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This is crappy.  But my eyebrows are disappearing.  I have been “adding to” with the eyebrow pencil for a long time, but now the ones left are long and wiry.  Some are white.  What do others do with this problem?

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  1. Nita Nita says

    I wear long bangs which also hides forehead wrinkles!  My eyesight has gotten so bad that I need my eyeglasses, an “up close” mirror, and sunlight just to be able to see my eyebrows to shape them.  It became such a hassle that I grew bangs which I love.

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  2. Generic Image LucyBHoffman says

    I also have bangs, Nita.  Don’t like them too long.  I always had full eyebrows, and I hate losing them.  So be it.  I am “filling in”.  Has anyone ever had the tatooed version?

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  3. Generic Image LucyBHoffman says

    I did read the other information about tatooing.  Has anyone done that?  Satisfied or no?

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  4. Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

    I have the same brow problem as you, Lucy, but I have bangs and glasses, which helps a little. I fill mine in and pluck the wirey ones. I also have a problem seeing when I apply my eye make-up. The 3x make-up mirror isn’t helping anymore. And recommendations anyone??

    Re tatooing: my co-worker had it done and now she looks eternally surprised.  :) I wouldnt do it just because once it’s done, you can’t undo.

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    • Generic Image Elizabeth says

      Might try those skinny little reader specs?  I can do my eye make-up with my glasses perched on the end of my nose, using a magnifier mirror…tilting my head “just so”.  My mother had a pair of “make-up” glasses with tiny hinges on each lens.  One lens could be flipped out of the way to apply make-up to that eye while still seeing well through the other lens.  I think she found them in the “notions” department when big department stores carried a much larger variety of goods.
      One comment re magnifying mirrors.  Instinct tells me to move closer when having trouble seeing, but then realize I need to move further away.

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  5. Generic Image Elizabeth says

    This is my take on “disappearing” eyebrows…It starts at the outer part of the brow and works its way toward the center where it pretty much stops.  Looking like 1/3 to 1/2 of the brow has been erased. This makes the eyes a less prominent facial feature…causing a tired or more vague expression.  In my opinion, this has more impact on appearance than crow’s feet and other wrinkles that come with maturity.
    What I observed about my own, after close examination in a magnifying mirror, was that my outer eyebrows were still THERE, they had just lightened to the same color as my surrounding facial hair.
    So I carefully applied mascara to the (longer, thicker) hair that had “disappeared” and voila! my full eyebrows returned.  It took some practice in the beginning to coat only the genuine/original eyebrow hairs and not include hairs that were never part of the brow.  A Neanderthal look isn’t particularly attractive, but it may take several practice runs to avoid.  Select a color closest to the natural/original brow…go a little lighter if necessary.  Many of us didn’t have coal black eyebrows; acquiring them in maturity can be a harsh and shocking change.
    A few important tips: Use waterproof mascara – which doesn’t smear as the day wears on – without extender/thickening fibers…the smoothest you can find.  Use a straight, tapering brush wand (not curved, blunt or plastic applicators).  I have ended up using my favorite brush applicator wand from an empty container, dipping it into a newer mascara container then screwing into its original case afterward.  This avoids dealing with a surplus of liquid that’s found in brand new mascaras (which are, of course, intended to amply coat lashes).  When applying to eyebrows, use light upward strokes in an opposite direction…being careful not to get mascara on the skin. Apply to the entire eyebrow or blend in.  Finally, smooth the full eyebrow back in place.  If mascara does get on skin, let it dry before removing it with a fingernail or twisted point of tissue.
    With a magnifying mirror, waterproof mascara, a good brush applicator and a little practice, one can reclaim “lost” eyebrows.
    One last note…those wild thick hairs that refuse taming?  I simply plucked them out.  They seem not to grow back and it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered one.
    I agree with Vonnie re tattooing!

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    • Generic Image cathy says

      My eyebrows are also thin or gone from almost the center of the brow outward.  I’m hypothyroid and take medicine and have heard this might be the reason for it or it could just be old age.  I’m 68.  My eyebrows have gray hairs and unruly ones that stick out.  After reading this article I tried cutting off the ends of the ones sticking out and that worked quite well.  As far as the gray ones go, I have been using my hair dye to dye my eyebrows.  Obviously, I’m very careful not to get the dye in my eyes.  After a few weeks the dye was washing off and I was seeing light to gray hairs again.  This time, I bought a container of hair dye and only mixed a small amount and saved the rest for the next time I want to dye my eyebrows again.  I now have eyebrows that match the color of my hair with no gray.  I have to pluck a lot of accidentally colored hairs and I use an eyebrow pencil still but until I can afford to have them tattooed on, this has to do for me.

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  6. Generic Image LucyBHoffman says

    In my situation, it is the brows on the outside from the arch out that are going.  Nothing there to place mascara on.  I’m still tinkering with the tatooing.  But if I make that decision, I’ll let you know.  Thanks for all the responses.

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    • Generic Image anonymous says

      Lucy, your adrenals are slowing down. More likely you also have thinning hair and eyelashes are falling off too. This is just a thought. I am not a doctor, and do not intent to give any diagnosis.

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  7. Generic Image Kathleen says

    I just use Just for Men on my brows. It just takes 10 minutes or less. I don’t have to worry about it for another month or so

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  8. Margo Margo says

    Yeah I have the same problem but I was told if you get tattoos as make up you might not be able to have MRI.
    This of course needs to be checked out..

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    • Adoptsalot Adoptsalot says

      Apparently tatoo’s long ago (20 years or more) used metal as part of the dye mix. They do not use that formula today. 

      It is still important to go to a VERY reputable provider. 

      There is a lot of info out on the web, basically saying you want to avoid mixes with iron oxides. But, no tests that I could find that even show that was a problem…

      more info here:

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  9. Adoptsalot Adoptsalot says

    couple of ideas:
    1- semi permanent makeup ,typically lasts 5-8 years,  can be done at many day spas and plastic surgeons offices , look for a surgeon who specializes in breast recon and they usually have access to a really good tat artist or aesthetician

    2- have you tried lattisse on your brow line (at night of course, never in the morning)?

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  10. Generic Image dfey says

    I had my eyebrows tattooed and have loved them from day 1.  They look entirely natural; nobody is aware.  They have given me back me face somehow.  They really do frame your eyes.

    Of course the key is getting them done by a professional artiste; someone who really knows what she is doing and has a flair for it.

    It is a joy to look in the mirror and always have my eyebrows there!

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  11. Jaki -- Jaki -- says

    My eyebrows have gone white along with my hair.
    I love my silver head of hair but I miss the brows
    I get my eyebrows dyed when I get my hair cut,every 6 weeks or so.
    It only costs $5.00 and it looks great.
    I’m my case the hair is still there you just can’t see it so the dying solves the problem
    Be careful not to go too dark though , you want to use a colour that will work with your skin tone.

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