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I just wanted to say that it’s really great to be able to talk to others my age. To have a friend is almost impossible as my husband freaks out if I have a friend that I can talk to. He’s always been this way. So why do you suppose he’s so scared for me to have a woman friend that can share life experiences, expertise, and just listen when I need a sounding board?

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  1. Susan11003 Susan11003 says

    I am a divorced gal,so I do have lots of women friends! I could not live my everyday life without them! If I ever were to get emotionally involved with a man again,he would just accept that as part of my lifesyle! I would not expect him to give up his friends!!

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  2. 50somethinginfo.com 50somethinginfo.com says

    Obviously he feels threatened.  Is he afraid of what you’ll say about him?  Sorry, kiddo, we ladies need our friends. Make some online.  You’ll get a chance to air your problems and share your experiences.  

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  3. Generic Image brenda says

    Jen, I’ll be one of your friends! My husband has always been the same way, but he did it differently, he kind of sabotaged any female friendships I tried to have, unless of course, he approved of them! I really believe that he felt threatened by me having friends, like it would take time and attention away from him. So now, I have my daughters for my best friends, but it’s kind of hard to talk about your husband to your daughters, lol!!

    There must be something about our age though, I want my women friends again!! I remember so many fun times with other women!

    I know you posted this a couple of months ago, but I hope you have found some women friends since then!


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  4. Generic Image rose 6 says

    Too bad your husband doesn’t realize that you talking with other women makes you healthier and happier.  It also takes pressure off him.  Men are so insecure.  Hang in there.  This website is wonderful for reaching out to women!

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