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I was watching What Not to Wear and as they were going through the ladies clothes, they kept pulling out items I recognized from Chicos and threw them all away.  They only tossed them after many negative comments.  They never mentioned Chicos but it was evident the travel line was the first to go, follwed by several  multicolered tops.   Did any one else see this?   I have shopped at Chicos because their clothes fit me.  This women had lost a lot of weight and I am guessing alot of these where her fat clothes. Maybe when I slim down I will toss all of my chico stuff also.

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  1. Hawk Lady Hawk Lady says

    I just went to Chicos online and didn’t see what everyone is talking about – guess you have to be there. When I was in my 20s everything looked nice, now, not so much. I also looked at White House Black Market and didn’t see that much difference between the two. For me, I’ll just keep muddling along buying what catches my eye.

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  2. Generic Image Blondie M. says

    I am 60, 5’6″ tall, blonde and curvy, In traditional sizes, I wear size 12. I am considered individualistic and fashion forward by my friends, and I always choose clothing that is flattering to my shape and colours that are vibrant, although I use black and chocolate brown as my winter neutrals, and white, sand shades & cream in summer. I need clothes for a professional environment that look stylish and appropriate for the occasion at hand. Nor do I want to dress like my daughters… or “too old” on the other hand! I enjoy Chico’s clothing because there is a wide selection of styles and their colours coordinate well season after season. Sometimes, they offer lots I like; other times, not so much, so I just ignore that collection. I don’t want to be a slave to fashion. But I REALLY like the fit of Chico’s jeans and pants; a size 2 or 2.5 fits my full hips and smaller waist perfectly.  I really enjoy some of their tops and jackets as well, and have some special favourites that I’ve enjoyed wearing for a long time and still get many compliments on them. I have a couple of “Travelers” pants and capris that are favourites. I think the trick with the Travelers line is not to wear it top to bottom and avoid the “over-matched” look.  Although WHBM is designed for younger women, I’ve incorporated a few pieces into my wardrobe just for fun. Also (esp. when travelling) some of the Chico’s costume jewelry & accessories can really spark up a simple outfit. Usually I wait for sales and shop online (or on eBay with reliable sellers) but occasionally I will spring for something full price if I know it’s going to be great for me. I’m not married to their brand, but I find some of their pieces are really fun and can add some zing to my wardrobe, which is what we all need sometime=:) Actually it’s simple: if it doesn’t fit properly, or make you look and feel great ,or is poor quality,  then don’t buy it! We all need a session in front of a full-length mirror periodically, but to say that all one store’s clothing is garbage is just not so! Chico’s online also has a great 90 day return policy and I have never had any problems with them at all. Actually, I live in Canada, where we don’t have Chico’s, and I have received many positive remarks from friends and from my man when I’m wearing clothing that doesn’t look the same as everyone else in the room=:) As my Mom once told me, the best thing a woman can wear is CONFIDENCE! Those TV shows are FUN to watch, though!

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  3. Generic Image Anonymous says

    I love chicos clothing.Iam only 5 feet tall and nothing fits .please chicos make some petite size clothing.I AM SURE THERE ARE LOTS OF WOMEN WHO HAVE THIS PROBLEM.AGE APPROPIATE CLOTHING FOR PETITE FIGURES ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND

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    • SassySenior SassySenior says

      This is not really a pro or con Chico’s – but a vignette of how our shopping choices play out in life. On Sunday, I attended the Memorial Service of my best friend’s Mother. She was in her late 80s, a tiny delightful ball of fire who, until a few months ago, worked 2 days a week in an antique shop and was married to the love of her life for 67 years. He was at the service in his Sunday best. Each of their three daughters had written favorite memories of their Mom for the pastor to read. In different ways, Chicos was mentioned by all three as integral to their remembrances of their always fashionable Size 0 Mom.

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  4. Robin Donovan, Menologues Robin Donovan, Menologues says

    I usually love the show – but Stacy London always pisses me off when she says “slacks without a zipper are not real slacks.”

    She’s a stylist. As such she dresses perfect Hollywood bodies. Even into their 60′s and 70′s – most of these women find ways to avoid weight gain, abdominal discomfort – who know, maybe that’s where we get the expression “no brains no pain.” 

    Stacy doesn’t get “us.” On a certain body type Chico’s clothing is lovely and stylish – not every item they offer – but enough.

    For those of us with scar tissue or other reasons for discomfort – Chico’s is a lifesaver. I have actually thought about contacting them and explaining my unique situation to see how they’d “style” me.

    Now that I’ve read your post – I want to explain the facts of life to Stacy more than ever! She tries so hard to make women feel good about themselves, and one thoughtless comment about pants without zippers kills it for many Vibrant women.

    I just don’t think she knows any better – we’re not just tired old slugs too lazy to deal with zippers. When I wear zippered pants I’m either uncomfortable, or wearing a size so large its completely unflattering.

    Stacy’s next comment would be “get the larger size and bring them to a good tailor.” Tried it – failed . And it cost me a bundle.

    Maybe we should get the folks at Vibrant Nation to back us and contact Stacy – it’s time to educate her!

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    • Generic Image holly says

      I agree Stacy is high style and does not really dress for the work aday world.  I need to bend at work lift carry and at times sit on the floor.  To me REAL pants need to stay with me and there are times when elastic IS a REAL PANT AS IS AN ELASTIC WAIST

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  5. Generic Image MaryLorraine says

    Funny this thread has come up again. Now that ColdwaterCreek has crashed because someone made a decision to ruin it, I guess the look is on again to find clothes that flatter. I have a huge problem withChico’s and their vanity sizing. The first time I looked at their site I closed it because I thought it was just for the skinny. Just recently I looked at their stuff. Eh. And still that sizing. Why do this? So, if you are an XL you can wear, what a 6 in their phony sizing? Thank goodness I have a closet full of the way it used to be at CC!

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