter hand written body art axiom. It will be with us forever and ever. When I catch sight of mine in the bathroom mirror I always smile, feeling warm and loved. Unless I notice the O in love is a little wide. Then I skip breakfast.

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23 Responses

  1. Haralee Haralee says

    You are braver than BRAVE!

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    • being Boswell being Boswell says

      Thanks Haralee, that’s a great way to think about it : )

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      • Generic Image Lisa Davis says

        It never occurred to me that other moms and daughters would be experiencing this! When I turned 50 and my daughter turned 18, we got the same tattoo!  I on my ankle, as a necklace with a guardian angel ( w/two children under her wings, a replica of a necklace my sister gave me), and my daughter got the same on her left rib cage (MUCH LARGER)…the story behind it was that my daughter had drowned when she was 3 1/2, and was revived, an experience we will never forget…I wore the necklace from then until I turned 50…needless to say, the only tattoo I ever intend on getting…thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Generic Image Ann Z says

    That is so sweet. And I sincerely hope my daughter doesn’t read this.

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  3. Generic Image Larnette says

    Patricia, I have wanted a tattoo since my teens and finally got one just before I turned 50. My twenty year old son and I went and got our first ones together – but they don’t match. :)

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    • being Boswell being Boswell says

      HI Larnette, That is so cool, both that you followed your desire and that you and your son went together. It is a special memory, isn’t it? Kind of like birthing them…hurts like hell, but still glad you did it!!!

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  4. Generic Image Chrispy says

    Thanks Patricia for the morning laugh!!!

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  5. being Boswell being Boswell says

    You are so welcome Chrispy, I’m glad to have someone to laugh about it with!!

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  6. fischerpat fischerpat says

    My oldest daughter and I went to England 15 years ago with her school.  We were in Portsmouth, which had a few tattoo parlors.  I had been thinking about a tattoo on my ankle for sometime and thought I would surprise my daughter, so I set off up the street.  She was walking the other way with some friends, so I ‘fessed up and told her where I was going.  She decided right on the spot to come along and get one too.  We didn’t get matching ones, but it was a first tatt for both of us.  It was a nice bonding experience, for sure. 
    We both have gone on to get several others since then.

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    • being Boswell being Boswell says

      What a great story and memory. I think we should take pictures of our tatts and share : ) or not… Thanks so much for telling it!

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  7. rosyimage rosyimage says

    I am still laughing so hard, it hurts! Gonna send this to my own 18 year old daughter!!!  Keep writing!!!! :D

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  8. Michele Garber Michele Garber says

    My daughter has lots of tattoos. She started at 16, wanting a tattoo. I decided to pick my battles and gave my consent. Since then she has had many more. Though interestingly, last year she got married and was concerned about her back tattoo which is quite large. I think she secretly regrets some of them, as she is now 30.

    I also decided to take the plunge and got a tattoo with her several years ago. Although I am used to needles in my face, LOL. I was scared about needles on my ankle. Her design was more extensive as I opted for a smaller version. I predicted it would take my husband 6 months to notice and it did. Funny, he was furious and thought  that it was ridiculous. I just laughed and told him to get over it!!.  I have no regrets.

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    • being Boswell being Boswell says

      I wonder some times if my daughter will be sorry too…will there come a time she wishes her moms handwriting weren’t sprawled down the side of her back… maybe tattoo removal will become easier as time passes.

      In terms of husbands…My X didn’t want to be married to someone that had a tattoo. So I waited until after the divorce… : )

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      • Haralee Haralee says

        I read an article in Money magazine about one of the fast growing businesses, tattoo removal. They interviewed a woman of a removal salon in AZ who used very clever and funny marketing successfully for her business. She went to bridal shows and advertised, “Want that old boyfriend off your back?”, and also gave out erasers.
        What is nice is that you can now add or remove so regrets are less.

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      • fischerpat fischerpat says

        The best thing to do is think long and hard about what you want on your body forever.  I considered for months all my various tattoos and I don’t regret a single one.  They are also all (7 of them now) in places I can hide if I need to.

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  9. rosyimage rosyimage says

    Okay, let me ask everyone! Now that I’m divorced shouldn’t I “mark” my second chapter with maybe a “phoenix rising?”  jk…

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    • fischerpat fischerpat says

      rl214, why not?  After my divorce., I got what I call my ‘freedom fairy’, a lovely thing dancing on my thigh, completely carefree!

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    • being Boswell being Boswell says

      Your question reminds me of recently shopping with a good friend who really loved the outfit she tried on but hesitated because of the price, so when she asked me what I thought, I told her-as any good friend does- GET IT!!! 

      Be sure to send us some pictures : )

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  10. Generic Image Anonymous says

    what a great idea..My two daughters and myself got our astrological signs inked on our wrist..I rub mine whenever I miss them,which is often…

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  11. being Boswell being Boswell says

    Just want to throw out there VN has a place for pictures of our mother daughter tatts… Send yours in and join the fun. I would love to see them!!!!

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