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I got a chance to meet Kathryn Ireland from Millionaire Decorators the other night.  She is between 45 – 49 yrs old.  She was refreshingly without makeup at a party in her honor.  I must admit she looked soooo good! Maybe we are a little too heavy with our makeup as we age.  What do you think?

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  1. ThurmanLady ThurmanLady says

    I haven’t got her beauty, but I haven’t worn make-up more than a time or two in many, many years.  I don’t think no make-up necessarily makes me look good, but then neither does makeup.  I’m me, just as I am. ♥

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  2. watermusic watermusic says

    A younger woman told me that I looked sexy and I was wearing no make up, shorts, a tee shirt and river sandals. So, what do I know?  I wear make up but it’s natural looking which seems to take more effort than looking overly made up.

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  3. DianneSue DianneSue says

    There are two Irelands–Kathy and Kathryn.  Kathryn is a decorator at the present time in West Hollywood.  When I met her in person, I was quite shocked how different she looked on tv and in person.  She quite a character with a great sense of humor!  She’s the kind of a woman you would love to have for a neighbor and friend.  She has a huge home in France she spends the summers in (Summers in France, her latest book) and invites her friends which she has many!  The show is called Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo. 

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  4. Happy Daze Happy Daze says

    I work to have a natural look.  Moisturizing and sunscreen are so important and my Mary Kay luminous-wear foundation covers my inherited age spots. If I don’t add some blended eye shadow my eyes disappear & lip color is just plain fun!  It may take me 5 extra minutes but I go out for the day feeling more confident and glad I’ve invested in looking like me :)

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    • watermusic watermusic says

      My basics are eyebrow pencil, mascara, bronzer and lip gloss and I do it for the same  reason. It gives me a boost of confidence.  I don’t need it to feel confident but spending that time and taking some thought with how I dress is a way of showing self love and respect.

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  5. Generic Image suzah100 says

    What does everyone think about mineral powder for us over 50 ladies?

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