High Waisted Jeans

I have a larger waist and narrow hips. I’m trying to find jeans that have a high waist. I can’t wear jeans made for curvy women because they are too big in my hips. Any suggestions?

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  1. Vicky1956 Vicky1956 says

    Try Lysee jeggings. They have them in black and in denim. They have tummy control, are high in the waist, long enough for me… I’m 5’10″, but they are also great for my friend who is 5’1. And they feel amazing!

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  2. Generic Image Lilred says

    DKNY jeans. I bought my at Macy’s department store.  Get their coupon or hit a sale and you can pay around $34 to $40 for them. The waist are made bigger and they have a little bit of stretch to them.  I am unable to do the curvy for women due to the same problem you mention. They come in straight leg/jegging and boot cut/Soho boots and there are 3 more styles.  I have to wear a belt because the waist are bigger in this brand. Good luck.

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    • fischerpat fischerpat says

      I really like the Flirt jeans at Old Navy.  Made just for women like us.  Stretchy, comes in different colors of denim and different leg styles.  They are frequently on sale for 19.99.  Also, Torrid has a style of jeans that fit well…..I can’t remember the name of them, but the sales people always know if you describe what you are looking for. They run about $50.

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  3. Generic Image claudd says

    Thank you ladies. I tried thy Lysee leggings and really like them  I’ll also try the DKNY and Old Navy.  I really appreciate your help

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