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I am 54 years old and looking for a new foundation. Pretty normal skin, but need some coverage without looking too “made up”. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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22 Responses

  1. Generic Image brendas8 says

    Maybe a tinted moisterizer would be good,i myself in summer wear one,instead of heavy foundation,i use right now clinique supermoist,and love it,but i have dry skin,
    Hope this helps…

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous says

    I know that makeup artists recommend liquid foundation for mature skin, but I hate Liquid and feel it is too heavy.  I use Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Loose Powder foundation.  It has light reflective properties that camouflage lines and wrinkles, it is light and goes on so smoothly providing more coverage than a tinted moisturizer will provide, and contain SPF15 sunscreeen.  You can buy it online and I think it is great for over 50 skin!

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    • Generic Image Barbie. says

      Bare Mineral Makeup is great!  I have been using them for probably six or seven years and am now in my 60s.  I have not and will not go back to liquid makeup.  It’s wonderful for chest and back of hands too.  Light and natural look.

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  3. Generic Image karen says

    Thanks, ladies! I will look at both!

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  4. Generic Image RamblinRedhead says

    Another loose powder person here – but I use the one made by Clinique.  I was getting a little irritation across my face, on both sides of my nose – and using this has helped clear it up.  It’s light, and gentle, and makes my skin look gorgeous!

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  5. Generic Image Anonymous says

    I am using the new Marcelle BB Cream in the Light to Medium tint.  I use a small amount of the BB with the same amount of Lise Watier ‘Sun Smart’ SPF 30.  I mix them together in the palm of my hand and smooth evenly over my face, neck and ears!

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  6. Generic Image Annie says

    I just started using the BB Cream by Garnier. This one has a SPF 15 sunscreen built in.  It comes in 2 shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.  It goes on very sheer, but covers imperfections and evens out skin tone, incredibly well!  It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.  Another HUGE plus is that it is found in stores such as CVS for well under $15!  I recently paid just under $11 for a tube that was on sale. The label says “Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector” and it really does seem to work miracles!  I also am a huge fan of the Bare Minerals line and use their blush and bronzing powder over this… all very sparingly.

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    • Generic Image lyneyav says

      Thank you so much for this recommendation! I have spent mega dollars on differnt brands of makeup in the last 3 months Clinique,Bare Minerals,Loreal,Revlon and every one of them just seemed to lay on top of my skin or set in my pores. This product is awesome. It has just the right amount of coverage with none of the afore mentioned problems. I love it! And it was under 10 dollars with a coupon from Walgreens!

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  7. Generic Image mellona says

    I like Tarte. It doesn’t have any toxic ingredients.

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  8. Generic Image DarTo says

    Hi Karen,  I have just started using a new, to me, product that I am so enthused about.  A friend found this product & told me about it.  I have been using Rimmel 25 Hour Liquid (in a tube) makeup.  I use Rimmel Primer as a base for it.  I have never before found a makeup that would remain on my skin throughout the day & stays fresh looking until I remove it in the evening. It does not seem to “cake” or feel heavy.  Previous makeups that I have tried (regardless of price) seem to just disappear before the day is done, leaving me look as though I need to return to the makeup room.  This brand is so inexpensive @about $7 for each the foundation & the primer. It comes in many color tones so should be available for every skin tone.  Is available @ all of my local drugstores as well as Walmart.  I have sensitive skin, also & thus far, after about a month there are no issues with that. I am 65 & my friend that told me about the product is 67.

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    • Generic Image Abby says

      I’m 52 and have large pores in the T-zone. I too was excited about Bare Minerals for awhile (used it for about 3 years) until I realized over time that it made my pores larger.  I switched to a different (mousse) foundation and found that my pores went back to pre-Bare Minerals days! I won’t use BM ever again.  I also had an issue with BM online club and they couldn’t care less!

      First post and call me Annie :)

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      • Kathie Kathie says

        Annie, I also have large pores in the T-zone and am looking for a lighter coverage foundation other than a liquid.  I would like to try the mousse foundation to which you refer.  What is the brand, please?  Thanks.


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      • 1335sj 1335sj says

        Same here, they wouldn’t let me cancel their club after I canceled they just kept sending them and I would send them back (hassell).  I’ve heard a lot of great things about BB.

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      • Generic Image Abby says

        Kathie, the brand for the mousse foundation is Elizabeth Arden. It comes in a black can w/ a gold cap. I’m not sure if I’m replying to Kathie’s post as the screen shows I’m replying to my own!!! LOL.. I’m really new w/ this posting thing. Anyway, I hope Kathie see’s this answer to her question.  

        The Newbie,
        Annie :)

        p.s. after reading my answer to Kathie’s post, I realized I made the product sound industrial by saying it’s comes in a can (spray paint comes to mind LOL). It’s NOT industrial though!

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  9. Hawk Lady Hawk Lady says

    I love my MISSHA BB Cream. You can get it online – fabulous!

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  10. Generic Image Leslie says

    My sister-in-law and I recently discovered astaxanthin, an antioxident that’s great for your eyes and brain etc but more importantly gives your skin a wonderful glow in just a week or so! I really hope you try it because it reduces the need for skin coverage. Good luck!

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    • Generic Image Leigh says

      Anonymous, I’m a big fan of using vitamins!  I found your post very interesting. Can you please tell me, what dosage (how many mg.) and
      possibly what brand you use, of the astazanthin?
      Thanks so much

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      • Generic Image Leslie says


        I looked at the bottle and it’s Nature’s Bounty 5 mg astaxanthin “from natural sources’ (I think it’s from krill). I also take krill oil, which has 1 mg astaxanthin in it. I get it at the supermarket. Hope you try it!


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      • Generic Image Leigh says

        Leslie, thanks very much, I will definitely give it a try!  And the Krill Oil sounds great too, I’m excited, lol!

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  11. 1335sj 1335sj says

    Hi, I was in the same boat.  I wore Bobbi Brown for the longest and I felt like it would get cakey, I’m probably the only person who had trouble with Bare Essentials.  Anyway, I found Jane Iredale it’s fantastic.  I’m a reformed Sun Goddess.  I’m surprised my skin doesn’t look like a lizards.  I’ve been lucky, but I’ve got spots.  She has a tinted moisturizer as well as a mineral type.  I use both.  I’ve gotten a lot of compliments in regards to my skin which I didn’t get until I started wearing this make up.  I’m 50 and this is really designed for our age group, it also has sun screen.  I can’t sing it enough praises.  Anyway, go to the website and call them and tell them what you’re looking for and your confused and they will send you a bunch of samples.  I was never so surprised in my life.  You can purchase it at Nordstroms in the store and several dermtolgist sell it, and you can get from several websites.  But I just thought that was the nicest thing.  I didn’t ask her to do that.  But I’m hooked for life.  I hope you give them a try. The website is also on the website they have “how to” videos.  Good Luck!

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