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I’ve used the same makeup line for decades (a good department store brand) but as my skin is changing, I’d really like to find something that will give me that extra little boost. I’m willing to pay more for makeup that is great for slightly dry skin and that does a good job of camouflaging fine lines without feeling or looking too heavy. Any suggestions?

Healthy, glowing skin after 50: 5 skincare essentials you can't live without

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  1. Generic Image Tahiti Girl says

    I didn’t have the same luck with Bare Minerals, or Jane Iredale for that matter. But you may want to try. Jane Iredale is a mineral based make-up you can usually find it at cosmetic/plastic surgeon’s offices and finer salons. They usually have a small sample you can try without buying anything. Bare Minderals has an into package with a little bit of commonly used products which costs about $60-70. I myself have mixed mature skin, I like the Yeves Saint Laurent line minimizing foundation. It is about $50-70. I also swear by the touche’ eclate which I have used for about 15 years–yes when it first came out. It is great for under eye, and the parentheses around your mouth. It doesn’t settle into your wrinkles like others do and is very light. It costs about $32+/-. You can find YSL at stores like Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, etc. The Touche Eclate used to be carried by Costco, but I haven’t been to one in a while. I hope this helps. A good skin care program is Obagi, they have different levels for different types of skin. I started using it and it has done well for my mature skin. You need to be consistant/diligent with it at first –about 4-5 months and then you can move to the maintenance phase.

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    • Generic Image birdiebabe says

      I would like to comment that I have a girlfriend who is in her 70s’ and loved the Re9 antiaging skin care line from Arbonne.  She had an appt with her plastic surgeon – post mastectomy work – and he encouraged her to try “his line of skincare” = she did so and within the month was calling to have her Re9 line refilled as her skin was “missing the look and feel” of her Arbonne. Seriously – within a day you can feel a difference and then the comments start coming – “what are you doing different to your face?” “your face glows” “you look radiant”  ”something’s different – what is it?”  and so on. I love Arbonne.         Lis

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  2. Generic Image Dawn4 says

    I would first “fix” what is under your makeup. We all need a beautiful canvas to paint…………
    Then for the “paint” go to

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  3. connieelder connieelder says

    Great skincare is the place to start, then a good primer. The primer will give you what you are looking for to fill in the lines, so your makeup doesn’t. Make up that fills in your lines, looks like it filled in your lines (not pretty). A primer (which is clear) will fill in the lines and make your makeup glide on with the illusion of less lines. Primers I personally love are SPACKLE by Laura Geller found on
    or Photo Finish by SMASHBOX also found on
    For foundations; I like both Laura Geller and SMASHBOX…but my favorite foundation is DAN READ “Silver Screen Series’ Cosmetics found online at
    This foundation looks natural, last all day, wears so well and doesn’t absorb into your skin. A little goes a long way. The color choices are many, therefore all skintones can be matched. You might even get Dan on the phone when you call to help you with your color choice.
    Try UNDEROLOGY Skin Care, it is a line of products full of great active ingredients and not diluted with fillers and perservatives. Try the new HYDROlicious moisturizer!

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    • Generic Image birdiebabe says

      A primer that feels like silk and works beautifully on your skin comes from Arbonne.  Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer – a blend of vitamins, skin-perfecting pigments, advanced cushioning and anti-aging ingredients works in wonderful harmony to help tone, smooth and minimize the visual appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. And you are so right that good skincare is the right place to start.   Look forward to hearing from you.     Lis

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  4. LindaR LindaR says

    I’m a big Dr. Hauschka fan – I use their estheticians for fabulous facials and all their products. Everythings’s available in Whole Foods, which has replaced my big department store as the place to shop for beauty products. 

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  5. Lois Joy Johnson Lois Joy Johnson says

     It’s not a question of using a specific brand – it’s important to use the right textures in makeup as your skin quality changes due to intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Try using a serum under your moisturizer to boost hydration- Chanel Hydramax + Serum and Cream are one duo I’m crazy about. And use an eye primer like Laura Mercier’s or Trish McEvoy’s on lids, a face primer sandwiched between skin treatment and foundation- I happen to currently like Giorgio Armani’s- so makeup application is easier and won’t pool or settle in creases and expression lines. Your makeup will glide on effortlessly and last.

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  6. Lois Joy Johnson Lois Joy Johnson says

    Still loving above suggestions but also pretty fond  Bobbi Brown  Extra Tinted  Moisturizing Balm which is amaaaaazing !

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  7. The Makeover Guy The Makeover Guy says

    I have found the Jayne Iredale Mineral Cosmetics very popular with mature skin.  And, I wear it every day…I’m a man, and you can’t see it.  (Plus it stays in place). 

    I also LOVE Gerda Spillman Bio Fond.  It’s from Switzerland and used on many of the Television studios as it stays in place but has a natural glow.  Pharmaceutical grade, almost skincare in a foundation.

    I do wish they could make mineral cosmetics a little more matte.  If you rub too much it gets a little “dewy” looking.  Which, on mature skin, can just mean “LOOK AT MY PORES!”

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    • Generic Image vannete vititow says

      Trish McEvoy has the only non-shiny mineral m/u around at this present time. Try it–$35. Great! They also have a trick—[altho Trish doesn't even understand it] Even Skin Corrector–rub over t-zone[where pores are larger] and you will see no pores. looks like a 12 yr old skin.

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  8. Generic Image mannm says


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  9. Generic Image birdiebabe says

    I have found that the Re9 anti-aging skin care line from Arbonne is fabulous!!!  Swiss formulated, made in the USA, no mineral oil, lanolin or other animal products – herb and botanically based.   Email me for a 5 day trial (free!!)    check out it out at

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  10. Generic Image beee says

    Skin care first.  The best for my 50+ skin for the  usual eye and  mouth  lines….from HSN–M.Asam.  A whole set of long lasting products for less than 50.00.  Then I use mineral foundation as the southwest will melt many liquid foundations in summer.  Im trying Bare Escentuals now but have used Desert Earth for a long time now and its almost gone  and for the eyes..the new “felt pen” products.  check for them at sephora.  (Never could draw a straight line)                    

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  11. Ninapwa Ninapwa says

    I use Lauren Hutton’s Face Disc…….she has added many new products, but I like the all-in-one compact.  Her make-up is so sheer, and it is not shiny… makes me look like myself—only better.  When I was young, I also used Indian Earth—exclusively.  No foundation.  Just dusted Indian Earth on my cheekbones, across my closed eyes, under my jawline………

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  12. Generic Image vannete vititow says

    Primer is of great importance. I like LaPrairie Essence of caviar serum.[firms, shows skin to be as great as it can be---better. helps m/u be slightly thinned and supple] I also, like LaPrairie Caviar m/u. [b/c it has caviar in it, it further firms your skin and makes you look soooooooooo beautiful!] very pricey up front, but lasts at least 2 yrs. you would buy your usual brand 4-6 times b/f this.

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  13. energizersnobabe energizersnobabe says

    I’m 52 and everyone swears I look in my 30′s… my makeup “secret” is a high SPF moisturizer, EVERY DAY! I currently use Neutrogena’s Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Moisture (SPF 20) on regular, run-around-errand days, and then I use Neutrogena’s Age Shield Face Sunblock (SPF 70) on days when I’m going to be outside for hours. My makeup is Bare Minerals…I’ve used it for years and swear by it. I’ve never found anything that provides so much control over coverage and lasts as long! For those of you who fret that you look “dewey” or moist… THIS IS A GOOD THING! Dry facial skin looks old… embrace your shine, ladies, it makes you look YEARS younger! Moisturize and glow… it’s good!

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  14. Generic Image vannete vititow says

    you will love this:Use LaPrairie Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream all over face and neck, decltete[your skin will LOOK so good,people will not be able to take their eyes off of you--it has a beautiful sheen--not shine] Then use LaPrairie Caviar foundation. Use small amount,begin on nose and center of face.slowly blend out—maybe not going all the way out unless you need to cover something. Make-up gets in these outer lines and looks bad. Do not use powder. Use a clean puff and push into face thru center of face. This makes it a part of your skin and picks up any if you have used too much. you will look youthful!   Use a sheer bronzer on large areas of cheeks and at hairline. Put a small amount of blush on tip-top of cheekbone ONLY. about  a quarter-size area. This lifts up your whole face and draws attention to your eyes.

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  15. Generic Image Robin Feinberg says

    Sunscreen is a MUST, indoors or out, especially with AHA’s or a retinoid. Secondly, there’s a free website,, by Paula Begoun, author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me”. Many, many products are reviewed from drugstore brands to high end, and they’re reviewed based on science. So, before you hand over the bucks, check out this free site. I’ve never made a mistake with products based on the recommendations. You’ll be surprised at what not to use, and brands like LaPrarie, are sometimes not rated well, depending on the product.

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