I havent written in a long time. I dont remember how to comment on others post.

I wrote before that I was wanting to reinvent my life.(Thats not how I put it),however I still do.I do not want my husband to treat me like Im his worst enemy if I move away.Theres more to the story.No abuse or adultry Im just ready to go.
we do not enjoy each others company much anymore and definately have nothing in common.33 yrs is a long time.Im ready to go but want to part friends.

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  1. Alicia Alicia says

    If you are waiting for him to do/or not do something, that may never happen.  You can’t have everything, so you will need to decide what to do,and when to gol
    Hugs, Alice

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  2. Generic Image Darcy09 says

    You will just part, if that is your goal.  After the parting is done life will just roll on as you wish.  He may not end up your friend.  After all he is not your friend now or he would show some respect and affection.  It is also not in your best interest to hang on to him.  It is best for you to just examine what your priorities are going to be in your life.  He may not fit in, you may not have time, you may grow past him and engage in a new life with new people and interests.
    I think the first best question is:  what is the motive for attempting to turn him into a friend?  When you get that answer you may have the next move.  Ex’s are just ex’s who have contributed to our lives and both “them and us” have moved in different directions, even when the ex was the love of your life.  It is just energy in motion.

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