I have never had a problem with dry skin until the last year or so.  My skin has always been oily, which was a battle, as well.  The skin on my legs and arms looks paper thin and crinkly.  Help someone!  What is the best lotion for this problem.  Thanks so much.

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  1. Generic Image RamblinRedhead says

    I found that the first thing I had to do when my skin felt dryer like that, was to switch to a much gentler cleanser.  Even many of the “moisturizing body washes” still have fairly harsh detergents in them.  I have found the slightly higher end ones – Neutragena, Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, or even more up there (like Kiehl’s) to make a huge difference. 

    For moisturizing lotions – which I now use only occasionally, since I no longer seem to dry the skin out getting clean – I usually use Burt’s Bees, or a big tub of Cetaphil I got at Costco.  I also like Aveeno products a lot, and when I got dry patches in the winter, Eucerin.  I like these because they seem to soak in, and stay put, and not leave me feeling all slick and oily, or stain my clothing.

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  2. Facesoverfiftydotcom Facesoverfiftydotcom says

    Hi! I know the shock myself! Part of this problem is long term sun damage so you need to treat these areas the same way you treat your face. Sunscreen on exposed areas, regular exfoliation (I recommended the fabulous VIC washcloth-if it was good enough for Katherine Hepburn it is good enough for me!) and moisturization with a thick, alpha Hydroxy lotion that will rebuild collagen over time. I’m a fan of organic and botanical based products myself and I think the lines carried by Whole Foods are excellent because they have very high standards for their products displayed on their shelves. And I humbly point you toward www. because this line was developed for women over fifty who have all of these problems as well. You won’t be able to totall reverse this problem because it also includes the loss of fat under the skin, but you can get that skin to start looking better. Additionally, check out www. for clothes that have a sunscreen of 50+ built right in!

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