Where are all the single men over 50? Hot Conversation

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  1. Generic Image dowsa says

    I don’t think there are any decent single men over 50.

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  2. Frances L Frances L says

    I am interested to know where to encounter one as well, and if should happen how can you turn a more likely brief opportunity into something more? The older guys I have noticed don’t seem that motivated to make advances. I myself am not forward.

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  3. Lynnette Lynnette says

    i don’t think there are any.  Most men are married by then.  When men get divorced it is because they have someone else already chosen.

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  4. Generic Image deldena says

    I hear you.  I would suggest someone younger though.  There are younger men who can relate and be very good companions.  Take my word for it, it works!!!

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  5. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    Most of them are with women in their late 30s/early 40s.

    Sad to say–but it is true.

    I myself am 50 with a 60 year old.  He’s the best–and a rare breed.

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  6. Alma Alma says

    I ask myself this question all the time.  I feel they are married, on drugs, incarcerated gay or interracially involved.  Being an afro american woman it is very hard to meet someone.  I’m sorry to say but I am not comfortable with dating someone outside of my race so that makes it even harder to meet someone.  I am a hardworking woman, clean, attractive and fun but the data shows that black women are less apt to get married today than women of other races.  Tell Me More by Michelle Martin recently reported that black women with degrees are certainly less apt to get married.  This is so sad when a man should want an intelligent woman, a hard working woman.  But a lot of it comes from women trying to be gold diggers. Most women’s agendas are wrong. They want a man for his money to get their hair done, their nails and to go shopping at the mall.  Most women are lazy and don;’t know how to cook a decent meal, everything is microwave or dining out.  The men run the opposite direction.  The men I have met recently made me sick in my stomach. They all want oral sex and I don’t want no man licking on my body and I most certainly am not licking on him.  That is for animals who don’t know any better.  To me that is the nasties thing ever, so that narrow my chances of being in a relationship.

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    • Carolyne Carolyne says

      Alma, if you have a clear picture in your mind of the kind and quality of a man you want– thats perfect.  DONT settle for less– you deserve the best.  An intelligent, passionate articulate woman WILL intimidate a man who is not deserving of her.  DONT give up, and dont worrry about the women with the wrong agendas, and dont worry about the data…  Just DONT settle for less.  The kind of man you want is rare– but he is out there.  He is probably despairing of finding a woman like you, too.  But it WILL happen– the universe will bring you your hearts desire, if you are clear. 

         Don’t ever forget your value.

      Blessings-   Carolyne

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  7. lauravg4 lauravg4 says

    Beheaving like teenagers with twentysomes

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  8. Generic Image Tama says
    1. DEAD
    2. MARRIED
    3. GAY

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    • Generic Image ranger6 says

      I find as women age up, they either become bitter or too critical of men in general. I’m 54, and I stopped trying to date eight years ago. I’ve never married, ready to retire, sold my house, DDF, and have no children. Am I seeking marriage? No–I doubt I’d have the skills to make it work this late in life. I tried Plenty of Fish, singles events, and never got anywhere.

      My only advice to women over 45 for dating is: be active, dress well, smile–it’s sexy, and know how to talk about other subjects besides your kids, ex-spouse, grandkids, health issues, fears, doubts, and needs. Have a few hobbies or interests you really enjoy, and ask a man out once in a while. Don’t wait forever for the call, take action, be proactive. Generate your leads and follow them up. If you do online dating, don’t be a player. Finally be realistic, you may do all the right things and never get a date or another partner. Lots of dating luck depends on the M/F ratio where you live. Face it–most men over 50 are married. Your pool of prospects is smaller, and you will find fewer quality people in it. The same goes for guys. I don’t know any guys over 40 who are dating hot young babes unless they’re rich or celebrities. It’s a myth–give it up. Most guys want someone they can respect, trust, and talk to. Be that kind of person, and you will do fine. Looks are NOT everything! They do fade, and if that’s all you have you won’t finish the race.

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      • Generic Image Luli says

        Thanks for your thoughts. I like what you said, be the kind of person you are wanting: be someone someone can respect, trust, talk to. Looks aren’t’ everything, they fade. I’ve just turned sixty, which threw me, and I’ve been single about 8 years. Now I’m focusing on what I can do that is fun and has meaning for me — I don’t know what it is yet — and if I meet a guy, fine, and so far, I’m not focusing on it. Just living, one day at a time, trying to be happy with what is.

        BTW, you don’t know about the skills for marriage — they vary so much depending on the people involved! And, what you wrote, be someone a person can respect, trust, talk to. Pretty basic, and you know how to do that. Take care.

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  9. Alma Alma says

    I heard someone say a few days ago, the older you get the slimmer the pickings.  This is so true because many are married, some do cheat, but why be with them because if he cheats on her what makes you think he will not on you and why be with a cheating man getting another woman’s leftovers.  Nasty!  Then there are those that are gay, pitiful, such a loss, then the ones that are incarcerated, another loss of good men and then the ones that involved in relationships with women of other races, all these elements makes for a poor selection.  Then the women have ruined it for us as well because they are cheaters and beggers. When a man see them coming they are begging.  I’ve ehard brothers say how turned off they are because the women are looking for someone to pay their bills, pay for their hair and nails.  So the men turn away and keep low profiles.  I don’t blame them.  Then there are those men that are into oral sex and I can’t stand that nasty mess so that makes it even harder for me. 

    So many women have become cougars as they call it now. Older women looking for younger men.  The young men say the women their age are microwave queens, dont’ know how to cook a man a good meal.  They are mall addicts, just want to spend his money and he gets nothing in return.  Hey you can get sex anywhere now days so if that ais all you are bringing to the table no wonder you are left behind.  The younger guys like the maturity in a woman although the young girls have a name for the cougars, they call them geritol babes.  As for me, 5 years younger.

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  10. Generic Image Athenaofthemoon says

    This sounds like an interesting topic to express my point of view. I don’t think that single men over fifty are hiding. Maybe they are just waiting for the right women to come along their way and say “hi” or maybe they are tired of having an affair. 



    Dating tips

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