Beware “40 Carrots” Skincare Hot Conversation

A VN expert recommended the skincare line “40 Carrots” recently in a featured article. I just wanted to warn others I tried it and have had an extreme reaction (first time ever in my life – I have no allergies and have never had a problem with any other skincare). I can only assume I am sensitive to retinol. I now have dry, red, scaly, sunburned-feeling skin on my face and my eye area (from the cleanser) has been severely swollen for 2 days (despite ceasing use immediately, the symptoms have not abated). My advice is to proceed with caution, especially if you don’t know how your skin handles retinol.

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18 Responses

  1. anir anir says

    So sorry to hear about this Lisa.  Did you go see a doctor to see what can be done to alleviate the reaction?  Some chemicals can keep reacting for days since it can penetrate the outer skin.  Please see a physician ASAP if you have not already done so.  Our skin is our biggest organ, we need to take care of it as best we can.  It is our first line of defense to the germ world.

    A lot of skin products should be used with extreme caution.  There should be a bold visible warning on these products to try it first on a small patch of unoticeable skin before applying to the face.

    Thanks for the warning.

    Take care.


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  2. Evie Evie says

    Ouch! Oh, Lisa, how awful! Yes, do have the doc take a look at this as soon as possible!

    I am overly cautious, these days, because I put off my doc appointment when I got my shingles rash. I could have avoided more problems/pain if I had gone in sooner!

    Any kind of rash around the eyes needs special attention. Take care, dear, and let us know how you are doing!



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  3. Generic Image dillin257 says

    Good advise Lisa, sorry to hear of your reaction, I hope you can get it under control.

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  4. Martha Maria Martha Maria says

    Thank you for telling us.  I actually looked for it the other day at Krogers but couldn’t find it.  I had a severe reaction to a cream a few years back…I think it was a Burt’s Bees product, but I do remember it was supposed to be some kind of carrot concoction.  I do have sensitive skin.  I had a reaction to an oil of olay product for the eyes a few years back and I swear, my eyelids were swollen for months…..I thought it might be permanent.  Now, I use vaseline or castor oil on my eyes and am very careful about eye make up…usually just Almay.  Hope you get over this soon.  Are you in Mexico yet? 

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  5. Lisa Mallett Lisa Mallett says

    I tried to post a response to all of you earlier this morning, but I seem to be having trouble with the new VN site…my answer has not appeared on the chain of posted comments, so I will try again.

    Thanks everyone for the support and advice.  Apparently nothing can be done except use a very mild cleanser and nothing else – leave it to heal and it will probably take weeks, if not months.

    40 Carrots Skin Care has actually ADDED 10 YEARS to my face – the swelling, puffiness and fluid retention caused terrible lines and creasing above and below my eyes.  I look like “Yoda” from Star Wars.  I am going to a big, international conference this week and am planning to wear glasses with tinted lenses to try and hide some of the damage.

    I just want to warn other women and hopefully spare them this awful experience. 

    VN may need to be more cautious and rigorous about who/what it sponsors/showcases or allows to be recommended/endorsed in its new format of bona fide “expert” articles. I have since learned retinol is not for daily use (most docs recommend twice a week use at most) but the 40 Carrots line provides no such warning or advice – labelling indicates it is for daily use.

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    • Martha Maria Martha Maria says

      I’m so sorry this happened to you! 

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    • Generic Image dillin257 says

      Weeks or months, I’m so sorry, about this too. Good luck at the conference…

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    • Duffy! Duffy! says

      Oh my God, Lisa. It will take WEEKS to MONTHS for the damage to your face to subside??? Wow. It’s the age-old problem of accepting any advertiser who wants to give you the money you need in order to pay the bills. It’d be great if VN would check out the products before endorsing them, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. I doubt if any websites do that.

      Technically the “VN expert” should do a new article about what happened to you and warn VN’ers… but I sincerely doubt that’ll ever happen. So maybe you should just keep posting a on a regular basis about what 40 Carrots Skin Care did to your face, because this is reprehensible. And on a side note, the timing (re the national conference) absolutely sucks eggs.

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      • Lisa Mallett Lisa Mallett says

        Hey Duffy, dillin57 and Martha Maria,

        Yes, I will have alligator hide on my face for quite some time to come.  I certainly won’t be comfortable doing my usual networking, looking like I do.  The timing could not be much worse as far as needing to be in public and interfacing in person with tons of people.

        I put far too much faith in the VN feature and abandoned my own judgement – ordinarily I would NEVER have purchased skin care products from a discount store, especially stuff that is so cheap and has next to no labelling/directions for use.

        The packaging is really cheap-looking and the skin cleanser smelled much like carrot cake – I found it too sweet-smelling, and rather sickening to wash my face with.  The serum was orange-ish, but didn’t have much of a scent…but I think it’s responsible for most of the damage.

        I am suffering the effects of a “retinol burn” and burns take time to heal.  The excess fluid in my face/around my eyes is from the body sending white blood cells to help with the healing, but the puffiness and creasing is something to behold!  And one eye area is worse than the other, so I look lopsided as well!  lol

        The old saying holds true – “Caveat emptor” – buyer beware.

        Thanks for the support, ladies! 

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      • Scribbler Scribbler says

        I really am sorry that you have suffered a reaction – I am cautious to almost paranoia when it comes to my skin.  I have reactions to some pretty ‘safe things’, I am allergic to Almay products for crying out loud.

        I just want to offer a tiny word of additional caution – be very very careful with your sun exposure until all the mess is healed completely.   If you can, I would also be limiting on the lighting around you.  



        I hope you are feeling better very soon and thank you for the warning to other women.

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      • Angela Mahler Angela Mahler says

        After never having a single problem with skin products, I had a similar reaction from both a L’Oreal eye makeup remover (relatively cheap) and a product from the French line Guerlain (expensive).

        I am really careful about what I put on my face these days.

        I actually used the eye make up remover for quite a while not realizing it was what was causing the problem. What a mess my eyes were.

        I know what you are going through and I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Get well soon!

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      • Evie Evie says

        OMGosh! Just sounds so horrible! Thank you for warning us! Just know we are thinking of you…bad things DO happen to nice people! 

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      • Lisa Mallett Lisa Mallett says

        Hi Evie and all who responded,

        My face has been saved by an oil/serum by “Caudalie” that I got at Sephora. 

        I’ve used the “Pulpe Vitaminee” regenerating concentrate (made from grapes/grapeseed oils) and it enabled me to be seen in public.  It kept the flaking and peeling substantially at bay when no other moisturizer I tried worked at all on the alligator hide that had become my face!  I continue to nurse my skin back to health from that retinol “burn” – it will take time, but it seems two weeks in that the worst may be over.  What an experience.

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      • Generic Image dillin257 says

        I’m really glad Lisa…

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      • Martha Maria Martha Maria says

        SO glad to hear that it’s healing!!! 

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      • Martha Maria Martha Maria says

        One more thing…I know a lot of people have little faith in the Edgar Cayce remedies, but I think he was a true psychic….anyway, I’m pretty sure that the Edgar Cayce remedy would be to saturate REAL wood flannel in organic castor oil and rest with that on your face….Castor oil ‘loves an injury’  to quote Edgar.  You probably know about Edgar Cayce…you can google his name and read about his prescriptions.  MM

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      • Lisa Mallett Lisa Mallett says

        Thanks dillin57 and MM,

        MM – I will remember the castor oil remedy for the future.  For now, things are going in the right direction.  I can be seen in public and the Caudalie serum has won the battle with my dry flaking skin.  I only look like Yoda for the first two hours after waking and rising!

        Thanks for caring.   

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      • Evie Evie says

        I think we have all learned from your experience, Lisa. What an awful ordeal. I’m glad you have found a remedy and are on the mend!

        I will think long and hard before putting anything ‘new’ on my face!

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