May-December relationships

I am 54 years old and in a sort of May-December relationship with my fiance.  After being in abusive relationships, I have found a haven of care and love.  We still have some problems, and have been through our share of troubles. We have no children.  Is anybody else out there in a similar situation?  We are lower income, and the Medicare rules prevent us from getting married because of my fiance’s health.  Is anybody else out there in the same boat?   Comments would be welcome.

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  1. Generic Image auntbkaraoke says

    Go for it!

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  2. Generic Image Anonymous1 says

    Victoria, What does “the Medicare rules prevent us from getting married because of my fiance’s health.” mean?  How is Medicare preventing you guys from getting married?
    Also can you please explain what is a May-December relationship?  I am 52, I met my guy Jan, 2010 and we are still together now.  We BOTH have some health issues.  Is there something I am overlooking regarding Medicare?

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  3. Generic Image strawflower55 says

    A May-December relationship simply means that one partner in the relationship is much younger than the other partner.  In my case, I am sixteen years younger than my fiance.  We have been together a long time, but he has poor health and my health is not the best its ever been either.  Were we to get married the medicare rules would limit the dollar amount that could be spent by either us or other sources (Medicare D providers, etc.) for his medicine and he would not live as long.  At least that’s what the folks at the Medicare 800 phone number tell us.  I have met one other couple in a similar situation–but they were married.  The dollar limit on their medicine expenses caused their health to fail fast, I think; however this was several years ago.–Victoria

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  4. Generic Image Anonymous1 says

    Hi Victoria:
    Thank you so  much for getting back to me on this one.  Now I am concerned…I guess I need to do some research online regarding this subject.
    It sounds like we would be better off NOT getting married.  He has health care insurance through his job and will have it into retirement, his prescriptions are covered through his prescription coverage.  Me on the other hand I don’t have any prescription coverage but I do have health insurance, I use a lot of discount cards, etc to get my prescriptions filled.
    Oh and thank you for explaining the May-December relationship..I had never heard of that before.  LOL!

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