Have I Become Dennis the Menace?

This latest revelation about aging is really gettin’ me mad

I knew about sagging necks and flagging hormones, understood the facts of cellulite, felt the alarm of grey hair “down there”, worried about thinning eyebrows and lashes…

But how come no one warned me about….it’s hard to say…ahem…..COWLICKS?

Yes, I do believe I’ve turned into Dennis the Menace, the most cowlick-notorious character I can think of! And, folks, it ain’t pretty!

Where has my formerly normal hairline moved to? I used to have straight bangs to cover up a sun-worshiper’s forehead mess–I NOW have loops and swoopes, flips and flaps of hair that has serious issues and a definite mind of its own. Argh! See that photo of me up top? Sayonara, chickie…

No amount of gel, hairspray or ANYthing can lay my hair down in submission to style.

So, here’s my question:  Is a shifting scalp (for I can think of no other reason I’m experiencing this change) the usual expectation of getting older? Is anyone else experiencing the tides of hairline shifting and sliding like a sun bleached tsunami? Is anyone else’s scalp in mid-shift?

(and I won’t even get into thinning issues….at least I was expecting THAT!)


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  1. Barb Hughes Barb Hughes says

    I don’t know if it’s a scalp shift or a hair texture shift or what…but my hair also has cowlicks and textures that it didn’t have when I was younger.  This is how am I dealing with it – I’m looking at is as my ‘new’ hair:)  As a younger person I had sleek straight hair that could barely hold a ponytail it was so slippery.  Now it has more texture so if I want I can wear it in a french braid, pony tail, etc.  My stick straight bangs used to hang there and accent my eyes.  Now the cowlicks have created a natural size part, and I need to cut my bangs so that the cowlicky side is longer so it can poof up to the point that it looks even with the other side.  I’m letting my hair grow out long again, and I’m trying to look at this as a chance to try out a new hair style and texture that I’ve never had the opportunity to try before.  Maybe my hair (like my inner person) wants the opportunity to walk to the beat of it’s own drum instead of the drum of what society says I should be walking to?  Maybe this is part of our second life adventure, and  our hair is trying to give us some clues as to how to deal with that adventure?  Just musing…and trying to figure out the best way to deal with all the changes taking place.

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  2. Fran Young Fran Young says

    Oh, I like the sound of that, Barb!
    “…my hair (like my inner person) wants the opportunity to walk to the beat of it’s own drum instead of the drum of what society says I should be walking to?…”
    And I agree, we’re off in mode for new adventures! Mine is writing. What’s yours?

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    • Barb Hughes Barb Hughes says

      Fran – are you a blogger, or do you write novels, or copy for advertising or ?  My current adventure is playing dress-up:)  I host Free Clothing Swaps through and also an Over 40 Fashion blog where women send in photos of things they actually wear (not stuff that marketers are trying to sell us) so we can see – on actual REAL SiZED and REAL AGED women, how these clothes fit.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something cute in a magazine/catalog/store, and when I try it on it just looks terrible.  Instead of expecting women to diet/botox/grow 8 inches/get ribs removed, why not create clothing to match and flatter our figures?  That’s what my Over 40 Fashions blog is about. All women are invited to take a look, but only women 40+ can model (hey – you can see 20-somethings in every other catalog/magazine in the world.  ONE site that features real-shaped mid lifers shouldn’t be too much to ask). The Free Swaps at Swap Positive are a free way to clean out the clutter in your closet that you don’t need/use/love, wash it up, and bring it to a swap.  There you find new-to-you things that look perfect. I bring mirrors so we ladies can try things on, model and strut around, basically play dress-up.  I’ve found things I would have never tried on in a store that look fabulous on me.  I’ve also met some great women who are as practical and thrifty as myself of all ages – from teenagers to 70+.

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  3. Fran Young Fran Young says

    Thanks for the info, Barb. I’ve always loved book swap sites like BookMooch and Paperback Swap, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy Swap Positive. And, as I write this I’m looking at a pile of clothes to donate/sell/give away (although I’m not sure anyone will want them).
    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been asking for help w/ what fashion look is good for me. And certainly as our bodies change, that’s a concern that hasn’t been resolved. The pictures you speak of will help.
    I could use the same kind of help with my hair, cow-licks and all!
    To answer your first question…..well, I’m still working to define that category of writing I want to do. I’ve done some inspirational-type writing (for kids, people who have experienced loss, foster care alumni), and some promotional writing (Lowe’s For Pros, creative magazines), had letters to the editor accepted (Writer’s Digest, More magazine for women), and, of course, Hippocampus Magazine (Insider-Tips and {prompts}). I keep thinking of and working on a YA novel, but the lengthy attention focus is daunting for me. I guess I have to admit I have a very short attention span for writin……what was I talking about???? Ha!

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  4. Lizbet Lizbet says

    The cowlicks, widow’s peak and natural curl I cursed when 17 and trying to wear the “Long and Silky” look have become life savers at 58.  In my heart, I am still 17 but in my body’s appearance, I am a “mature” woman.  So, instead of “long and silky”, I’m contented and rejoice in my hair and now call it “short and sassy.”

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