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You may want to look older if you’re a teen trying to pass for the ripe old age of 21 but, for most of us in the boomer generation, we don’t want to! A lot of us do look older than we need to, though, and it’s something we can change right now.  Can you guess what it is? How often have you seen a little old man or woman and thought they just looked old? What was it that made you think so?

I don’t know about you but, for me, many times it’s their posture. Yep, posture. I remember being a young girl and vowing to myself that I would never look like that when I got older! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – that stooped, humped-over look that’s prevalent in so many older adults. Granted, many times it can be caused by arthritis or osteoporosis but, in many cases, it’s simply because slouching is easier and people just don’t think about it.

In addition to making us look older, slouching just plain looks bad and can even cause some rather serious health complications. Your head and shoulders coming forward can lead to headache, jaw, neck and back pain. And if your spine is really out of whack, it can affect your rib cage, which can damage your heart and lungs and lead to gastrointestinal issues.

One of the things you can do to combat this is doing exercises to tighten and strengthen your core – that is, the center of your body, including the deep abominable muscles and the muscles closest to the spine.  This can help improve your posture, making it easier for you to sit (and stand) straight.

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  1. Generic Image facesoverfiftydotcom says

    Amen. Have you noticed that the young girls are emulating the magazine models who have returned to doing the catwalk slouch?

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  2. Guilded Lilly Guilded Lilly says

    All true. Improved posture (and that invisible thread we all imagine protruding from the top of our head like a marionette and attached to the sky!) can cure more than just an achy body.

    Everyone is going to get those aches and pains. Everyone. Some will be unavoidable but pushing your shoulders back does make a difference in attitude, too.

    I also think there is a very simple anti-aging technique that is never a strain on any of your muscles.

    A smile. One that reaches your eyes.
    If the body tends to fail, try adding a smile, too. Instant youthfullness.

    Thanks for the core tips, Crystal!

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    • Crystal King Crystal King says

      You’re welcome, Lilly, but I just realized the spelling errors I made didn’t get corrected! That looks sooo bad. In the last paragraph it’s “abdominals” and “including” – I know they’re wrong and thought they got fixed. Now I’m embarassed. :(

      At any rate, I do love your tip about a smile, too.  And you are so right.  I’ve passed people in their vehicles who look like total sour pusses with their faces all crinkled up and mouth down-turned.  A smile can change everything! 

      Oh, there were supposed to be pics in my article, too, but this was my first one.  Maybe I did something wrong?

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      • Generic Image Marilynne says

        I’m old enough that my facial muscles sag.  I often look grouchy even though I’m relaxed and happy.  I’ve learned to smile a lot.  

        What about some recommended exercises to get over the slouch?

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  3. Maryl Maryl says

    Straightening your posture is a good way to look healthier and younger. Hadn’t really thought about that before except for avoiding osteoporosis. I was never a sloucher but have noticed recently that I feel taller when standing and walking and can only credit it to regular exercise and yoga despite the fact that I sit at a computer most of the day.  Thanks for the insight.

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  4. Sharon Greenthal Sharon Greenthal says

    I continually have told my now 22 year old daughter to stand up straight and “stick your boobs out.” Not to draw attention to herself but to give her a way to gauge her slouching – of course it’s a little more difficult for me to do this at 50, but I keep trying :)

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  5. Generic Image Phalie says

    Find your local archery range and take up the sport. Your posture will improve as pulling the bow requires good posture. There is also added peace from the Zen of the sport.

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  6. zsa zsa zsa zsa says

    Both of my parents died at a young age and my mother was a victim of rheumetoid arthritis resulting in osteoporosis. During a recent chat with one of my brothers, I quipped had Dad still been alive, he would’ve been lying in a chaise lounge in my backyard demanding a beer and that I stand up straight.  I thank him everyday for that, because I always do. It never was a conscience effort until the inevitable results of severe back injury has taken its’ toll. And the smile addition?  THAT’S A GREAT ONE!  A while back during a drive, one of the kids in the backseat commented on the dour look on my face mirrored in the rearview.  I wasn’t sad or angry, just hadn’t been aware until that moment, my mouth had succumbed to a natural gravity grasp and turned down into a frown. I never let it happen again.  Unless, of course, I was totally pissed!   zsa zsa

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    • Generic Image Contessa says

      My Mother used to always tell us,  “straighten up your back.”  She even made us learn to walk with a book on our head.

      also, ballet is THE ULTIMATE for learning to have good posture.  It will just become natural!!

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  7. Generic Image anonymous says

    I could not agree with you more on it, Crystal.

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  8. lookinout lookinout says

    I’m beginning to develop the dragged-down look at the mouth.  Must work on it.

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