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Ladies and Gentlemen, this week I would like to speak to you about a hair-raising issue: gray hair “down there.”

Hair Grays Down There, Too
Grey hair after 50: 7 keys to styling, coloring, and caring for grey hair whether you choose to cover or embrace it

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It has come to my attention that hair in the area of the genitals (commonly known as pubic hair) is beginning to gray for some of us Aging Gals and Guys.  I will admit that this is not yet a problem for yours truly.  No, my predicament involves more the patches of desert on my scalp where hair once grew, but now refuses to bud.  In fact, I’ve seriously considered transplanting bits of the robust curly cues from “down there” onto my head, but, as my head hair is straight and fine, I fear the mix would be not only noticeable, but disastrous.  Sort of like the Titanic meeting up with the iceberg.

So back to you, my inquiring public.  “What do we do about gray hair down there?” you ask.

Well, thank the lord for the miracle processes of the twenty-first century!  From what I can see, options fall into two general categories: removal and coloring.  Yes, coloring.

First, removal.  This can come in the form of waxing (Men: Take notes from Steve Carell’s chest hair waxing scene in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”  I don’t know about you, but if I had balls and cared about their intactness, I’d pass on this one.  Women: See the episode of “Sex and the City” where Sarah Jessica Parker gets ripped virtually naked by a Brazilian wax).  Shaving is tactic number two for removal. (But beware of ingrown hairs.  I can tell you from personal experience it is an ego buster to take your pus-infected twat into the dermatologist for a tweezing.)  Perhaps the longest-lasting and most effective form of removal is via laser.  But ask yourself if selling your car is worth it, because I figure the price of laser hair removal is equivalent to the value of the 2002 Isuzu I’m driving around.

Spring Clean for Your Partner 

Secondly, let’s talk coloring.  I had no idea!  But in researching online, I found an article at on “How to Color Gray Pubic Hair” with regular over-the-counter hair color.  Perhaps my favorite parts of this commentary are where the author states (twice) “This is not recommended by health care/medical professionals.”  Well, yee-haw! Lighting my hoo-hoo on fire for forty-five minutes.  Don’t that sound like a Saturday night made in heaven?

Natural Redhead? 

Upon further investigation, I did find a hair-coloring product made specifically for our hidden grays: Betty — Color for the Hair Down There.   The entrepreneur reveals that she came upon this idea while visiting a hair saloon in Rome and watching the colorist sneak a petite paper bag to certain clients for use at home.  “For the hair down there… to make it match!”  She realized there was no such product in the good old U.S. of A., and, viola!, now there is!  These days anyone can be a “real” blonde or a “natural” redhead.  Thanks, Betty!

Newly Weed Whacked
Grey hair after 50: 7 keys to styling, coloring, and caring for grey hair whether you choose to cover or embrace it

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So as the weather starts to warm up, and we begin to tackle Spring cleaning in our homes, let’s also attempt a little Spring cleaning down there. Surprise your husband, wife, or significant other with a little weed whacking or touch-up coloring.

After all, who couldn’t use a little sprucing up even in the nooks and crannies of our aging selves?

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13 Responses

  1. Generic Image ANONYMOUSone says

    My oh my, this is not something that had ever occurred to me! For those of us embracing our natural silver up top, perhaps it would be fun to do something like bright purple down below. (Joking… probably.)

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  2. Aging Gal Aging Gal says

    Great idea, Tess! Why not go “punk” down there with fluorescent colors? It would give you a chuckle on bathroom breaks and perhaps some excitement in the bedroom!

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  3. Itty Bitty Boomer Itty Bitty Boomer says

    lol!  Well, I have to say I never considered coloring “down there” though it’s an amusing idea!  but I think I’ll stick to shaving … and leave the highlighting to “up there” …

    Happy holidays!

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  4. Aging Gal Aging Gal says

    Shaving… highlighting… at least you’re performing the “maintenance” down under! Happy Holidays to you as well, Itty Bitty Boomer!

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  5. Generic Image cupcakegirl says

    Oh, ha ha ha – very funny.  Now grey is a BAD thing?  How silly we are!

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    • Goldiealoha Goldiealoha says

      Grey is not a bad thing. Unless you think grey is bad, it is just grey. Grey girls are free to be. Knock yourself out.  Personally, I bleached my pubic hairs long long ago and have always experimented with shaving patterns…eventually settling on on being completely bald as my favorite “style” Iand his, too). The skin is so a baby.  It encourages the hand and lips to come play.

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  6. Generic Image TXButterfly says

    The day my partner cares about this is the day he’ll come home to find his stuff out on the lawn!

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  7. Generic Image Sherri Rosse says

    Well I don’t have grey down there all though I have plenty on top. My mom never got grey there either. I still wax though because of a tattoo there…yes a real tattoo. I did not find waxing painful after the first three or four times and now I only have to have it once every 11 or 12 weeks. Nice…as least that is what my husband says:)

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  8. Aging Gal Aging Gal says

    Thanks for your comments, ladies! Personally, I’m just allowing myself to go gray everywhere. It’s too expensive (and I’m too lazy) to color, highlight, or mow anywhere. Be sure and look at the other posts that has to offer!

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  9. Generic Image twdy49 says

    “Just for men” will take care of that problem in 5 minutes

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  10. Barb Hughes Barb Hughes says

    I LIKE the thinning and graying taking place down there.  Not so much to tweeze/shave for a swimsuit (not that I get into a swim suit all that much anymore).  I remember how embarrasing it was to have the ‘moe’ look peeking out of my swimsuit when I forgot to shave.  Glad I don’t have to worry about THAT so much anymore.

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  11. Itty Bitty Boomer Itty Bitty Boomer says

    Haha!  I just thank you ALL for your willingness to share and laugh about all this!  You’re all great!

    Best of the season to all!

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