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Well – since I do not want surgery, I thought I would ask the ladies of Vibrant Nation.

Has anyone found a bra that really works for “aging” boobs?  Last year I went to Neiman-Marcus for a custom fit…walked out with three bras that are really not any better than the Bali bras I have been wearing for years (although the prices were much greater).  There were Wachol – Chantelle – Le Mystere (Oprah’s favorite) – way too much padding.  Very disappointed !


BTW – In Bali I wear a 36 C and Neiman has me in 36 D and DD go figure !!

Editor’s note: Click to view a video of Susan Nethero aka “The Bra Whisperer” from MyIntimacy.com, Watermusic’s recommendation in the comments below.

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  1. watermusic watermusic says

    Forget department stores, even the high end ones. Find an Intimacy
    near you and go there.  Their service and knowledge will astound you and the bras, while expensive will take 10 years off you.

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  2. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I went for a bra fitting last week,and bought a new bra in the correct size..i find good bras at my local victorias secret,as we dont have an Intamacy near me,or a Soma..
    But what i do have works great for me!

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  3. DaisyMae DaisyMae says

    Thanks so much.  There is an “Intimacy” just south of me at Aventura Mall – out of Miami.  I will make an appointment !  Victoria Secret is just down the street – will stop in there as well.


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  4. Sharon Greenthal Sharon Greenthal says

    Have you tried Soma? They have some pretty fabulous stuff. Same company that owns Chicos, so you know they understand the midlife body!

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  5. Generic Image brendas8 says

    I have checked there website,and they are nice looking,but for me,i like to try things on,make sure they fit before i buy,i know in bigger cities have there shops,but i am not that lucky….
    If i get to a big city,i would love to try them out!!!

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  6. Generic Image RamblinRedhead says

    After being a very small-chested woman for most of my life, I all of a sudden “busted out” as I nursed and gained weight after my daughter was born.  Now, 18 years later, after finally losing the extra weight, I was miraculously left with a much larger chest!

    I got refitted for bras at one of those high-end bra boutiques (The Full Cup, in my case), and it was a huge improvement for me.  I got some European seamed lace underwire bras, and it changed my whole body!  Unlike others, however, I have since bought bras for less at Nordstroms here in Norfolk, and got the same level of service (professional fitting) as I did at the boutique, and the prices were quite a bit lower (albeit still higher than the mainstream but ill-fitting bras I used to wear).

    I wouldn’t mess with Victoria’s Secret at all.  I was totally unimpressed with their selection for my size (36D to 40DDD, depending on the maker and the specific bra).  I thought their quality was really cheesy for the price.  SOMA also couldn’t fit me with anything that gave me the support of the bras I get at the boutique, or at Nordstroms (some of the brands that didn’t work for another poster are perfect for me!).

    Bras are a very individual thing – but a good fitting by someone who knew what they were doing seems essential to me.  I have found decent bras for a song at the Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, PA – but never find the sizes I need in department stores, not with the support I need.  Also, the cup shape seems all wrong for me in many “mainstream bras”.

    Also, sometimes at home, I just relax and put a sports bra on – great support, freedom to move about.  Heaven.

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    • Generic Image Lisa Davis says

      I, like you, am unimpressed with Victorias Secret..they have nothing for being large breasted!  I, too, after having kids went from a 36C to a 38D..permanently!  I am now 55, and have gained 10 lbs too much (how did you lose your weight?) (I find that I don’t care enough not to have that glass of wine or piece of dark chocolate)…but another time..Anyway, love a couple of my sports bras, and occasionally have found sport bras that are heaven…a specialty bra store didn’t do much for me…I am going on a trip soon to Europe, need new bras, so I am thinking Stein Mart first, Nordie’s second…

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  7. Generic Image RamblinRedhead says

    I forgot to stress that seamed bras do typically provide a lot more support than than the more common foam-cup t-shirt style of bra.  I try to alternate days between the more supportive seamed bras, and the t-shirt bras, which are smoother under some of my outfits.

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  8. Generic Image RocketCityStarbuck says

    Go to a high end department store and get a bra fitting.  I usually go to a Nordstrom (I don’t live near one right now, but my travels take me to where they are located frequently.  If you are large busted (I just went from a UK 36H to a US 36H).  For good support that is still pretty, you need a 3-seam, side support bra.  Again, depending on your bust size Elomi is absolutely fantastic (they are UK sized and most are very substantial but beautiful fabrics).  You would not believe the difference wearing them has made for me.  I am now able to wear Wacoal and the LaFemme bra which is very sheer is just as supportive!

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    • Generic Image Bethy says

      I absolutely swear by Prima Donna Satin Full Cup bras- I’ve been wearing them for years.   Most high end stores will have them but check first because you’ll need a fitting.  I went from a 34 to 32 and my posture actually improves when I wear them.  No awful seems either, just lots of support and a smooth look.

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  9. Laura Laura says

    Sorry I opted for the surgery and 10 years later they still look great. Best money I ever spent. Just a little lift.

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  10. Facesoverfiftydotcom Facesoverfiftydotcom says

    I love, love, love http://www.barenecessities.com. Swear by them. And the Elomi bras. Easy returns, lots of great customer service, more sizes and styles than you’ll ever find in a department or specialty store and a special plus sized site.

    Simply the best!

    And right now they have a 25% off the entire order special going on.

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  11. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    Two things, one get a pair of very slim silicone pads to hide nipples if that is an issue; two ensure the side of the bra is deep and that enable the cups to get a decent hold on wider straps.  I had surgery and lipo due to cancer, one just grew and grew the other stayed at a 36c too radiated to regenerate.  Had augmentation surgery, got flesh eating disease on radiated size, now am still lopsided.  Oh well.  No tumor.

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    • Generic Image Lisa Davis says

      Hang in there. No tumor is hugely more important than breast size (or similarity)!  Although you probably know already, please hear it from me – you are probably the only one that notices your lopsidedness…everyone else is too busy focusing on their stuff!!

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    • Hawk Lady Hawk Lady says

      Hello thricedivorced. I, had a lumpectomy and radiation in 2007 and I am not just a little lopsided . I am a lot lopsided. They didn’t tell me my breast would shrink from radiation. I’ve decided not to be reconstructed though because the thought of using muscle from one site to be moved to another just doesn’t sound good to me..

      I went to the department store and bought these inserts (chicken tenders) to fill out my small boob’s bra cup (it is probably half the size of the other). The inserts are sold for swim suits (wink wink). Go to a good store and tell them what you are looking for and why. You’ll get lots of help.

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  12. fischerpat fischerpat says

    Are any of these amazing bras you are all mentioning even the tiniest bit comfortable?  If it’s not comfortable, I’m not wearing it.  When I’ve gone for fittings, they put me in something so tight I could barely breathe.  And no stretchy straps, so no movement allowed.  Misery!

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    • Facesoverfiftydotcom Facesoverfiftydotcom says

      Well, I can only speak for myself and I wouldn’t consider wearing an uncomfortable bra. And I am full-figured. Plus I work out so I need them to be supportive as well as comfortable. Again, anything that I didn’t like from Bare Necessities, I simply sent back. I prefer it to even the high end department stores because many of the bra manufacturers are European and the sizing is different than US manufacturers. So you could be one size in a Bali and something completely different in another manufacturer. I say take a look- there are hundreds of styles!

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  13. Generic Image wrk8 says

    Bras that seem to fit me fine during the daytime get too tight by evening.  Is this common?

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  14. Margaret Placentra Johnston Margaret Placentra Johnston says

    I went to my local Intimacy shop after reading about it in this article. What a surprise! While my lifelong size 38 B had become most annoying in recent months, riding up all day long, the new 34 E (!!) Intimacy insisted was my correct size stays snug all day and is much more comfortable. Could I have been any more wrong about my correct size? The true test will come when I go to buy another, hopefully less expensive, bra elsewhere to see if that same 34 E still works for me in other brands. Anyway, thanks to this article for suggesting the Intimacy stores.

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  15. Generic Image PHYLLIS JOY says

    I love JCPenneys & had a bra fitting there. I found bras with side-lift — you know that section that slides under your armpits…and so many other features. Push-up, gentle lift, underwire, no wire, lots of options. Their Ambrielle line is a competitor to the VS that others have mentioned in this blog. (I was never really happy with VS & online shopping was worse.) I like to try it, and feel the products too. Their customer service was fabulous. And, a new & better return policy. Their prices are more reasonable too.

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