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Has anyone had trouble with oily skin while they went through the Pause?  I am 50 and don’t have many symptoms of menopause, but all of a sudden my skin is oily like when I was a teen.  I don’t get any pimples, but make up just melts away after about an hour.  I have tried primers and oil absorbing primers (Avon makes a good one) but they only help for a while.  If I use a powder foundation, I get makeup that settles into fine lines.

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  1. Haralee Haralee says

    Hormones like in puberty are raging in menopause except they are just wild then leaving instead of building.

    A bright side is that if your sign is oily it is not dry and not aging quickly. Look at the moisturizer you are using and your make-up for something new but not too drying. You can also seek a dermatologist and at the same time get a whole body scan for skin cancer. Something to think about after 50.

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  2. jbwritergirl jbwritergirl says

    Honey…If that oil reaches your vagina, get down on your knees and praise God!

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  3. Generic Image SIZZELN says

    Char1960, Went though with oily skin, love it!! That natural oil helps keep the skin moisturized and healthy, and takes a little time off your face, for me anyway…TRACK

    P.S. I have a lady who mixes my mineral makeup for me, like it very much

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    • Generic Image Char1960 says

      It appears clear that I need to try this mineral make-up.  I don’t evven know where to start…Walgreeens or high end make-up counter?  Advise, please!

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  4. Generic Image Jen Jen Bo Ben says

    Try Johnson’s Baby Powder – I like the cornstarch.  I have very oily skin, with the same issues you mentioned, and had tried all types of oil absorbers.  Mary Kay makes a good oil absorbing foundation, which I like, but I still get that greasy look and my eye shadow/liner slips away into nothingness.  BUT – if I use the pure cornstarch, in a light dusting once I’ve applied all make up, I get no shine, even when I’m in warmer settings!  It really does help, and a heck of alot less expensive than other remedies (plus, it’s safe to put on your vagina, if needed).

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  5. helenw helenw says

    I had oily skin until I started menopause…except when I am in a hot climate I am covered in a sweat film.  My suggestion would be to ensure that you are eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, drinking good clean water, and using a good quality skincare system.  Our skin does normally dry out as we age, and then we look wrinkly.  You may have the benefit of looking younger longer!!

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  6. Lynnette Lynnette says

    enjoy the oil, dryness is a lot worse.

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    • helenw helenw says

      If anyone is experiencing dryness, you may need a top-up of nutrients.  I have written a blog post with some recommendations for younger looking skin

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      • Generic Image jackielee says

        I have always had very oily skin even with menopause. I have found two products that really keep the oil down and they are both primers. The first is Nanoblur which has been talked about on this site before. My makeup still looks the same hours after I put it on when I use this. The second is by a company called DHC and is called Velvet Skin Coat and my skin feels so smooth and clean when I apply it. Same thing-it helps to keep the shine and oil down all day.

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  7. Generic Image sunny529 says

    I have the same problem, got to my 50′s and my teenage skin came back, even oilier than I remember. I have gone through several expensive foundations and powders, and after testing so many and wasting hard earned money I finally found 2 products that work well for me.

    Covergirl Clean, oil control makeup. The consistency is great when you put it on, it goes on smooth and creamy, then dries to a soft finish with great coverage. It lasts all day and the color choices are great, you can find your perfect match easily.

    The other product if you just want to do a little touch up is Palladio rice powder, available at Sally Beauty, and very cheap. What a great inexpensive product. Doesn’t ever look cakey and leaves a smooth powdery finish that gives you the look you’ve been searching for. I wish they had the rice powder in a tiny compact i could carry in my purse but I’ve only seen it in the little 2 in. square container. It costs a little and lasts a long time.

    I love these products and hope they work as well for you!

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  8. Generic Image Anonymous says

    good info.  thanks

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  9. Marie-Claire Marie-Claire says

    I can’t find any face products in UK stores suitable for coping with hot flushes. My face looks oily as soon as my first hot flush after applying it; which can be two minutes later! HELP!

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