What do you do when your adult child lies on you, curses you out and tell you to drop dead? Most Liked Hot Conversation

 After typing this I realized not only had I made a big mistake in giving birth and nuturing this child I also made a mistake in my subject line.  Curses you out is what I meant to say.  Yes her exact words were you are over 50 years old so you are better off dead.  Die a slow miserable death and please tell everyone don’t bother contacting me because I don’t care. 

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  1. Generic Image nms says

    You cry, you breathe, and then you forgive yourself and her. (((HUG)))))

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  2. midnightbloomer midnightbloomer says

    Take a big step back and give her LOTS of space.  {{{Alma}}}   I know it’s not the same, but I have one sister that I have had to stay away from because she is evil.  Just because someone is related to you by blood doesn’t mean that you have to keep them close.  Step away and pray for her.  Give her to God and don’t worry about her any more.

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  3. She Cat She Cat says

    Are you sure that you are talking about YOUR daughter, and not mine?????  This is one of the reasons I am no longer involved or speaking to my daughter.  This is the way she talks to me, when she gets pissed off about something, or at someone, including me. I love her, but can not be around her, so I walked away to save my sanity. 

    Honestly, you will have to decide what you will tolerate and what you won’t, and make your decisions/boundaries based on how you feel.  Just know that if you allow this behavior to go on, it will…..If you put a boundary/consequence on her behavior, it may change……It will depend on how receptive she is, and how strong you are….

    Good luck!!!!!

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  4. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    You love her all the more. You never give up loving your child. But you stop her cold, you say “I will not allow you to speak to me this way. I am leaving now. You are my child and I will always love you, but I will never allow you to disrespect me or another family member in this manner.”. You then walk out/away with dignity, and you contact her a week later saying ” I am here for you when you are ready to be respectful.”. And hold your guns. But you don’t give up or walk away forever on your child. At least I wouldn’t.

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    • dynamomma dynamomma says

      Wonderful response Dallas Lady.  I would add one thing . . . make sure that your response to her does not keep the ire stirred up.  Whatever has the daughter upset is being taken out on you, her mother.  So, okay put on another “hat” — the punching bag.  I agree with you, I would never completely close the door on her.

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  5. lovemylife lovemylife says

    I think this would about kill me.  I’m so sorry.  No words of wisdom as I haven’t been in your shoes.  My own mother and I were estranged most of my adult life so I know about dysfunction.  Words are so hurtful.  They cut so deep.

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  6. ThurmanLady ThurmanLady says

    I have to agree with Dallas Lady.  You love your child and you want them to know you love them and always will.  But setting boundaries is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your child.  There comes a time to love them from a distance, at least until they’re ready to respect you and your boundaries.

    I never had what you’ve written about happen, but my son grew up to become involved with drugs.  He used to call his father and his sister to borrow money or to bail him out of jail.  He never once asked me.  He already knew my answer.

    TL ♥

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    • Scribbler Scribbler says

      Love is one thing – but there does come a point when space is required.

      There is a movie, “Hanging UP” – pretty good. However the main point is that sometimes the best thing to do is simply disconnect

      I breaks my heart

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  7. Linda Asbury Linda Asbury says

    Pray, pray without ceasing, pray for her.  Pray for your own pain.  Somehow when I have found the courage to pray for the person that hurt me, then I feel the healing…and soon you no longer feel the pain and only concern and so you keep praying.

    Aren’t Mother and daughter relationships so much fun….it get’s better.  You truly learn to let go, oh you won’t stop caring or loving, but you will soon learn that you have time once again to do things you always wanted to do.  Instead of being in a down spiraling sink hole that was your relationship.  Hugs and prayers.

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  8. Scribbler Scribbler says

    This is not a new phenomenon in my life, but it has gotten uglier with time.   

    What do you do? Somebody tell me – I cried, I cursed – I pray – I ignore. I am in survival mode and I am in total agreement with SheCat at this point.  The story is absurd and I finally refuesed to play the game anymore. 



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    • She Cat She Cat says

      I can only take so much abuse and then I am GONE!!!!  A person can only change if they are WILLING to do so, and if they put in the time and effort to change.  When my daughter changes her behavior, and wants a relationship with me, I will be there.  My door will always be open, but I am the one that will choose if it closes again…..

      I totally understand how you are feeling on this……Be strong!!!!!

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      • Scribbler Scribbler says

        Somebody finally convinced me that there are things we must learn in life.

        1) Don’t play on the freeway, you might get run over

        2) Don’t play with fire, you might get burned

        3) Turn the other cheek – but when your neck is broken it’s very difficult to move

        So – I don’t play one the freeway, I don’t play with fire, and I no longer turn the other cheek – I’m tired of being dizzy.

        Sometimes I amaze myself at both how weak and how strong I can be.

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  9. Alma Alma says

    You ladies are awesome.  I want to respond to each of you individually but time will not allow that at present.  I will write a collective response and it will begin with thanking you for listening, reading, sharing, praying and the hugs.  One thing for sure when you open up and talk to others you learn that you are not the only one dealing with this ugly demon.  Your advice, believe me, I will take.  I will walk away once again but this time, sorry to contradict the advice but I will not let her back into my life because the day will come that I will kill this demon in her by killing her.  There is a statement many parents have made and that is, “I brought you into this world, I will take you out”.  God knows I would not want to have to do that so it is best that I keep her out of my life once and for all.  I will always love her because I gave birth to her. 

    About a year and a half ago she called my job and tried to get me fired, (some of you might have read that post) after the talk with my boss and after getting off work that evening I went looking for her.  I was going to beat her down to the ground but the coward would not open her door.  I was at a point where I had just about healed from this episode with her and her sister next to her came home after being gone for 8 years asked that I try one more time.  That sister is regretting that she asked this of me and she is also regretting that she reached out to her once again because she has had first hand experience with her evil ways and she has said some pretty ugly things to her as well just last week.  They are about 18 months apart and this daughter knows full well how evil this girl can be. 

    My daughter is a liar, she loves to exaggerate things to make it seem as though she is this super star, well off diva.  She is playing with fire and it is a matter of time before someone hurts her really bad.  She takes advantage of men and gay women for their material things and money, she meets them through facebook/myspace and I have tried to discourage her for doing so.  So she gets upset and tell me I am jealous of her.  I do what any mother should do and that is to tell her the danger involved, tell her that she is beautiful that she does not have to exploit herself the way she does. 

    I have been there for her when she gets evicted, I let her live with me, drive my vehicle, sat outside the jail house when she was released after a 3 month stay for vandalizing a man’s car, I have been there but yet when she is pissed or she wants to get some man on her side she lies on me.  She feels that everybody is jealous of her, for what! Braiding hair ocassionally in your apartment is not putting thousands of dollars into your pocket.  She needed a job and I told her where to go to get work, she started work and she called me every break and her lunch to thank me but now I have never done anything for her because I told her to stop lying to people making out like she is making big money working for this agency.  You are a temp and you are on an assignment scanning documents for BP! You are not permanent as you are making it seem.  You have warrants, you are frauding welfare to get food stamps, she lies on everybody about everything.  This is her first job and she is 27 so that tells you what she has been doing. 

    I have no guilt as a mother, I know that I have been there for my children but this evil that is in her I can not pinpoint where it came from.  I have never heard of such but I know this pain will pass.  I cry and I pray, I pray for me.  I no longer pray for her, I pray for me, for God to give me the strength I need to help me bury all of this hurt.  I am a tough cookie and I usually don’t give people the upper hand and say you hurt me, but this pain is real.  To have your child whom you birth into this world, nutured and cared for, spent your hard earned money on giving them the things they not just needed but wanted, to lie on you and to tell you they will be glad when you die. Oh My God, but I am going to be alright and I fear for what God truly has in store for her. Love you ladies and thank you!

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    • Alma Alma says

      This makes me sad when I hear people say they are estranged, don’t have a relationship, don’t speak to a parent or sibling.  What is wrong with this world.  Tawyna I agree with you when you say our children treat their friends better than they do their own parents and other relatives.  I pray for healed hearts and no more tears.

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      • She Cat She Cat says


        7 years ago, my daughter got pissed off at me because I would NOT contact HER father and tell him that she wanted a relationship with him.  He has NEVER had one with her since the day she was born and when she needed a transfusion once, he told me to let her die….

        Anyways we got into a very heated discussion, where she called me every name in the book, I finally said something I never should have said, and I have regretted since.  I told her I should have had an abortion.  We didn’t speak for 6 years.

        Then we got back together a little over a year ago.  Things were fine, and then I saw her old behavior emerge.  The lashing out, calling names, acting like a child throwing temper tantrums, and she even became so disruptive on  her airplane trip home from vacation to the point that after 3 different flights, and 3 different airports, she was detained by the state police and FBI!!!!!!  I hear 3 times that week, to get the F*** out of her life and don’t bother her, only to have her apologize, and say it again.

        I tried for one more day after they got home, I even loaned them $500.00 because they were broke, and then I became so sick emotionally and physically, that I walked away and cut all ties.  I told her this…..  I LOVE you very much, but I can not handle the stress, and the crap in your live/marriage, so I am walking away from you.  I wish you well, I hope that you have a wonderful life, and again, I love you….

        I was called a Narcissistic, toxic, hurtful and told to NEVER contact them again.  I am now forced to file a suit against them in small claims to get my $500.00 back as they will not pay me……This was 5 months ago, and yes, it still hurts, but I am so much better off, and I imagine they are feeling the same.  I do love her, and I do miss her.  I just need to care for me because there is no one else that can do that for me……

        You need to take care of yourself and do what you feel is right for you….  I wish you well with this…

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      • Alma Alma says

        Blame, blame, blame.  I have come to learn that our children blame us for the mistakes they make.  We as parents try to teach them and protect them from making some of the mistakes that we did and when they make them then they blame us.  I told my children the same thing and I do wish I had aborted them.  If I knew then what I know now it is no way in the world I would have given birth first of all to them.  As painful as delivering is and certainly after ALL the heartache and sleepless nights they have caused me.  I certainly would not have housed the demons and spent my money on them.  Nobody can make me feel guilty about saying that. Now if this child had been a child that showed me she appreciated all the sacrafices that I made for her, then it is no way I would have made such a statement.  They don’t show us love, they still only want what they can get from us. 

        Oh I pray for the son that did not cause his mother a bit of heartache, who graduated school, got a job, went to the armed forces or played sports so that he could build her a home or something like this.  Instead I laid down and gave birth to this selfish, self centered evil female.  Oh I am very angry at myself.  My great-grandmother taught me, if you lay down and get them, stand up and take care of them.  That I did.  Maybe not to the standards of someone else but I did my very best. There was never a day they went hungry, although this one claims I starved them.  They always had clothes on their backs, though this one said I had to shop at the thrift stores.  The teachers always said they were the best dressed kids in school, because I kept my children clean, hair combed and I knew how to find the expensive clothes with a small price tag.  It was not about the price tag.  Oh she critized me because I lost a job or two and had to live in a shelter, well I had no family, no mother to turn to since my mother passed when I was 15.  It was better than being in the streets or like her having to live with someone else, a dude or two and his mother, oh she has room to talk.

        My sister said to me, you best believe when she lays down to go to sleep she thinks about what she has said and done.  I know I think about it but then I have never been one to willingly hurt people so I wonder, do they feel the pain.  Do they think?  Because if it were me I would be so afraid of what might come back on me for saying something as horrible as the things she has said to me.  I fear God that much.  I don’t want the raft of God to come down on me for me spitefully mistreating no one. 

        She said to me, at least I have never had to come and ask you for money to help me pay my rent, no ……. you asked me for a place to live.  

        You gave them money?  A man and a woman?  You will never get that back even if you do take her to small claims court.  You may get a judgement but collecting your money is very hard to do.  If she does not pay you when you get the judgement against her then you have to do an abstract judgement. This cow owes me for a utility bill that I did not know where she was living at the time.  I moved and when I called to get electricity at the new address I find this out.  SHe was not even speaking to me at that time.  I have to file charges against her in order to get this off my credit report.  So I paid a $300.00 deposit instead.  I found out that she lies to men telling them I ruined her credit when she was a child, what a liar this broad is. 

        People want to blame us as parents, what did you do to cause her to be that way.  Man get to stepping out of my face with that.  You raise your children with a christian upbringing and try to instill proper values and morals in them and when they get out into this world because society have them thinking we as parents are always wrong and their associates don’t have a relationship with their own parents it makes it hard for you.

        I’ll be alright, maybe sooner than later but one thing for sure as she has needed me before, SHE WILL NEED ME AGAIN and forget the turn the other cheek thing because she has slapped me on all four, I don’t have another one.

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      • She Cat She Cat says



        I’m sorry that you feel so much bitterness towards your daughter.  I don’t know you, and I don’t know if it’s justified or not, only you and your daughter know that. 

        I am not bitter towards my daughter.  Yes, I do get upset and angry at times with her and the things she has said to me, but overall I love her very much, and would never wish her any harm,  or ill.  I hope that she has a good life, and is happy, and that’s all I really care about.

        Like I said before though, my door will always be open to her, but I will choose to close it, should her old behavior ever show up again.  I am too old for this shit, and just can’t tolerate it anymore.  I just want peace, contentment and mostly, I just want to be able to get along!!!!!!!!

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      • Alma Alma says

        You know SheCat I am not bitter I am hurt.  I tried not to cry but then I said to my depression, if this is what you want then here you are.  I cried a little and I talked it over with a friend and another daughter.  It hurts when I go home and I am in the silence of my room.  I look around and I saya to myself, I don’t deserve this.  I ask, what did I do to deserve this.  I am not bitter, I just wish I had known this would happen before I gave so much of myself.  I open a photo album last night and the pictures of her as a little girl I examined and wondered how did she get to be this way.  Just sweet and evil at the same time.  She convinces everyone else that she is right but in her own twisted mind she knows she is wrong.

        Today I am feeling a lot better and I know for a fact that God is working with me.  No my door is not open, not anymore.  I have bolted it close, I have divorced her, I have drawn the line. It will take a miracle for me to let her back in because each time I have done this repeatedly she hurts me deeper and deeper. How can you call your mother a b…h, a prosti……, those are some of the lowest terms on the earth to call any woman.  All of which I have prayed not to be.  I respected my girls and after the relationship with their father was over, I was very choosey about who I had a relationship with.  Many times I ignored men because I had my girls.  Now everything that I put forth to protect them I am being told the opposite.  You neglected us, you starved us.  Bull! My girls were in any acitivity they wanted to be in, they had their own cabinet in the kitchen and when we went to the grocery store, they had their own shopping basket.  The girl is ungrateful and she is a sick puppy and I have given to much of my time to the whole subject concerning her. 

        I pray for all mothers who are victims of their hatefulness.  God give us the strength to wipe away the tears and the pain and let us move on. 

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      • Sunblossom Sunblossom says

        Alma, I responded above, but will add here, regarding any people who have and/or are treating me poorly…..I would like to think they go to sleep with regret, but I have found that people who cause this kind of hurt do not understand the word “remorse”…. and I believe they go to sleep finding ways (i.e. blaming everyone but themselves) to justify their actions and attitudes….it may catch up with them, it may not (at least not in this world)….but there is a final judgement, and in the end we all know what we have done or not done and where we stand…..I do believe also, that there are people who just cannot discern right from wrong…for instance, I know that my ex thinks he has never done a thing wrong in his life…he is expert at turning things around on other people….he will die thinking he is right….I have just learned to accept that because I had already wasted 29 years trying to get him to see the light……

        Take care of yourself Alma, I think you probably already do, but be extra good to you for the next little while…

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      • Alma Alma says

        They spend their day trying to figure out how they can attack a person’s character.  An empty wagon can hold a lot of trash.  A rusty wagon wheel makes an annoying noise.  That is what they are, lonely, miserable, evil doers who are ungrateful and need to blame someone else for their short comings. 

        Let me see this girl was on the city-wide swim team, but she chose to chase the boys, she was in the gifted and talented students program in school but she chose to fight and talk noise to the teachers.  I sent them to acting school and they were called the dancing dolls.  They were in a talent show when they were about 8 years old with Beyonce, they came in second place and she in first and now look where she is and look where my daughter is, at home braiding hair in her living room, getting her bills paid by using whatever man that will give her a dollar.  Oh I am not guilty of nothing but spending my money and giving her love. 

        I am donner (new word) than an overcooked steak. It is time for me now! I feel good da na na na uh yeah baby! 

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      • Generic Image Kathleen says

          I was shocked at your daughters behavior. The only thing That comes to my mind is for each of you to talk to a mental health specialist on how to handle the relationship. There could be a chemical imbalance …heaven knows what could cause this …I’m ignorant as to where this is coming from. I have a good friend who is treated thoughtlessly and cruel . The daughter is just like her father….ahhh it’s genetic ! Stand back and know your own mind..You are strong loving women ,who don’t deserve this.

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      Hi Alma, and I am seriously thanking God for you post.  No you are not alone and I came out here today to Google the very topic you wrote on in 2010.  I too can relate with all that you wrote.  Going through the same thing and my daughter is an thirty year old woman with two children whom I adore.  Yesterday she accused me of telling my dear grandchildren that she used drugs when she was young.  I was floored thinking there is no way the kids told her this.  Then I told her in front of the children that I would never do something so evil and that I always hide her truths from them always trying to make her perfect in their eyes.  Mostly, because I want them to remain healthy not really caring as much for my daughter.

      Do you know as I was preparing the kids for school they both told me that it was their mom who told them I used drugs!  I was floored and so hurt.  I can’t fathom what is going on other than I fall back to scriptures as it is written one of the signs that the Lord is to return is when we enter into labor pains and one of those pains will be children rising up against their parents and even offering them up for death.  Sad but as we know many of us have experience this.  Alma and any other parent that is gong through this.  Do not concern yourself with beating down this child.  They are attacking  us because the Lord is shining on us and the evil ones hates the Lord’s sheep.  They unfortunately have the spirits of Satan and we cannot save them.

      Alma, I too had my daughter attempt to have me terminated from my job.  I have been cursed out, I have been lied against over and over.  The devil has taken over these children.  I know my daughter’s problems began in 2007 when she decided to take the prescription pill Adderall to lose weight going against all wise advice.  I was thinking this morning though this same child when she was living with me.  One day brought home a picture frame of a devil or what man has depicted a devil to look like.  A little red man with horns and a tail.  She then purchased a wegii board, I guess I am spelling it right. I had never heard of a wigii board and did not know what it was.  I actually thought it was good the children were playing board games to entertain themselves.  I later learned that it was meant for evil.  Her behavior had changed drastically too then and I ended up throwing out her devil picture and wigii board and eventual her out of theart of it too.  It is written that envy is rottenness to the person’s bones. home.  Satan has them now and it is up to them and the Lord to return them back to their good selves.  God Bless You and All Mothers who experience this nonsense.  Oh and know too envy is a part of it too.  it is written that envy is rottenness to a person’s bones.

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  10. Generic Image april r says

    I Googled and found this discussion. My daughter, age 23, has a bad mouth like my husband, when she gets angry. He has taught her by example that it’s ok to swear at me (usually not around them, but they’ve heard it at times). Today she crossed the line, calling me a “bitch” and a “f-ing c*nt.” I feel so disgusted and sad that she has forever damaged the relationship with this language. She can act so sweet at times, but she has a hardness and a coldness in her that comes out in cutting fits of rage. Like Alma, I also feel like giving up at this point. Now she’s going back to college (grad school) and this is the first time ever where I didn’t forget about her behavior and hug her goodbye anyway, when she left my house this afternoon. She’s passed the point of no return. I can’t see any healing from this one.

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  11. Generic Image susanjohnson says

    What advice do you have for someone when the problem is the opposite way around? My 81 year old mother bitched me out in public. Called me an A-hole while I was trying to explain how I would not be rude to her she told me,”If I would shut my dam*ed mouth I might be able to understand.” Then told me ,”I was being bitchy.” I always treat my mother with respect and would never knowingly be rude to her. She was mad because she said I turned my head while she was talking to me. I was not aware I had even done that. I was blindsided by her anger. I tried to talk to her and tell her “Mom why would I knowingly be rude to you?” that’s when she lost it. I meant to say I’m so tired of you speaking down to me. But it came out like I’m so tired of you treating me like sh*t. She said, I was not aware I treated you like shi*. when I drpped her off at home she said, I will find someone else to help
    me. She was supposed to come to my house for Christmas so I called and left her a message telling her I’d pick her up
    if needed a ride. She called back and seethingly said she wouldn’t be coming. I don’t know what to do. I am 54 years old not 4. I am so very tired of her talking down to me like I’m stupid and worthless. She does not have a filter on her mouth when it comes to my faults or those of my children. I however draw the line at being called an A-hole. I did nothing to merit that.
    I feel badly though because I love my mother but even when she is being pleasant she has no regard for my me
    or my feelings. I have not spoken with her since Christmas and still have presents for her. My brother called to try and motivate me suck it up and apologize. I say I’m always turning the other cheek or staying silent while she verbally abuses me. How can I fix this mess without being the one who apologizes? She will own me if I apologize

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    • Generic Image Anonymous says

      Don’t suck it up.  Pray for her and ask God not to allow your heart to be filled with forgiveness and anger.  Do not allow her problem to become yours.  It’s always like this the good children get the worst parents and the best parents get the worst children.

      I would not apologize unless you did something wrong, but if she is abusive you would be a fool to keep exposing yourself to her abuse.  It will only harm you and your children.  It is written a wise woman builds up her home, she provides love and nurture.  It is a foolish woman that tears down her own house and with her own hands.  I am paraphrasing this, but that’s the gist of it.  All of the answers are in the holy scriptures in the case you need help, turn to the word it will not fail you but enlighten you.

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  12. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Truly thought that I was the only mother that this happened to. Much to my surprise today finding out what my daughter had been up to. After only being gone for 2 hours to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving lunch what my 25 year old daughter had done.  We have always had issues with her lying, cursing and stealing at a young age up to her adult age.
    This morning I received a call from my twin sister asking if I was upset with her. Explained no asking why the question then she explains that my daughter had said. The lies she had told could destroy my sister life/marriage and her husband is natural upset.  I was very upset telling her that I had not said any of what lies that my daughter said. I then called my daughter to confront her about this. She hung up then calls back leaving a message cursing me out then calling me crazy.
    I sent a text to my daughter and family calling her out about the lies as well as letting her know she needed to apologize to everyone what she had lied about. I did call my sister back to my surprise was her response that she just wanted to know why something like this would be said. Then my dad calls telling to forget everyone’s numbers.
    Really I’m just blown away by everyone response in believing this. My daughter has always had a very rocky relationship with everyone in the family between the lies and stealing. No one allows her alone in their homes and out of all rooms other than common family rooms.
    I was so mad I cried and heart sick over the lies! All came from out of no were.  No I’ve not called anyone back and with the holidays here it just saddens me greatly. I’ve learned over the years love sometime needs to be given from a far. I do not think this is something that I’ll ever get over any time soon.
    Realizing all this seems unbelievable that I must have said or done something. I live 3 to 5 hours from my family and speak at least once a day. I know how my daughter is not sure why everyone has bought into her lies.
    The only consolation is my husband and son’s support,

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  13. Generic Image Anonymous says

    Hi Alma,
    I would love to talk or chat with you.    I’m in a very similar situation.    I know how you feel.    It’s betrayal beyond belief.    I also believe in Karma.   What come’s around, goes around.     I hate to say this, but I only hope she feels the the hurt she has put on me.   If I had to do it all over again, i WOULD not have had her…That was a very hard thing for me to admit, but so true..   Or to say if I had a crystal ball, no way!    Another long story, complete and utter betrayal.   I cry a lot.   If people would have asked me ten years ago, do you think your daughter would ever turn on you?    I would have looked at them like they were crazy and laughed.   It’s just unbelievable.   Manipulative, mean, and pure evil!!!      Some things are unforgivable.   I’ve tried an tried and tried, and the lies continue.   She makes up stories of abuse that never ever happened, she was given everything a little girl could imagine, and still continues to lie on me.  I’m done.   But, if possible, i would like to chat in private with you.   I need support, and dont know where to turn.
    very sad thing to experience 

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  14. Generic Image sheilam says

    I can’t believe how many others are going through something like me. I have felt so alone. My daughter and my son both treat me so horrible and i finally got the courage to say somthing 8 months ago. i can no longer see my 4 grandchildren and am lied about and treated like dirt. My own mother knows they are lying and won’t say anything to defend me, because she is afraid they won’t talk to her anymore. I know they are abusive to their kids and can’t help them. I don’t want to see my kids, i am just upset about my grandchildren and i live in a state that has no grandparents rights. I would call DHHS, but they would hurt me, I have no doubt. They are both crazy and have done horrible things over the last 15 years. My son has told many people he murdered a man and buried him outside of town. I fear for my grandchildren, but i am raising a 10 year old from another daughter and can’t do anything to put him in danger

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