Make your own anti-wrinkle face cream with natural ingredients

Some research indicates that potentially cancer-causing agents may be present in some anti-wrinkle face creams and lotions. It’s possible to avoid all the worry, and make your own anti-wrinkle creams with natural ingredients.

Are anti-wrinkle face creams dangerous?

Anti-wrinkle face creams are a popular product. The best anti-wrinkle cream on the market, as far as sales figures are concerned, is relatively inexpensive and widely available. All companies have a certain responsibility to the public, but don’t forget that cigarette companies knowingly sell a product that’s proven to kill. Cosmetics don’t have the same dark reputation as cigarettes, but some data shows that some creams may pose life-altering danger to the user.

How could something that’s supposed to go on your face pose a physical danger to you? It’s scary to believe that a beauty-enhancing product may cause terrible problems. It doesn’t mean you should avoid buying cosmetics at the store, but it may be reason enough to cut back on all those fancy creams and turn to the kitchen cabinet instead. There are many natural, easy-to-get items that are said to keep away and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural anti-wrinkle face creams

Lots of women know a natural ingredient or two that may be used as a face cream. “I keep a jar of organic coconut oil in my shower and I use it on wet skin, then pat dry, as moisturizer,” said VN member Jackie. Some regard natural anti-wrinkle face creams as old wives’ tales, others swear by them. There’s no reason vibrant women can’t try natural ingredients as well as all the store bought creams that are available.

Lots of fruits, vegetables and other natural products have been cited as anti-wrinkle ingredients. Tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados have both been named as wrinkle-reducers, as have pineapple cores and bananas. Fruits and vegetables may be grown in the backyard as your own personal fountain of youth. Honey, egg whites and castor oil are also used to tighten skin and make wrinkles less visible. Simply rub these natural items on your face, or blend them together in a powerful anti-wrinkle topical mixture.

Some natural anti-wrinkle face cream recipes name everything from essential oil to cocoa butter as ingredients in natural recipes. Beeswax is also said to promote more youthful-looking skin when it’s rubbed regularly on the face.

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  1. Generic Image facesoverfiftydotcom says

    Unfortunately, these new anti-aging products target a relatively young market. But there is a difference between a wrinkle and a fine line. The look of fine lines can be minimized but a wrinkle requires cosmetic surgery procedures. The single most important product for VN members is sunscreen. All sunscreens contain potent chemicals. Mineral-based suncreens using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are preferable because there is less chance of a reaction but the products are heavier and require careful cleansing at the end of the day. Nonetheless, there is NOTHING that surpasses the use of sunscreen for anti-aging.

    The only problem with DIY products is the lack of preservatives. Yes, you absolutely positively need preservatives in cosmetics. If you make your own, toss them away after a day or two in the fridge.

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