Change in hair texture as it turns gray

As my hair turns to gray from dark brown the texture has gone from straight  and smooth to course and frizzy.  Has this happened to others?  I use a flat iron and it helps but it is a bother.  Does anyone have a better fix? 

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  1. zblair zblair says

    You can get hair products that are designed for gray hair and also your specific hair composition (dry/oily, etc.) A good conditioner is worth its weight in gold as far as I am concerned.

    My hair did much the same thing so I went back to dyeing it which solved most of the problems I was having, but as I mentioned, products can help. I would ask whomever cuts your hair if you go to a salon or head to a beauty supply open to the public and ask there.

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  2. Lorri Lorri says

    I had brown hair and started going grey at 23. After 3 attempts at streaking my hair and never recognizing myself as I left the salon (to say nothing of the expense and the toxic build-up I was looking at for having gone what I call “Arctic Blond so early in life), I decided to embrace my grey and so I have lots of experience at this. The fuzzies are pretty normal I think, and I too controlled it with lots of product, equipment and hairspray. But in the last few years, my hair started to yellow (it was burning I think) and my lungs started going wonky on my from all the chemicals. So, here’s the deal – I use a blueing shampoo and leave it in for a good 5 minutes while I am showering, then as zblair says, a good conditioner for silver hair (Pantene has this for example). Then I make light use of an anti-frizz styling product and I let my hair mostly air dry (less heat means less fuzz and yellowing) while I dress, make breakfast and make the bed. When I do use the blow dryer, I try to keep the heat low. I have transitioned my cut to one that is more forgiving of a natural look so that the style is coming more from the cut than from the blow dryer. And as a final step before placing my hair, I run a tiny dab of serum through it for shine – my hair almost sparkles since I have made these changes and I get loads and loads of compliments, even from complete strangers who just stop me in passing to remark on my hair. Hope this helps.

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    • Generic Image kats says

      Thanks,   the pantene might do the trick.  What is blueing shampoo?   I just need help in the one area so far.  I also use shine products, i love my hair to shine.

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      • zblair zblair says

        Blueing shampoo is designed to keep gray hair from yellowing, essentially keeping it gray and bright. For conditioner I had a lot of luck with Matrix products – I think the product line is called “So Silver”  but other companies have products specifically for gray hair that probably work just as well. Ulta sells it (if you have one of those near you) and Sally’s Beauty Supply sells a lot of salon brands. You can also do a search online for haircare products specifically for gray hair.

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  3. Tamara Tamara says

    I love Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner…smells great and keep my silver soft and shiny! I also started using something called Morroccan hair oil. I rub a nickel sized amount in my damp hair, and it makes my hair feel like silk.

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