droop and the girls

Corsets Girdles Magnetic Harness Underwear, UK (1890)

I’m wondering if these old time corsets would help me deal with the droop my girls complain about.

In the above sentence, THE GIRLS means my daughters.  Whenever we go clothes shopping, I usually hear from Laura or Kath:  ” MOM, THAT BRA IS TERRIBLE.”

But they are talking about THE GIRLS that Oprah talks about, the up top girls.

And so TWICE, I have gone to a bra fitting at a chic department store where a saleslady stood, young and darling, with a pink measuring tape artfully looped around her neck.

Five minutes later, I’ve stood, menopausal and droopy, while she directs me as I try on a bevy of bras.

I pray she ignores droop as well as moles, stretch marks, age spots, wrinkles, and who knows what else.

“Aren’t these a little tight?” I ask.

“They need to be tight,” she replies.  ”That”s how we get the support.”

She convinces me.

Hope springs eternal on the car ride home.  The bras are lovely.  My top did look perkier.  And they have to work, considering the pretty penny I just paid for them.

But when I wear the beige one out  to dinner that night, it starts to dig in.  By the time I’m diving into my entree, I can hardly concentrate for the pain.  Similar trouble with the black one at work the next day.

Despite the somber warnings I received when the bras were carefully wrapped in tissue at the register, I become proactive.  No hand washing for these trouble makers.  Maybe some hot water and not-so-delicate detergent and a rough round of jiggling and spinning and then a tumble in a hot dryer will mellow them out.

Take that, you digger inners!

No luck.

I go back to my old bras.  The new ones sleep, forlorn, pristine, and expensive, in my lingerie drawer.

I agree one hundred percent with my girls that THE GIRLS should not droop.  That said, I have a low pain tolerance.

So what is this girl, with the droopy  up top girls and the complaining daughter girls, to do?

Advice oh readers!  Have you found bras that are comfortable AND offer enough support?

Or do we  need to go back to the days of the corset, which come to think about it, looks even more painful than my abandoned bras…

Photo: The Harness’s Magnetic Corset promised, in 1890, to aid the chest in “its healthy development.”   Maybe a corset really would aid mine in its menopausal decline.


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8 Responses

  1. placidplaid placidplaid says

    Your experience doesn’t sound right to me at all. Over the past few years I have gone to a store that specifically measures women of all ages for bras. It is pricey but the fit is just right with no pain. Mine is called Top Drawer, I’m sure there are others like it where you live.

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  2. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I will say this…i am a small women 34 B to be exact,iam 5ft tall,weight 130,and yes,i have back fat,breast that hang,,and i have done my best to help this matter by getting a fitting,and buying a new bra that fits properly…
    We get so tied up in comfort,we forget what matters…
    I am saving for a new bra myself,i gave all my sexy ones to my gran daughter,and she loves them..i get mine at victorias secret,yes they are a little more,but the fit is wonderful,and i do hand wash them!
    I am worth every penny,as i dont buy just anything,,for me its simple,nothing fancy..main bras are 1 white,1 beige,1 black,

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  3. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    You now know what size to look for, so it is a matter of details.  You can go to Wal-Mart and find a bra or two (same size as measured for) and try them on.  Probably need a wider shoulder strap and wider side support.  O/wise try a spanx-type product that distributes the stress to a variety of locations.  Wal-Mart will have a product you can try on and determine which holds the most confortably.  O/wise get a larger comfy bra and a $20 pair of silicone uplifters.  and see how they work.

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  4. Generic Image Vibrant Nation Guest says

    I’m looking for the old-fashioned bras that had the strap adjustment holders in the FRONT of the straps! They are so easy to adjust higher or lower to suit your fashion, your mood, and your comfort zone! The newer ones all have them in the back. Very inconvenient and they don’t work nearly as well.

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  5. Generic Image Janice says

    I had severe back pain and very droopy but not huge breasts.  I got a breast reduction which also lifted them back where they used to be and couldn’t be happier.  The pain has been gone since day one, I can wear very light, barely supportive bras that I find on the sale racks, and I am soooo happy.

    This isn’t for everyone but it is something to consider no matter what your age.  I was 60 when I had my surgery.  For some just a breast lift is all that is needed.

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  6. Barbara Younger Barbara Younger says

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!  I will study them all carefully!  I have to do something about these droopy girls.

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  7. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I am so glad you brought this up,as today,i went for another bra fitting,as i have added a few pounds,and yep,,,i am a 34c now,so i had a 10 dollor off coupon,and bought a new bra!
    I love it,as it fits me better than the others!!

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