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  1. Tamara Tamara says

    I love you  and I’m here for you.

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  2. dynamomma dynamomma says

    Just remember that the love you show your mother at this time is stronger than what is happening.  The love will bring you closer.  You might even take a walk down memory lane and talk about all the good times.  If she isn’t able to talk but you know she can hear you, tell you all the things you remember throughout your life that made her the best mom in the world.


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    • Generic Image auntbkaraoke says

      I really liked your suggestion, I will tonight.


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    • Generic Image Content says

      Wonderful advice, dynamomma.  I remember when my Dad was in his last days at the end of a hard fought battle with Lymphoma a Hospice nurse told me to always assume that he can hear you.  The next day, the day he died, about 12 hours prior to his death, I was in the room alone with him and talking to him; no reaction and I was quiet for a moment and then bent down and whispered:  Dad, do you know who I am?  He turned over, opened his eyes and said:  Of course I know who you are!  I”ll never forget it.

      My advice would be to assume she can hear you.  All My Best auntbkaraoke.

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  3. Generic Image Blessedbee says

    No matter what condition the mother/daughter relationship is during this time, the words “thank you” and “I love you” seem to mean the most.  This I say from experience….

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    • Generic Image auntbkaraoke says

      I will tell her all the wonderful things every one has suggested. They are all very beautiful and I will make a point to say these things to her.

      Thank you all very much.


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    • Generic Image leona says

      I agree — I love you, thank you…. and little things that made her a great Mom.

      Also let her know that though you love her, you know that she cannot stay, and that it is okay for her to go. I could do that with my Mom, but not with my Dad two years earlier.  

      And that you will be with her all the way with this…

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  4. Generic Image pmc says


    Also,for teaching you the best ways to cook n clean.maybe sew.


    AN INTEREST ONE OR ALL YOUR FAMILY HAS .Bowling,bikeriding etc.

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  5. birdlover birdlover says

    Thinking of you with prayers. May God give you strength and peace.

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