How to look fabulous at my 40 year class reunion Most Liked

Can anyone provide some ideas for an outfit to wear to a casual, outdoor 40 year class reunion?

Thank you.

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  1. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Hi!  I, too am attending my 40 year reunion.  I live in Washington State now and I went to high school in the Napa Valley in California  My reunion will be held the end of September, so I know it will be very warm.  First of all where is your reunion being held? a) what part of the country and b) what is the setting, exactly?  You indicate it is a casual setting, but what kind of setting?  Around a pool at a hotel?  At someone’s home?  A casual restaurant, etc.  What time of day will it be held and what time will it end.

    We’ll need a little more infor to help you out. What body type are you?  Short, tall, average?  Size 2 or size 20 – it only matters in relation to that in which you’d be most comfortable.  Me, I’ll be looking for something to cover up these thighs!   I’m kind of an amatuer “stylist” to my friends.  Mostly because I shop a lot of consignment stores and flea markets, etc so I get great bargains on beautiful clothes. I read the fashion mags and keep up on the latest styles.  Plus, since I was a kid I always watched who designed the clothes in the movies, and have learned ways to emphasize a woman’s best features and downplay the others.  Stuff like that.

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    • Generic Image pg58 says

      Oh my! I NEED you. Since divorce and losing a few pounds,
      I love to shop for clothes . Give us all a little general tips. PLEASE!

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    • Womanspeak Womanspeak says

      Casual event? A nice-fitting trouser with a spectacular sweater or blouse and perhaps a flamboyant shawl for the cooler evening hours.  More traditional — you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

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  2. Generic Image justannesopinion says

    I went to my 40th a couple of years ago. Most (including me) opted for something that you might pick for a not too dressy cocktail party. I know that’s not super specific! All I can say is that very few came in either business type attire or looking extremely casual.  I think this is one of the occasions where it’s better to be a little overdressed than under.

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  3. SapphireSky SapphireSky says

    I think black is a little overdone. A navy blue sleek but not tight princess seamed sheath dress sleeveless with deep v-neck to show a little cleavage. Hitting just below the knee with a modest back slit. If you’re not comfortable with your arms- try a sheer shrug elbow length in a flattering summer color or a cool shawl. Let your simple makeup and well groomed classic hairstyle as well as your accessories be your focal point. Because you are going simple with the dress you can add a bold favorite necklace or bold beautiful earrings but not both. Strappy sandles with 2 or 3 inch heals MUST be comfy. Try a little pop of color there too! I’m certainly not an expert but my grandmother was! She always told me,” no matter what you wear, confidence and a big smile are your most important accessories!”. So go have fun!

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  4. Generic Image JudyH says

    I am going to my husbands 50th class reunion in a couple of weeks in a small town in Michigan.  It has been said to be very casual.  Two events – Saturday afternoon at the bar at the Country Club and Sunday afternoon 2-5.

    Having lived in SC for over 30 years I dress is a very upscale dressy casual attire and fit well in any event in SC.  Michigan, small town, will be a little different, so I am deciding to dress down but trendy, classy.

    At 64, I have been involved with owning a clothing store and am always aware of what is being shown as colors of the seasons and fun and happening clothes that can work for anyone.  My go to place is Chico’s.  For Saturday afternoon, I will be wearing a mango colored capri pant, mango tank and then putting a nave/white no-iron shirt over the tank.  Accents of color will be navy blue jewelry and fun sandals in multi-color.

    On Sunday afternoon I am wearing a striped maxi skirt and a white blouson top with emphasis on accessories.  

    Just love to see color on women our age because we loose face color as we get older.  Make-up, fun hairstyle, and a smile will work for me.  Always get comments on my “outfit”.  Make sure everything looks as if it goes together not pulling out an old pair of shoes out of the closet because the are the color you want.  Our shoes, our dress, our hair and our accessories can age us tremendously.

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  5. Generic Image JenLa says

    For my thirtieth reunion which was semi casual, I wore a red dress, and got some nice responses. A little red dress is the ’new black’ I think. You can get a nice pair of super comfortable and ergonomically correct but modern looking heels or wedges at Tsubo shoes. Or get Chris Hopkins to do your hair, makeup and make clothing suggestions. Also baby your skin- I love California Cosmetics Duomasque(an amazing mask that can take years off)and their Silkskin emollient. This is the only line that works for me, the CEO is a Hollywood makeup artist who needed something that would make the actresses on TV and movie sets look flawless. Voila, Silkskin was born. Your eyes are important, as is a beautiful brow shape. Stay away from harsh, dark flat colors for lips and eyes. If you’re worried about your arms showing, there’s also the option of a lovely,lace or sheer sleeved top or wrap over a regular tank(see Lynette pg 243 in Staging Your Comeback). What you put in your body is also important. The right food will give you a glow.  Great question, hope you have fun.           

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