I want to stop dying my hair, what is the best way to let it go silver? Hot Conversation

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  1. Generic Image sboehlert@hotmail.com says

    I did it a couple of years ago due to thinning hair.  Let it go then follow with the shortest possible hair cut.  It took three months now I’m silver.  I can’t say I like it but now have much thicker healthier hair and get tons of compliments and am no longer balding(which was worse then silver)

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  2. Generic Image Shari says

    My hairdresser just kept gradually lightning my hair until it was closer to my real color.  I kept it short until it was grown out.

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  3. Generic Image Peacelilly says

    I have grown my hair out twice to its natural silver color.  I lightened the dyed hair as much as I could and then just kept it really short until all my natural color had grown out. 

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  4. Generic Image gloworm says

    I asked this question of everyone I knew, and getting a stylist to help you stop dying is like getting a house painter to advise maintenance-free vinyl siding.  My friend’s sister said to use non-permanent dye, but my experience with that is that it turns reddish on me as it grows out. Another thing I tried was a dark foil ( I asked the stylist for a silver hi-light, she disagreed, and convinced me to get the low-lights instead). So I took matters into my own hands. First, for about two years, I only dyed the roots, letting the underneath go natural. Finally, I just did it. Just stopped. Once in a while I would use the washout dye liquid to cover roots if I had the time(too tedious for every day use) and since I have been growing it out, have cut it twice. I frosted it when the roots were about an inch long, to break up the contrast between my dark brown natural color and my white/silver crown.  I estimate in about two more months it will be long enough to cut short enough layers to get rid of all the old dyed part. For now, I pull it back or use a headband to break up the contrasting colors. I have had two hairdressers whisper compliments to me (they can’t condone it openly, given their professions) and congratulate me for having the courage to show my age.  Good luck to you. If you can get past the awkward two-toned phase, you’ll love it!

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    • Generic Image dcgenard says

      Hey gloworm, thanks for the levity, but looks like a long row to hoe!  I was hoping for a quick fix!

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    • Jasmine48 Jasmine48 says

      You are so right about the stylist being like a house painter. I am letting my ‘natural highlights’ grow out. Stylist was adamant that I needed ANOTHER color in my hair beside the medium brown to silvery. She even offered me a ‘Special price’ if I would just let her do it. She also said she needed some extra money before Christmas. I told her I would have to think about it. Three distinct colors only look good on a pussy cat. ; ) 

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  5. Generic Image nellie says

    I did this about 5 years ago because I was having to color my hair too often.  I had dark brown hair and the grey was overtaking my head!  My hair dresser suggested growing out the color as much as I could stand, then having highlights put in and getting as short of a cut as I could tolerate.  It took about a year to completely rid myself of the colored hair.  I have never looked back!  I get lots and lots of compliments – at least twice a week, from both men and women!  Go for it!

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    • Generic Image dcgenard says

      Hey nellie, my hair is also dark and already short, maybe I could just shave my head and wear a hat for a year!  Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  6. Essa Essa says

    I’m dealing with this now too.  Dark brown and vivid silver growing in, reddish growing out!  Augh. I am looking for something natural that will not strip melatonin out of my hair.  Am considering highlights of whispy whiteish blonde into the dark hair to take advantage of the grey instead of try to hide it.  I like my dark hair but not the aging of the grey.  Does not help that hubby looks 35 and is 56.  I am 52 or someting like that, I always forget hahaha.  I look like a cougar next to him, lol, which is a good thing I think.  But still want to look nice.  I will post more as I find my product and solution.  essa

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  7. Generic Image deanna2 says

    My hair is thinning a lot too and I thought maybe I should just let it go…it would be grey if I let it be but I chickened out and dyed it myself this last week. I have it short and the color doesnt stay so of course I would have to dye it every 3 weeks just to keep it up.

    maybe this will be the incentive to just let it be..hopefully it will thicken a bit in time..otherwise I will have to buy a wig or wear a hat all the time.

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  8. Generic Image eloranan says

    I also struggled with this problem as honestly I did not want to go grey but it kept creeping up on me more and more and was well trying to get out and I was not allowing my light to shine thro as I refer to it now with a smile on my face.  So I got nice younger looking hair cut keeping it short and funky as my grandson says hahahahah and now altho I do look like a salt and pepper shaker its kind of cool and I am enjoying the new look. There are times when I think should I colour it again but resist the temptation and will leave it au natural as they say which I must admit is probably better for my hair.

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  9. Essa Essa says

    i recently used clariol soy based color demi perm.  chose the med blonde to blend w silver like they are highlights hehe they are actually.  we shall see how this fares for thinning further, but thought my hair  could handle it a few times a year.

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