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I am around 55 years of age and I wonder what would be a good way to dress well i.e. smart, elegant, fashionable and yet dignified for an Asian woman who is a size 14.

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  1. Generic Image Linda says

    Well, not to step on toes, but being Asian I don’t think has anything to do with style.  Meaning, you can wear what anyone else can wear.  I think simple and classic works well at this age.  I would stay away from trendy items unless it’s maybe a scarf or accessory of some kind.  There are a lot of options today for women our age.

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  2. Generic Image NanaP says

    I totally agree with Linda: I am an Asian lady, age 52, 5 feet 2in, petite and I pick clothes that suits my body type.  I am a smart dresser and I sure do not let being asian stop me from wearing fashionable clothes suitable for me. Age appropriate is the key – not frumpy, not old looking but with style!  In Canada, I like to shop in Cleo & Reitmans & Winners .

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  3. Jennie Jennie says

    I have to join this conversation; age and size are what it’s all about, I think; I am not Asian, although, Mongolian blood lines do run through my family, but I am older ( 60+) and VERY petite; I am not even 5’1″; I  am also small – boned, and it is difficult to find clothes that fit my size, that I adore ( I am BOHO at heart), and are age appropriate.  By that I mean; suitable for a small, young at heart, but definitely not trying to dress like a teen.

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    • Generic Image NanaP says

      I try and shop at stores that have petite sizes.  True about not trying to dress like a teenager or too young.
      I have elegant, beautiful dresses to wear when I go ballroom dancing.  I have casual dresses for dinners out with friends or to work.  I am comfortable in jeans, capris, shorts, blouses, etc…

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      • Jennie Jennie says

        NanaP: I do wear jeans a lot; in black, too ( petite and short),but dresses, skirts, and even coats and tops are a challenge.  I do live near Talbots, Chico’s, and other stores; however, petite clothes seem to run higher than regular clothing.  I do shop in the petite deparments; however, either the shoulders are too large or the sleeves are too long; have you ever noticed that?  Petites come in PXL, PM, PS, or PXS?.  Sigh.

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  4. Generic Image NanaP says

    I am a size 4, PXS depending on make.  I am fortunate that I can sew and can alter the sleeves if they are too long or hem the pants if they are too long.  We have a good CDN store “Cleo” and I can shop for my clothes online in that store.
    Right now they have a great sale on all their summer clothes and often I can find really nice dresses for under $30.00 CAD.  I am close to the store as well and if I do not like what I have bought online, I can take and return it at the store in town 
    So I am fortunate that way.

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    • Jennie Jennie says

      We are the same size!  The name of the store is Cleo?  I feel foolish for asking but what is CDN and CAD?  I would adore finding some maxi dresses that fell to the calf.

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      • Generic Image NanaP says

        CDN=Canadian.  I know when the currency is used, I have seen CAD $. You really make me think about it.  I could be wrong.
        There are some beautiful maxi dresses out there.  Online store is Cleo.ca but I do not think they ship to the US.  They have great deals like yesterday and today, most of the dresses were on for CAD$29.99 plus off course our 13% sales tax!.
        I was in the store recently and bought 2 pairs of capris at$15.00 each.  I did see a couple of maxi dresses in the store but I am not a fan of them.

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  5. Jennie Jennie says

    NanaP:  I checked it out, yesterday, and realized it was a Canadian web site.  I was disappointed, of course, but you are so very right; they don’t ship to the States, and their inventory is quite lovley and very affordable.  I would adore a pair of capris ( most would be full length on my frame); and I like a dress to fall to mid calf-length, unless it’s a special occasion.   I also adore longer skirts, not full length, but below the knee.

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  6. Generic Image NanaP says

    I did mention that it is a Canadian Store.  It does have lovely clothes and I do buy most of my clothes from there.  Mostly online but I do have the store in my town as well so I am very lucky that way.
    I was there just last Friday to try on the capris.  I do have thick calves and some capris just do not hang right.  I was glad I went into the store to try them on and bought 2 pairs.  There is also another Canadian Store, Reitmans just 2 doors from Cleos and they also carry nice petite size clothes.
    Where are you in the US?  If you ever come across the border, these are the 2 stores to check out.

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  7. Jennie Jennie says


    Both stores sound fantastic; I do know what you mean about trying things on; have you ever noticed the same brand, size, etc. can actually fit differently?  
    I live in NJ on the East Coast, but southern NJ, definitely not to be confused with The Jersey Shore ; Sopranos.    I am very close to Philadelphia.

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  8. weaver weaver says

    As I reached past 50, my clothing style is more boho (bohemian) with most of my items being more comfortable and roomy, though I’m a size 10-12. Same for my accessories which are colorful with long scarves. Sneakers with a long skirt and denim jacket without looking tween-ish is my personal fare. Whatever rings your bell. Those days of every hair in place and tailored suits for me are long gone, especially since I work for myself.

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  9. Generic Image Mari says

    I am 54, I found that Ann Taylor, Chico’s and Cold Water Creek sometimes have flattering outfits. May I also tell you that nothing would look fantastic until you visit Soma.  Ever since I invest a little money in new bras, my clothes look much better than before. Look at the other stores online.  I never buy online but I get an idea what kind of styles they have.  Good luck to you.

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