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From  Sharon Gnatt Epel

There is a terrific product I use for decollete sun-damage, tightening up skin on cleavage and smoothing out skin creases. (You know, when you wake up in the morning after sleeping on your side?)

It is called Breast SOS, and is a godsend!

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Have you tried Breast SOS? What did you think?

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16 Responses

  1. Generic Image brendas8 says

    Where do you buy this???

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous says

    You can buy it on Amazon. com.  It’s very expensive.  How about a recommendation for a product that is not outrageously priced?

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    • Sharon Gnatt Epel Sharon Gnatt Epel says

      Actually, it’s really not expensive at all because a little goes along way and it really works. The introductory size is only $45 and lasts at least a couple of months if you use it every night like the directions say. The larger size is $75 but will last 4-6 months with daily use. It also works great on that pesky crease you get right down the middle from sleeping on your side.

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      • Generic Image Anonymous says

        I have had great luck with it on my neck for skin flaps!  I had the flaps cut off and with Breast SOS they are gone and I am so happy……….and it lasts forever.  I am still on my first bottle.  The best product I have ever seen.

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  3. Generic Image julia Pavlicek says

    I use ageloc from Nuskin on my face and décolletage. It is amazing!

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  4. Anonymous Anonymous says

    I started using Retin A on my face to combat aging.  It works well on my face, but don’t apply to your chest.  I did and I broke out in a rash and the skin was overly irritated, red and on fire!  I suppose the skin on your chest is thinner and more fragile without underlying fat like the face and therefore more sensitive to antiaging products.  I guess I’ll use a milder antiwrinkle cream on my decolletage.  Thanks for recommendation for ageloc, Julia.

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  5. Generic Image julia Pavlicek says

    Yes, anonymous. If you want to get it for a discounted price I know how you can go about it. Call me 708-601-3305.

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  6. Generic Image Anonymous says

    The best product, hands down, is La Isha Breast SOS for the decollete as well as the breasts. It has a wonderful earthy scent to it and has a silky texture that massages in beautifully without an oily film. I’ve been using it for about 4 months and notice the pigmentation and sun damage lightening with an evenness in color. I don’t think it’s expensive at all considering the quality of the essential oil and how long it is lasting. Well worth it!

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  7. Generic Image Grandma says

    I LOVE La Isha Breast SOS.  I’m a 43-year breast cancer survivor with several biopsies and surgeries since.  I’ve been usinging Breast SOS for over 2 years and it keeps my breasts looking and feeling healthy.  But, not only that, I discovered that it has reduced the pain and inflamation of the arthritis in my hands – considerably!  After this discovery, I experimented with it and it seems to minimize pain wherever I apply it to my body.  I believe this is a very special product! 

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  8. Generic Image Luci Weston says

    I tested this product for an article on La Isha, and its owner, Sharon Gnatt Epel. Breast SOS, as well as the other items in the line, are highly effective, very moisturizing, and long-lasting. While at first, the price points may appear high, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” is true… La Isha’s products are filled with high-end essential oils and other ingredients designed to deliver a healthier, natural, chemical-free product. Since the skin does absorb what you put on it, La Isha is a welcome option for women seeking natural skin care.

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  9. Generic Image Anonymous says

    I started using the Breast SOS about a month ago every night after some surgery on my chest.  I have a two inch scar that the surgeon said would take about 6 months to heal.  I saw my doctor last week and she was very happy with the healing process and surprised it was doing so well.  This is great stuff and I only use a few drops a night.  A little goes a long way!

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  10. Christine Posti Christine Posti says

    I bought the $45 size on Amazon and have used it two nights in a row. I am SHOCKED at how effective it is. What a DRAMATIC difference. Thanks for your post, Sharon! I just turned 60 yesterday and this product made me look years younger!

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  11. Anonymous Anonymous says

    Well I am sold on this product.  I will try it!  I’ve seen it on!  Thanks

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  12. Generic Image PHYLLIS JOY says

    Mary Kay Cosmetics has a great product for this area & its called: HAND AND DECOLLETE CREAM. It has a sunscreen built in as well.

    When we take care of our face, we need to remember to care for our hands & chest area because we don’t want to give away our age with these!!!!

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