The Mac cosmetic company’s new model

The Mac cosmetic company is now featuring its new model!!!

She is I think 80 or 90 years old, and she looks fantastic!

The Today show said, women of our age, 60 or more, do not want plastic surgery/botox/fillers…they want to be there own beautiful selves!!!

I think that’s great!

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It’s about time the baby boomers stand up and say, enough already….we want to look as good as we can for our age, and were proud of it!

I may have to start using Mac cosmetics after seeing this today!

Stand up girls, and give them a high five!!!!!


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  1. Vonnie Kennedy Vonnie Kennedy says

    I love this and stealing this video for my boomer website. And checking out Mac cosmetics, too.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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  2. Paula Ellen Paula Ellen says

    What makes me sad is that all the man in this interview had to say was that they have tapped into a new money source. Everything he spoke about came back to the money, money, money. He doesn’t believe in the empowerment of it, or the importance of this decision to women. He’s just excited about finding a new place to get rich. So… do men really get it? Or are we still being pandered to? In just a different section of age?

    Let’s not let our excitement over this decision cloud the reality of the situation.

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  3. Generic Image brendas8 says

    You may be right Paula,i had not thought of it that way….
    I just felt it was time all us over 50 could be noticed for who we are in the makeup industry…..
    It did make me feel part of the group so to we women get overlooked in everything, from clothing,shoes,makeup ext….i went today,and wanted to find makeup that had no shimmer,frost,or glitter in it…well, good luck,as i looked at a lot of brands,and all the sa want to put you in some kind of those,that are not flattering for our age group at all….
    When i can,i want to check out this MAC, but it is a good ways away from me….maybe later on..

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  4. Generic Image anonymous says

    This is a complete disaster!!!!!! I do not want to look like an alien from a different planet. Man telling as how to look like and feel like. What was this man smoking when deciding on our looks. Is he a transsexual? How sad is this? I would like to think they make fun of us.

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  5. Generic Image facesoverfiftydotcom says

    MAC had always targeted the transsexual market with their products. The formulations are heavy – to cover beard growth and the colors are either deeply pigment neutrals so that the colors pop – all geared toward stage lighting.

    While they’ve made a fortune locking into Macy’s and the teenage market there are other options for faces over fifty. Personally I’ve actually liked many MAC products over the years but the ingredients are pore clogging and it causes too much of an issue on the other side of the equation.

    The reality is…it’s tough to find color cosmetics that look good on women over forty or any woman who has experienced considerable sun damage.

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    • whyjbe whyjbe says

      Zyxomma I totally agree – green cosmetics all the way – I use Vapour and Alima Pure beauty products. For skin care (face) I use Nouvara. I also go to Skin Deep Cosmetics to check out the ratings on the ingredients.

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  6. Anonymous Anonymous says

    I have found an Eyeshadow by Dior which is called Dior “Lifting” eyeshadow that does not have shimmer.  It is expressly for women with creases, sagging.  The colors by this line are matte and are wonderful, go on beautifully, make your eyes pop, and looker more wide and open while not showing the creases in your eyelids.  I love it, but!  It is expensive costing $61.  Does anyone know of any other eyeshadows for women that is similar for less money?  There must be more than just one line for older women than Dior!  If not, then the cosmetic industry needs to sit up and take notice because Baby Boomers are looking!

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