Ashley Judd Delivers A Stinging Slap Most Liked Hot Conversation

When Ashley Judd was attacked in broad daylight, no one in the media seemed to notice.  The media is supposed to report news of vicious attacks on women, right?  So, why didn’t the media report this particular attack?  Because they were the attackers.

The dissection and picking apart of a person’s body and flesh is considered a crime in most of today’s world, yet this woman’s body was legally, and with some flourish, most definitely pulled apart at the seams.

I’m not talking about a person being ‘thin skinned’ here.  Ashley Judd has certainly taken her share of abuse before simply by being in the public spotlight, and she has chosen to turn away from the attacks.  But this was different.  Perhaps it was time to fight back.  Why?  Ask yourself this question:

At what point does the objectification of our bodies lead to the belief that our very being can be taken and used at will?

Speculation over a person’s appearance is wrong on so many levels it’s hard for me to even nail it down.  However, Ms. Judd did just that in her article in The Daily Beast.  Be sure to click on and read this fascinating, touching, and insightful verbal slap:  Ashley Judd Slaps Media In The Face

This whole subject had my undies in a bundle earlier when I posted Beyond Buxom Beauties in my blog after Paula Deen got lambasted in the media for not disclosing her diabetes.  You heard the debate, right?  Paula Deen cooks her fabulous dishes on Food Network and they are based on ‘olde tyme’ Southern cooking; ie. butter, bacon, fat, sugar, etc.  Okay.  I get it.  Eat healthier.

But the ugly just got started.

The whirlwind didn’t stop at the fact that Paula Deen was cooking food that no diabetic should be eating.  If that was where it stopped, I wouldn’t be mentioning that little kerfuffle in the same breath as Ashley Judd’s media slap-down.  No.  The ugly went way beyond her cooking – it went straight to the heart of  her womanhood and, more importantly, her personhood.

Paula Deen was getting criticized for being a full-figured woman.  She was being picked apart, ridiculed, and dissected.  How dare she look like THAT and cook like THAT?  Every ugly word felt like a slap in my face.  Then I started seeing ‘pretty’ full-figured women in the blogosphere and the social sites du jour.  Again, I felt a slap in the face.  Why are we posting pictures of pretty young women who happen to be larger than a supermodel and saying; “See! It’s okay to be big.”  It is STILL objectification!  We are still picking each other apart – this one’s pretty, this one’s not – and on and on and on.

Can we please stop feeling the need to give the ‘seal of approval’ to a woman based on her weight/skin/hair/nose/boobs?  Can we please just BE without your approval?

Ashley Judd said it better than I ever could when she wrote; “We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification.”

Every woman, private or public, has the right to be who she is without anyone judging her by her appearance.  Young or old, big or small, we all live in our body and skin, and it’s no one’s business but our own.  In other words, when Ashley Judd, or Paula Deen, or I want anyone’s opinion, we’ll ask for it.

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21 Responses

  1. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    YES Yes yes.  Thank you.

    I hated what many did to Paula Deen.  Her health issues are not ours to comment on. 

    I hated all the hooplah o Ashley Judds changed appearance.  Again, not ours to speculate on.

    Neither of them asked us for our opinions about their looks or their helath. 

    Paula Deen didn’t sit on anyone and force feed them her recipes.

    And Ashley Judd is an actress.  We can choose to watch her, or we can turn the channel.

    OUR CHOICE.  All the way around.  Neither one of them forced anything on any one of us. 

    We have no right to judge them.

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    • Generic Image earth mutha says

      Well said, again.  I was personally amazed and saddened at some of the comments posted here. Some were just plain mean.  I thought we had a sisiterhood within this site.  I think the article should be reposted so some of the angrier could re-read what they posted and hopefully try to figure out where all that anger came from.

      And why they chose Paula Deen to unleash on!  Amazing!

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      • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

        Thank YOU earth mutha!  It is amazing how our sisters can be the first to be so critical.  As if they have the RIGHT???  Not sure where all the vitriol comes from – inside somewhere?  Feeling inadequate so have to find someone to unleash their anger and critical judgment on?  I don’t know.  I’m not a psychologist.  Maybe someone on this VN community is and can chime in.
        Thank you again for your comment.

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      • Generic Image kanmko says

        Sometimes we get started on one topic and digress to others. At least that’s what I have to consider. I’m happy for Paula Deen’s success, but even her son offers healthier alternatives to her style of cooking. 

        BTW, I like how Ashley Judd handled herself in her response. I hope that she’s doing well.

        Thanks again ladies.

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    • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

      “not ours to comment on”  “not ours to speculate on”
      Thank YOU Dallas Lady!  I knew I wasn’t alone in this.  When will this ugly behavior end?
      Thank you again.

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  2. Generic Image kanmko says

    The news media is notorious for not policing itself. Look at the Murdoch tabloid scandals, and American cable tv’s non-objectivity whether on the left or right. It’s entertainment, and it’s changing. This is where we come in. Until relatively recent times, we’ve never had the immediacy to respond to what’s being put out there .

    We can’t ignore the fact that every American organization/institution is a small sampling of America as a whole. It’s just that the media has had the privilege of being in a position to provide information that is presumed to be objectivite and a more informed point of view.

    When often, media is often just as subjective as the person sitting next to you in your home/office/place of worship, at a diner or on a bus, who has an opinion about a topic. 

    The best way to lessen that kind of information assimilation is to stay curious and informed ourselves. 

    Thanks ladies.

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    • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

      Excellent point, kanmko.  Years ago media was clearly divided between “news” and “entertainment.”  Those days seem to be gone, at least in many venues.  Staying informed is the right thing to do.
      As far as “picking apart women,” even that form of “entertainment” is turned into “news” by hosting panels of so-called experts on the topic of the day.  Whether the experts are picking apart a woman’s appearance/health or your neighbor is, it’s still objectifying women – reducing her to some sort of carcass.  Like I said before “nobody asked for your opinion” – media!
      Thank you again for your thoughtful approach to this whole subject, kanmko.  I really appreciate your deep thoughts!

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  3. Generic Image Pat A. says

    I’m a diabetic.  I have gone from 304 pounds to 184.  Sooner or later WE have to take responsibility for our choices.  I didn’t need to know about Ms. Deen.  I already could figure it out.  Anyone that is paying attention knows what’s healthy and what is not.  Heavens!  The media should report on that, oh wait it does.
    If I can make my own choices without media intervention so can everyone else. The point is to be healthy and Ms Judd can do whatever she wants!  I am going to have plastic surgery because I have a shed over my tools and am getting sores.  Report on that media!
    The biggest problem is that if you are in the public eye for some reason it is assumed you are open game like it’s hunting season.  LEAVE THEM ALONE!  It’s gossip, plain and simple.  Truth or fiction, it hurts people.

    Oh and if you watch most cooking shows aren’t all that healthy either, so we pick on one? This whole thing just upsets me and saddens me.

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    • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

      Congratulations on your tremendous weight loss.  You have truly fought the good fight and won!  I appreciate your honest examination of your own needs to lose weight and get healthier.  You had what it took to do what you needed to do, without any help from a media campaign to blast celebrities.  Kudos.
      “LEAVE THEM ALONE!  It’s gossip, plain and simple.”  I love that you said that.  After all, if it’s permissible to pick the bones of people in the public eye, isn’t it acceptable to bad mouth everyone?  When does it stop?  I agree.  Leave us ALL alone and let us be at home in our body/skin.  It’s a matter of boundaries and I don’t want mine crossed!
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and your thoughts.  Yes, it upsets and saddens me, too.  Can you tell?  Take care and keep up the good work!

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      • Generic Image Pat A. says

        Thank you for such sweet comments.  Sometimes the hardest thing a friend can do is be honest with you.  I will also never understand why it is easy to belittle and gossip about others.  Love is so easy.  There is good in everyone of us.  When in the world are we going to learn?  And I like the comment on wars and what others have said.
        Funny but you know I have found NOWHERE in this world that said we have to agree.  Just have an understanding heart.  And the sad thing is people made money off Ashley and Paula’s little reporting.  Personally, that’s blood money.  It takes a little out of a person when others think they are judge and jury on their life.  I know I have enough in my life to keep me busy.  Maybe some of these “reporters” need some of my busy.

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    • Generic Image Marilynne says

      I am a diabetic.  When I heard about Paula Deen I thought: What a tough spot to be in diabetes wise.  I wondered how much will power it took to be exposed to those foods and not give in to them.  However, so many men who are TV cooks are just fat and no one even knows if they have diabetes or heart trouble or any of the weight-related diseases.  

      The press is guilty of running off at the mouth (talking loudly without thinking of the effect the words have).  If we quit reading those articles, protest the mean spiritedness of those articles, maybe we can have some effect.

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      • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

        Thank you for commenting, Marilynne.  Yes, I think if we tune out and don’t give the critics a place for their words to “land” then maybe they’ll get the message.
        And, yes, women seem to be much more “picked apart” (judged by their appearances) than men are.  I think women like Ashley Judd and Paula Deen have taken more abuse by the news media and social media than any man ever would given the same circumstances.  It’s a pity and a shame.  We just have to raise the conversation above the dirt it’s in now.
        Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

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      • Generic Image Pat A. says

        EXACTLY!  And even the thin ones don’t eat how they cook all the time. How do you think I got to 304 pounds!!
        Thank you so much for that comment.

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    • Generic Image Susy Meredith says

      I saw an interview with Paula Dean last year and she was asked if she ate the meals she cooks on her program every day, and she said NO!  She said they are for special occasions and that they are full of fat, etc, and should not be eaten every day.  

      Paula Dean is showing the world how to make Southern dishes, not advocating that they are eaten all the time.  We all know what is healthy and what is not, and it is our choice to decide what we want to consume.
      I love Paula Dean.  She’s a good person.

      As for Ashley Judd… I love her too, not only as an actor, but as a strong woman.  We should all be as strong.  She is one of us, something a friend and I used to call a Gorilla Woman.  That’s a woman who is not only all the things we are, but with the added ability and self image that allows us to be strong and be able to do things for ourselves, and not just look for a man to do it for us.  

      We are Woman.

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  4. Barbara J. Semple Barbara J. Semple says

    Thank goodness we live in a world where our voices can be heard, where Ashley Judd can speak her truth, and so can Paula Dean, and you and me here.

    Being mindful of more than one point of view, I know our world is rapidly changing and what looks like something really bad actually has a silver lining in terms of our collective consciousness in general. What used to be okay is no longer okay and we know it in our hearts.

    For example, all of the wars and fighting around the world are causing individuals everywhere to wake up to a deeper heart’s desire that says s/he KNOWS what is best for her is a planet of inhabitants who love, respect, and honor one another and they actually work together for a common good. That’s an awakening vision of possibility. So the larger and growing numbers of people who are becoming aware of what feels IN harmony by looking at the “disharmony” is a very good thing in terms of humanity’s conscious or unconscious evolution.

    The Paula Dean “scandal” discussion has had benefits surely for some people who have now realized they should eat less butter, fat and sugar.
    And Ashley Judd, Brava! Previously she didn’t pay attention to what was written about her. Then she was moved to speak. When she did address the “doo doo” that was being said about her, which she did in a powerful woman way, women like me took note, reviewed feelings and became stronger because of Ashley’s communication.

    I like this quote from Maya Angelou:

    “A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”

    Even if the media picks people apart with its ‘shock and awe’ to hook us into their story, which I am not condoning BTW, humanity as a collective consciousness is becoming more discerning, smarter, brighter, more respectful and honoring of one another. Every piece of “doo doo” the media publishes is an opportunity for greater understanding of what is true in my higher mind and heart. I’m sure of it.

    Barbara J. Semple

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    • Patti Winker Patti Winker says

      And Brava to you, too, Barbara.  Yes, the discussion is what it’s all about.  Back in the 50s (and earlier) women were told to be quiet… keep the peace… behave… be nice.  The suicide rate for women in the 50s, you know those lovely little housewives in their suburban homes, was higher than any time in history.
      Now, when injustices (no matter how lame or how small) are done to a woman, we feel the need to speak out.  That didn’t come naturally… that came through hard work!
      Back during the “feminist movement” we were taught that words mattered.  They were used to corral, harass, or keep us at bay – they kept us apart.  Now we know that words can be used to join us together.  When we hear ugly words spoken by ugly minds trying to tear a woman apart, we recognize the evil intent.  Women can not and will not be held down by words!  And yes… the only way to reduce these words to ashes is to speak them and rebuke them!
      Thank you, Barbara, for chiming in to this conversation in such a powerful way.  I really appreciate your insight.

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  5. Generic Image Pat A. says

    Good thing I was messing diapers in the 50′s because I could never keep my mouth shut.
    I really believe that the strength of a woman is blessing to the world.

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  6. Generic Image Pat A. says

    Sorry but here are some quotes that have kept me grounded.

    And as Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can’t handle me at my worse, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

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  7. Generic Image Pat A. says

    I think this says it all and has grounded me.  To all my wonderful sisters on this earth.
    “A strong woman is one who feels deeply
    and loves fiercely.
    Her tears flow just as
    abundant as her laughter.

    A strong woman is both soft and powerful.
    She is both
    practical and spiritual.

    A strong woman, in her essence
    is a gift to all the world.”

    And no I don’t feel this one contradicts the previous one.

    “A strong woman works out everyday to keep her body in shape,
    but a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape.
    A strong woman isn’t afraid of anything,
    but a woman of strength shows courage in midst of her fear.
    A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her,
    but a  woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone.
    A strong woman  makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future,
    but a woman of strength realizes that life’s mistakes can also
    be God’s blessings and capitalizes on them.
    A strong woman walks sure-footedly,
    but a woman of strength knows that God will catch her when she falls.”

    “The beauty in a woman isn’t in the
    clothes she wears. The figure she carries
    or the way she combs her hair.  The beauty of a woman
    is seen in her eyes , for that is the doorway to her
    heart, the place where love resides. The true beauty
    of a woman is reflected in her soul.   It’s the caring
    that she gives and the passion that she shows.
    And the beauty of a woman, through passing years, only grows.”

    And as Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can’t handle me at my worse, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

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  8. Generic Image earth mutha says

    Congrats to you Pat A, for such an amzing show of strength, and willpower.
    You should be “over the moon” with pride with that weightloss!!

    As far as Ashley Judd…I adore her. She comes from “good stock” of strong powerful women.  I knew she could defend herself.  I felt Paula Deen was blindsided, and for whatever reason,  different generation, southern to the core, was so taken aback she was really unable to fight back as Ashley Judd did!  So glad she stood up and said I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore! You git um Girl!!  You spoke for those who can’t, and very well said I might add. Love all those Judd women:)  And of course Miss Paula (as we say in the south:)

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