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I’m over 65 and am very active.  I still work, I travel, I bike, exercise, tutor, and volunteer.  I feel more like 40 and my lifestyle reflects this.  But as I read all the makeup ads and try different department store and drugstore products, I’m not satisfied.  Has anyone found makeup for our age group that makes us look natural and yet enhances the attributes we have at this age.  How do we get cosmetic companies to address our needs?

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  1. Sunblossom Sunblossom says

    I think the cosmetics companies have come out with some pretty good products….I have tried so many different ones, but truly I found about a year or so ago Maybelline has a foundation line out that I really like, it is a whipped mousse type of foundation in a jar (Dream Matte Mousse) and then I dust over that with some of the Maybelline minteral powder and the powder blush in the same make up line….I have dry skin type, and I have never had an oil problem…so I suppose that would matter some as to what kind you buy.  Maybelline is inexpensive, and really, really, it lasts all day and into the evening.   If I was going out for dinner I would probably reapply, but it does not enhance any wrinkles or dryness….I love it better than Mary Kay or Clinuqe or any of the other ones I have tried.   I do love Mary Kay mascara and eyeliner, none better in my book….and I have tried a lot.

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